Wonder Woman and the Two Succubae

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As Wonder Woman flew through air to reach Volcano Island, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of worry. According to the papers she found in Steve Trevor's apartment, he was investigating some obscure demonic ritual that summoned not one but two demons of the air. While she felt reasonably certain of her victory record, the idea of Steve fighting something that had technically never been born made her feel uneasy. As she sighted the island, she saw that the volcano was dormant. Since coming in through the front door wasn't her thing, she dived towards the ocean, her costume changing to her famous wetsuit as she hit the water. Resolving to do her duty, she sped onward, fingering the dagger-shaped silver amulet around her neck as it grew warmer and closer to Steve.

Spying the coral reef surrounding the island, she corkscrewed through it and under it to get to where she suspected to where an underwater entrance to the lair could be. Her suspicions were confirmed as she suddenly saw the water lighten as she slowly came up just a few feet under the surface. Poking her head up gradually from the water, she looked around. Light shone in through the crater's opening as her eyes adjusted. Her nose was immediately assaulted by an odor of sulfur and what might have been brimstone. Slowly emerging from the water, she landed and walked to where she heard two female voices in conversation. Looking around, she appeared to be in the base of what seemed to be the base of the volcano. Shaped like an inverted "V," the opening to the crater was a narrow seven feet across compared to the rather spacious hundred or so yards across at the bottom where she was.

Peering around a corner, Wonder Woman spied two curiously shaped women. Voluptuously shaped, they stood about her height, with shiny red skin—one with a midnight mane with blue tints, the other a platinum blonde. Strutting around naked, both had wings like bats and long flexible barbed tails; both were poring over a map on a table. Her eyes caught by a hint of movement, her eyes traveled up…and stopped.

Creeping closer, she could see Steve tied up on the ground. The blonde succubus looked over at Steve as the brunette slinked over to Steve.

"Well, darling, are you going to give up the location of that dagger, or are you going to have to go through the same hi-pressure situation your driver went through?

"Give up where the only useful weapon against your kind is? You know I won't do that," Steve answered.

"You know what we did to that driver of yours? It was kind of cute, the way he went," purred the blonde. "The way he kept begging for his life, the way our tails entered his body in unison, forcing our venom into him and making him get all big and gassy. Especially nice was the way the whole length our tails fit nice and snug around the bloated sphere his body had become…and the way he realized that today was his last day on earth? Wow."

The brunette said, "It was really fun the way he realized what he was turning into with no way to stop it…well, no survivable way to stop it. Best of all," she said as her barbed tail neared Steve's midsection, "was the fact that he rather liked it, but couldn't stop. We succubae are like that, you know, preying on people's desires. But the absolutest bestest part of it all, was when I sat on his face after wrapping my tail around his body with my barb firmly planted against his poor taut belly, and asked him to kiss my ass. I could tell he knew what would happen if he did, but I told him what'd happen if he didn't. He knew what was coming, and nothing he could do. I pinched his nose, put this round ass of mine up to his mouth…and ripped a fart from hell straight into his quivering body. Poor guy. He couldn't take the pressure and went all to pieces," she sang out. "Priceless. So what's it going to be, honey?"

That was quite enough for Wonder Woman. She leaped at the brunette succubus and dealt her a back hand blow, sending her reeling. Picking up Steve in one hand, she lifted him out of the way just as the blonde succubus sent a tail where he had been. As the brunette tried to recover, the blonde took up into the air after them.

For Wonder Woman, it was all she could do to keep Steve safe while avoiding the strikes of the succubus's deadly tail. She was mostly sure she could resist it, but didn't feel like tempting fate. Looking over the blonde's shoulder, she could see the brunette taking off into the air to join the fight.

This could get interesting. Okay, no more Ms. Nice Gal, time to even the odds, Wonder Woman thought. Dealing a swift kick to the blonde, she knocked her back into the brunette and gained herself just enough time to put Steve down and grab her golden lasso. Twirling it quickly, she threw it at the stunned brunette just as the blonde succubus started to make a pass at her. The brunette had just enough time to look down and see the golden threads about her ankle when Wonder Woman heaved a mighty pull just as the blonde succubus used her tail to strike at Wonder Woman. Her eyes grew very wide when she saw Wonder Woman grin…and then saw her plan.

"Nooooo!" she screamed as the blonde's barbed tail struck her midsection. The two succubae looked at each other in astonishment as the tail pulsed twice before being successfully withdrawn. Hoping against hope, the brunette wailed as her belly quickly started to swell with hellish pressure. Rapidly ballooning out, she screamed as the most terrible pressure she ever felt insistently assaulted her belly. As dark red stretch marks started to show over her belly, Wonder Woman vented a little spleen. "How does it feel, hellspawn? This is exactly what your poor victims went through before they blew up!"

"Auuughhhhhh, do something, you blonde turd!" she yelled as Wonder Woman quickly collected her lasso. Visibly straining now, the demonette's belly was starting to force air into her limbs, causing her legs and feet to swell and expand, making her marginally taller and remarkably wider as her midsection grew…and grew…and grew! Her eyes also widened as she took in her swollen arms, now twice as chubby and growing as her skin started to make squeaking sounds.

As her belly started to creak, she yelled, "Somebody do something!"

Shrugging to herself, Wonder Woman started to lasso her, hoping to encapsulate her entire body and thus contain her. As her rope started coiling about her legs and waist, it also forced the air into the demonette's breasts, casuing them to grow massively..

"Auuuughhhh," cried the raven-haired demonette as her boobs quickly grew, swollen with air forced from her belly. As the golden cords reached the middle of her waist, the blonde succubus took the chance to threaten Steve as Wonder Woman arrived at the same time.

"Check, wouldn't you say, sweetie? Give me that lasso of yours and I'll let your mortal toy boy go," the blonde succubus said as her tail poised ever so closely to Steve's midsection. "It'll make a great trophy."

Wonder Woman looked over at her captive. Noting that air inside her was forcing her cheeks out to comical proportions, she hesitated, then shook her head. "My lasso in the hands of hellspawn like you? Not gonna happen," she said. She looked at the brunette succubus and said, "Sorry."

"What?! NOOOOOOO!" yelled the raven-haired demoness as the air inside her continued its assault against her body and breasts. Denied any space below her waist, the air forced its way into her breasts, turning them into twin twenty-foot orbs, nipples begging to be touched, even as little squeaks of air came out of them. As her partner's hellish venom spread throughout her body, so too did her bloating as she grew and grew…a helpless demonic balloon, pumping up bigger and bigger. "Please, restrain all of me!" she cried. As the blonde succubus merely said, "Wonder Woman, hand the lasso over here, now," the venom in the raven-haired succubus kept creating more air as her tits grew larger and larger. 

"Tum…tum…tummererer…!" now came from the dark-haired succubus's body, stretching her out to a pair of shiny red-skinned 30-foot wide orbs with bat wings. As terrible creaking sounds emanated from her overinflated form, echoing around the volcanic cavern with foreboding, the succubus's body was tingling all over as the enormous air pressure stretched her taut body out even farther. Finally, the occasional creaks and "tums" became one continuous "TUMMMMMMMMMMM…" as her body stopped expanding while the hissing continued.

"A hundred years, you Amazon bitch!," she wailed. "A hundred years and then I can reform! Just you waiiiit…"

And with an ear-stinging "BOOOOM!" and a brief hurricane, the foul demoness's earthly existence ended. As Wonder Woman drew in her lasso, the blonde demoness said, "I still have your precious Steve here, y'know," as her barbed tail danced over his body, then came to a rest on his belly, point threatening to enter him. "The lasso, now," she said in a voice filled with grim menace. Taking a calculated gamble, Diana lowered her head in faux defeat and landed. Holding forth the golden lasso, she said, "Come take it." Cackling, the blonde succubus landed, her hand outstretched to take the lasso. C'mon, vile creature, you know you want it, thought Wonder Woman.

As the succubus reached for the lasso, Wonder Woman quickly stabbed her in the belly with the silver dagger as she qickly flew beyond the reach of her foe's barbed tail.

"AUUUUUGH!" The succubus screamed as she clutched her midsection in pain, then looked at Diana with dawning wonder as a hissing started to emanate from her body, her belly now takig on a swelling..."You've stabbed me with something that's inflating me, but my sister's gone...the amulet!" she cried. "No! How could you do such a thing!"

"Demon, you made it easy for me," Diana said as the swelling slowly spread to her hips, causing her butt to gradually grow to enormous proportions, wider and plumper, two mounds of perfect shiny red ass, just begging for penetration.

As Wonder Woman started to free Steve, he told her, "Her sister will never forgive you, Wonder Woman. The secret to the amulet is that it can give them the Fnal Death."

"You mean, once she reaches her limit--"

"Boom. No more demon. No return," he said admiringly as the demon screamed in fear, her breasts and belly now becoming three more massive red spheres that threatened to fill the dead volcanic cavern. "Uh, one little problem, though, Wonder Woman. She's not filling up with air, from what I've read."

"Oh? What is it, then?"

"Hellfire. Once she reaches her maximum capacity, she'll go big, possibly bibilically big. The book I read implied that the destruction of some cities by fire in history are due to that; I don't want to be here when she goes." The succubus obviously heard this, for she cackled.

"That's right, Wonder Woman! Not even you can fly fast enough to get your precious Steve out of here! You might survive the blast, but I gurantee he won't!"

"Lasso, bind," Wonder Woman ordered as the lasso lengthened and completely engulfed Steve from head-to-toe. "Completely invulnerable to any blast now, demon. Got anything else?"

As the demon struggled against the gas, she cried out, "You've got to do something to help me, save me! You're Wonder Woman, you're not allowed to kill people or let them die!"

"Wrong! First off, you're a demon, so you don't even qualify as being alive. Second, you're not only a killer, but a murderer. Third and last, while I don't get off on death, I will get a warm feeling of job satisfaction very soon."

The succubus gritted her teeeth in frustration as the hellfire inside her swirled horribly, insistently trying to escape the confines of her body. Already it pushed mercilessly against her entire body, causing her breasts, belly and ass to creak a little as her body continue to expand, gradually coming near to filling the entire massive cavern. As her over pressurized form started to near Wonder Woman, she yelled, "You frigid Amazon bitch! I hope my sister makes you die the way I die! I'm so fucking tight, so big, so HUGE! I will see you in hell!"

"Not gonna happen. In fact, let me tell you something else that isn't gonna happen--you're not going to reach your maximum size and blow up half a continent," Wonder Woman said as she shook her head, a light smile playing over your face as she stood there in her wetsuit. She flew up and as she dove into the water, said, "Now don't go away, I'll be right back," as the succubus, a massive shiny red sphere, rose to the dome of the volcano and stopped, far too large to leave via the small exit cone.

"Ohhhhhhh" cried the demon as the hellfire gradually plumped out her lips and face, the constant pressure and burning sensations warring within her. She so desperatly wanted to explode, if only to take a lot of innocent lives with her. What could Wonder Woman be planning? Blocked from her body from seeing anything, in the last moments of her existence, the demon reached out with her "third eye," trying to determine where Wonder Woman was...and saw. She had a brief moment to scream a curse...

Wonder Woman flew to the bottom of the sea floor and drilled down briefly for about a hundred yards, thinking I'm going to need a little starting room. That done, she reversed herself, planted her feet on the seabed, and launched herself straight up like an arrow.

She flew out of the water like a missile. Had there been an observer, he would have seen her spiral up and out, her beautifully curvy form seen from all angles for a split second...

and hit the succubus's pulsating, hellfire-filled body like a thunderbolt from the gods.



"Sir, will you look at this?" said a corporal.

"What is it, soldier?"

"It looks like Volcano Island has gone active again, sir. Just look a the the IR screen."

"Nah, it's just temporary, just look at it. Lots of debris, but no real lava flow. Good thing there's no populations nearby. As you were, son."

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