Never Accept Wishes from Demons

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The demon stood before her, red eyes staring right through her.

“Humans! You have summoned the almighty Zakuma! Grant me your sacrifice and..”

He trailed off when he realised that she was the only person before him.

“Oh for fuck’s sake..” He muttered. “Why do I always get the teenagers on Halloween..”

“Lord Zakuma!” Shelly held out a plate holding a severed goat’s head. “I humbly offer you this blood sacrifice, and my eternal soul, in exchange..”

“Yeah yeah, I know the spiel.” Zakuma sighed, picking up the plate and sniffing it.

“Hmm, this is a fresh kill, not that store bought shit others fob off me..” He smiled approvingly at the girl. “Well, I guess I could oblige you one wish for your effort.”

Shelly squeaked in delight, then pulled out a photograph of her crush.

“This is Ryan Cox. He’s the most popular boy in school, he’s incredibly smart and handsome, we sit next to each other in class, and I love him so much..”

She swooned, and Zakuma rolled his eyes. “Let me guess, you want me to brainwash him so that he’ll love you forever. Come on lady! Any lesser demon can do that! I’m fucking Zakuma! You gotta give me something tougher than that!”

“I don’t want to brainwash him! I want to attract him by myself.”

She pouted. “But I can’t to that as I am now. I mean, look at me. I’m fat, I’m ugly, I have nothing noticable about me whatsoever.”

“I notice you whine a lot..”

She ignored him. “Girls are always trying to pick Ryan up, he would never notice someone like me. Which is why I want to change myself. I want to become the kind of woman Ryan can’t resist, a woman whom he could love forever and could love him back.

She breathed deeply. “I want you to make me the woman of his dreams.”

Zakuma grinned. “Now that’s better! I can have some fun with this..”

He clapped his hands, and a blinding light filled the room. “GRANTED!”

Shelly opened her eyes to discover she was standing before her mirror. Right away, she noticed something was different.

Her hair was longer, her skin was clearer, and she was… fatter? She could see her belly bulging out under her robe.. and getting bigger?

She eyes widened when she realised she was growing, her belly rapidly swelling to pregnancy size and beyond. Her breasts and hips followed suit, growing larger and wider to match her belly.

The robe she wore was unable to contain her swelling form, the sash bursting apart as her belly surged forward, pushing the garment open. The sudden momentum caused her to stumble and fall to her knees, resting against her belly.

Unable to move, she could only watch herself in the mirror as she grew bigger and bigger, her belly reaching the size of a beanbag and her basketball sized breasts touching her chin before it stopped. She gasped, trying to speak

“Well, what do you think?” Zakuma appeared next to her. “Pretty impressive, no?”

“What? Bu..but..” Shelly stammered.

“Oh don’t worry. If you need to deflate, just press in your bellybutton to let the air out. If you can reach it..”

“No! This isn’t what I asked for!”

Zakuma sighed. “As I recall, you asked to become the woman of this Ryan guy’s dreams. To know what that was, I had to go into his mind and read his thoughts. And check his computer. And let me tell you. he’s got some… interesting tastes.”


“I mean, most jocks I meet are into sports, bimbos.. the usual stuff. But this guy.. he only likes women if they’re filled with air or something. You should see the pictures he has. He likes them huge, rounded, bloated.

“No.. he doesn’t..”

“Oh yes he does!” Zakuma replied, grinning. “Maybe if you’d spent more time actually talking to him instead of watching him like a love-sick puppy, you might have picked up on it. But hey, next time he sees you he’ll definitely never want to leave you. You’re his ultimate fantasy.”

He clapped his hands. “So, we done here? I got a lot of people to meet tonight. You enjoy yourself, okay?

And with a puff of smoke, he vanished.

Shelly was left to stare at her gigantic belly. Normally she would have cried in despair or tried to get help.

But instead she kept wondering if Ryan would like her even bigger.

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