Drinking Game, The

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“We go live on this breaking news coverage,” said an NBC news reporter.

“On Halloween, a local college kids have witnessed two unlikely events that have happened to two college students, 19 year old Elizabeth Sparrow, and 20 year old Taylor Richardson. This unfortunate incident occurred at a local Halloween party that took place at Ms. Richardson’s house. Both students are at the hospital and doing ok. Police are baffled and puzzled at what the local colleges are saying. They have said that it started out as some weird drinking game, but it ended up totally wrong.”

It is interesting how the news catches quickly on stories like this one. It was true about what the news reporter stated that an unlikely event that involved those two girls was at first thought by everyone to be a college drinking game, but it ended up becoming an act of getting rid of some one due to jealousy. How do I know this? Well, let’s just say I was one of those witnesses on that fateful Halloween day. My name is Jonathan McCloud, and this is my story.

Two days before Halloween, the reason behind these events occurred in college between the conflicts of these two girls. Elizabeth Sparrow was an out-going, friendly, beautiful, well educated girl. She had dark brown eyes and brunette hair. Elizabeth and I are best friends from middle school and high school. As for Taylor Richardson, she was a nasty, bossy, and had the typical “mean girl” attitude. She was considered to be the hottest girl in college (even in high school.) She had long black hair with dark green eyes. Both of these girls dislike each other, and are always competing to be with on person. It is me. Even in high school, Elizabeth and Taylor were still dueling and competing to have a relationship with me. I always had feelings for Elizabeth, since we know each other real well. I have always tried to ask her out, but Taylor got me first, and we dated from junior year of high school till that eventful Halloween. I never had any feelings for Taylor. I always thought she was a selfish bitch. I tried many times to break up with her, and so many times she wouldn’t. I felt like I was hers forever until that Halloween.

“Sweetie did you hear me? John!” Taylor said snapping me out of day dreaming about Elizabeth.

“Uh…..oh honey....I am sorry…what were saying?” I replied

“I was saying that we should have a Halloween party at my place. We can invite our friends over, and maybe have some quality alone time together,” she said in a sexy tone.

“Ya that would be great; let’s do it. I can invite Nicole, Josh, and the rest of my gang, and Elizabeth.

Taylor looked at me with disgust and annoyed. She always does this when I mention Elizabeth.

“Don’t invite her. Honey what did I tell you? I don’t want her to come,” she said selfishly

“Taylor! Baby! She is my best friend, and besides I love you. Please Taylor. It would make me happy,” I said lying to her just to make her agree with me. I do this just to make her feel better, and I am lying because I don’t really love her. If I told her that I don’t love her, she would keep on telling me that she would end up doing something stupid and she would blame me for the cause of it.

The difference between Taylor and Elizabeth is that when Taylor hears me state about what makes me happy, she will do it for me. Remember she doesn’t want to let me go, and I know she is doing that for herself. When Taylor heard me say that magical phrase, her behavior changes from the disgusted, mean girl to the sweet and generous one.

“Oh OK. I would do anything to make you happy, baby. I will invite her just for you,” she said all sweet and kind.

“OK. I will see you on Saturday to get the party all set up, and then Halloween,” I said.

Taylor and I kiss passionately and went are separate ways. After Taylor was out of site, I wiped my mouth in disgust and my mind changed when I saw Elizabeth going to class. We both had theater and art class together, as well as Taylor. I swear Taylor won’t go with anyone else but me. Taylor and Elizabeth have the same English class, and that is where Elizabeth was walking to. As I took in one last look of Elizabeth, I quickly ran to Algebra before class started.

All of the classes are in session, and knowledge fills the air. In English class, Elizabeth sat in the 3rd row, 4th column of desks. Taylor was right behind her two seats behind. She eyed Elizabeth in disgust.

“Why does John like her?” she thought sternly to herself. “John will be forever mine.”

After class was finished, everyone left and went to the parking lot. Elizabeth almost gets into her when she was pulled aside by Taylor.

“Hey Elizabeth,” Taylor said in a fake pleasant voice.

“Hello Taylor?” Elizabeth said cautiously. She had a confused look on her face, and didn’t understand why Taylor is talking and being so nice to her. “What is she up to?” Elizabeth thought to herself.

“I want to let you know that John and I are having Halloween party at my place. We are inviting you to come,” Taylor still with that phony voice.

“Um…well, thank you for the invitation, but I don’t know if I will be free to come,” Elizabeth said trying to figure out what Taylor is planning to do. She didn’t trust Taylor at all.

“Please Elizabeth. Please! It would make John happy to have his best friend over, and besides I don’t have a grudge against you anymore,” Taylor said lying.

“Well… that’s great you don’t have a grudge against me…but I still don’t know if I can…John would understand that I …”

“Please Elizabeth. Pretty Please! I swear I won’t bother your time with John, and for his sake, let’s be friends. Call it truce. I promise there won’t be any problems. What do you say Elizabeth?” Taylor still lying to Elizabeth, and is wearing a fake smile on her face.

Elizabeth didn’t know what to believe. Did Taylor really change her attitude towards her? Does she really want to be friends? Still, Elizabeth was skeptic about Taylor’s behavior. So, she shook Taylor’s hand, and agreed to go to the party.

“Great! I will let John know. I am sorry for being such a bitch to you. I am glad the past is behind us and we can be friends,” Taylor said as she almost starts to twitch her eyes.

“Yep, I am glad too. Well, I best be going and getting ready for the party on Sunday. See you and John later. Bye Taylor.”

So, Elizabeth hops in her car and drives off to home. Taylor watches as Elizabeth is out of sight, and quickly changes back into her devious self. She had a big gin on her face.

“That stupid girl fell for that trick. Now, it is time to get a plan ready. It will involve getting rid of Elizabeth once and for all. As soon as she is no longer in the picture, John will be mine. ALL MINE!” she said laughing sinisterly.

Taylor quickly gets in her car, and drives back her to place to come up with a plan that will be diabolical.

Night time falls, and a scheme is starting to take shape. Taylor was in her bedroom writing and thinking of ideas.

“How about…no….it has to be something will make her feel embarrassed. It has to change John’s mind about Elizabeth. But what can I do? Think. Think. Think.”

Taylor kept on thinking of ideas after another, and still nothing interests her. She quickly takes a break and turns on the TV, hoping to find something that will give her ideas. There was nothing on TV to watch, so she switched to using You Tube on the internet. She went from page to page, video by video, and still nothing caught her interests. As she was about to give up, she stumbles on a news bulletin posted on You Tube in regards to a woman blown up like a huge helium balloon. She watches as the news shows a bloated woman being rolled out by paramedics, and quickly taken to the hospital. The reporter states that the woman was inflated by a criminal escaped convict. The criminal was apprehended and the woman was returned to normal. As Taylor analyzes the video, the wheels in her head began to turn. She finally had an idea.
“THAT’S IT!” she shouts with joy. “I know what I will do to get rid of Elizabeth. I will blow her up like balloon and pop her. After she pops, I will have John all to myself, and nothing will stop me. It’s brilliant…Brilliant….BRILLIANT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA,” she says manically laughing

She goes back to writing out the plans, laughing and cackling all the way. Her eyes filled up with madness. Her grin grew wider, as she wrote. When the plan was finished, she eyed the paper from top to bottom making sure that she wasn’t missing anything. After looking over, she chuckled and sneered.

“Alright, it is time for Elizabeth to meet her doom,” she said in a diabolical way that would make any person have running cold chills down his or her spine. She walked to her bedroom, turned off the lights, and went to bed. As she was sleeping, she dreams about the look that Elizabeth will have when she inflated and popped. Taylor’s mischievous grin never changed on her face.

On Saturday afternoon through the evening, Taylor and I are decorating her house for the party. As I put the fake cob webs up, I noticed that Taylor had this big smile on her face.

“What is it, honey?” I said wondering why she was so happy.

“Oh nothing, just the thought about the party and all the fun it will have. I invited Elizabeth to the party for you.” She said trying to not act so disgusted by the name.

I stared at her with big eyes, and was shocked to hear what she said, “You did?”

“Yes. I did honey. I told her that, just for you, I won’t ne mad when she comes over and I won’t do anything bad. I promise sweetie,” she said as she came over and kisses me.

“OK. Well, I don’t want there to be a problem. I mean it Taylor,” I stared at her, hoping that she wasn’t lying to me and telling the truth.

“I won’t. Now, let’s get those webs up. Halloween is tomorrow and we must be ready,” she said sounding so happy and full of energy.

Still, I looked at her and didn’t know how to react to her strange behavior. I thought maybe she has changed, but I was wrong when Sunday came.

Saturday ends, and Sunday begins. Halloween is here, and the party has begun. Everyone came over to Taylor’s all dressed in scary costumes. It was like party city all around the house. The music was booming and people were talking so loud, dancing, drinking and eating, and even making out. What can I say? It was a typical college party.

Taylor and I greeted people into the house. I was dressed up as Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Taylor was Mrs. Lovett. As I watched as people entered, I started to look around hoping to find Elizabeth. Taylor glanced at me and saw that I was looking all over for Elizabeth.

“It’s ok dear. She will come. Trust me,” Taylor said while calming me.

“OK. Hey, I am going to go hangout with Josh, Nicole, and the gang. Let me know when Elizabeth arrives. You and her can come over, and hangout with us.” I said.

“Ok dear. I will do that. You go have fun,” Taylor said. She was trying to hold in her excitement for it was almost time to blow up Elizabeth.

So, I left Taylor by the entrance and went into the living room where my friends were playing video games on the Xbox 360.

As time goes by, Taylor became impatient and she waited for Elizabeth to show.
“Where is she? I want her out of the picture now,” she thought to herself. As she walks towards the living room, Elizabeth shows up at the door. Taylor opens the door, with excitement for now her victim has arrived.

“Elizabeth! Hi! Come on in! It is so nice to have you here,” she says ushering her in.

“I hope I am not too late. John always likes me in my pirate costume,” Elizabeth says.

Elizabeth was dressed as Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Mans Chest. She had a white puffy shirt with brown pants and brown belt with a gold buckle. She also wore a pirate’s hat on her head, and coat over the shirt.

“You look great. Well, let me take you to where John is and let’s have some fun,” Taylor tries to hide her mischievous grin with a pleasant smile, and a little bit of her right eye twitched.

“OK. Where is John?” Elizabeth says while looking around for him.

“Oh. He is……he is….,”she said acting like she doesn’t know where he is. She thought for a moment to find a good place to lead Elizabeth away from John’s presence. Then she thought of outside, where a group of college kids were doing drinking games like bonging. “OK. If I lead her out there, I can try to get her to play a drinking game, and I will get the chance to blow her up with the garden hose. Those drunks don’t care. They will be so wasted that they won’t know what was going on. Yes that’s it! OK. Time to act,” she thought carefully in her head.

“Alright, he is out in the backyard. Let’s go there together,” Taylor said enthusiastically.

“OK,” Elizabeth says.

Elizabeth began to walk towards the patio doors with Taylor as the guide. They walked through a tough crowd of costumers to reach the doors.

“This is it. THIS IS IT!” Taylor tells herself constantly.

After maneuvering through the horde of people, they finally come to their destination. Taylor eagerly opens the patio door and lets Elizabeth go first. Elizabeth starts to feel unsure about Taylor’s attitude, still she went on through.

“OK. Where is he?” Elizabeth says.

Taylor walks outside and looks around to find the garden hose. She saw it right where she hoped it would be. It was right next to the drunks.

“Well he was over there with those guys; maybe he went to use the bathroom. Hey Elizabeth, can I ask you a question?” Taylor says trying to hold in her evilness.

“Sure” Elizabeth answers.

“I was wondering, while we are waiting for John, do you want to play a game with me? It is really fun. I think you will enjoy it. I know I will,” Taylor starts to slowly go back to her usual self, but was holding it in. She didn’t want Elizabeth to run away from her.

“Sure? What is it?” Elizabeth says still questioning whether or not Taylor is nice person, or a phony.

“It’s a drinking game to see who can hold the most liquid.”

“Oh, I don’t play drinking games. I don’t like them.” Elizabeth says in grotesque.

“Don’t worry. There is no alcohol involved, it is OK. Please….please……pretty please,” Taylor starts to beg Elizabeth to do the game.

Elizabeth thinks for a bit and starts to give in. “OK. Why not? Let’s do it.”

“Cool. YAY! Well, let’s go over there and play that game.” Taylor points over by the drunks and the garden hose.

Elizabeth walks over there, while Taylor follows behind her grimacing and laughing under her breath.

“This is perfect. It is time! She won’t know what hit her.” Taylor thought to herself.

As they went over there, the drunks started to step away from the girls, and one of them was totally wasted for he fell down. One of the drunks says, “Hey, want to use the funnel.”

“Sure,” Taylor says. She then turns to Elizabeth and says, “OK. Now Elizabeth, I need you to close your eyes and follow exactly what I say. Trust me,” Taylor says sweetly.

“OK,” Elizabeth closes her eyes and waits for further orders.

Taylor quickly rushes over to the garden hose and grabs it. She carries it back to where Elizabeth was standing, grinning with share delight of evil.

One drunk says, “Damn! Now that’s along funnel.”

Taylor gets over to Elizabeth with the hose in her hand and says in a wicked voice, “OK. Now open your mouth.”

Elizabeth opens her mouth and says, “Like this Taylor…”

Suddenly, Taylor jams the hose quickly in Elizabeth’s mouth, causing her to open her eyes quickly. Elizabeth looks at her with a “WTF” look, and tries to pull the hose out, but Taylor jams the hose even further in Elizabeth’s mouth making it harder for her to pull it out. Taylor rushes over to the valve and looks at Elizabeth trying to pull out the hose, but it wouldn’t budge out.

“Time for you to go,” Taylor says with cold, and vile eyes.

Taylor turns on the valve and stands back to watch her plan take action.

Elizabeth, who was desperately pulling out the hose, hears something. Her eyes drew to the hose that was slowly filling with water. Her eyes followed the waters path as it drew closer and closer to the nozzle. She frantically tried to pull the hose out, but it was no use. She was too late. The water reached the nozzle and began to go down her throat.

Her cheeks swelled up as if they were pumped with air. As she kept ingesting more water, she quickly glanced down at her belly, which was beginning to bulge out. She tried to get the hose out, but the pressure of the water intake made it hard for her to pull it out. She grabbed her belly as it expanded. Gallons upon gallons kept flowing toward her, and her body started to expand like a water balloon. He eyes widened as her thighs and ass began to fill her costume pants. Her breasts began to grow, pulling her coat buttons further and further apart. She cried out “MMMMMMM!! HELP! PWEASE MMMMMM!!! STOP IT!!!!”

“No one can hear you scream for help. Nobody is coming to save you. Expand you bitch. Expand! POP,” Taylor said grinning with delight as she watches Elizabeth expand bigger and bigger.

Elizabeth started to moan in pain for her belt kept getting tighter and tighter, until…


The belt snapped off, sending giant ripples across her bloated form. It flew and smacked one of the drunks in the head.

“Hey! Who threw….”he stopped dead in his tracks. His jaw dropped as he witnesses a girl blowing up like a balloon. He calls to his drunken buddies, “Hey guys, check out the blimp.” They stared and laughed at Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s midsection grew wider and wider by the second. Her boots began to brake from the weight as her arms shot out straight. She flapped her hands as tears ran down her swollen cheeks. She started to lose her arms and legs to her massive state. She started to rock back and forth. She closes her eyes, praying that John will save her. Her tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her expanding boobs that were holding her head up. She could feel her body getting tighter and tighter by the minute.

One of the drunks decides to walk over to her and poke her. Elizabeth moaned in pain for she knew that if the drunk kept poking her, she will explode. She could hear the water sloshing everywhere inside. As the drunk continues having fun in poking her, something knocks him out.



The first two buttons on Elizabeth’s coat popped off and smacked the drunk in the head causing him to fall to the ground. Her massive cleavage was showing as it grew and grew further out.

Her coat began to become outstretched and started to tare.


Her coat rips apart in halve revealing her white puffy pirate shirt.


Her pants button snapped sending it to another drunk, but this time at his private. That’s got to hurt. While this is going on, Taylor continues to laugh and cackle at Elizabeth’s demise.

“This is funny,” she says trying to stop laughing, but couldn’t help it.

Meanwhile, my friends and I were still laughing and carrying on with our game. Nicole, my close friend and sister, as well as the vampire girl, got up and headed for the bathroom. As she went towards the bathroom, she notices someone was blowing up like a balloon through the glass patio doors. She saw Elizabeth.

“OH NO! ELIZABETH! JOHN! JOHN! Elizabeth is in trouble! Go outside in the backyard. Taylor has done something terrible to her,” Nicole shouted and ran to me.

I heard Nicole and darted towards the backyard. “Oh crap! What has Taylor done now?” I stopped and froze in my tracks. I saw Elizabeth huge and round. She was a blimp.

“ELIZABETH!” I shouted to her, but she couldn’t see or hear me. I turned towards the source of the water and saw Taylor laughing and standing next to the valve.

“TAYLOR! STOP THIS NOW!!!” I said yelling and running towards her with rage.

Taylor was out of her enjoyment, and stood frozen and frightened as she saw me coming over to her. “John? No! No! Why did you come outside?” she thought in terror.

“John! Sweetie! I don’t know what happened. I was…,” Taylor couldn’t finish what she was going to say. I pushed her aside, turned off the valve, and ran to Elizabeth’s aid.

“John?” Taylor said in dismay. She knows that she is in big trouble. I ignored her and went to Elizabeth.

I got a chair from inside and stood on it to pull the hose out of her mouth. As I got the hose out with all my might, excess water poured out of her mouth. Elizabeth’s eyes opened, squinting due to her puffed cheeks, and saw me.

“John? Is that you?” Elizabeth said as water kept pouring out.

“Yes, Elizabeth, it is I. Let’s get you back to normal,” I said calming her.

“OK. John? Could you roll me to the bathroom? I seriously have to go. Maybe this will help me back to normal,” Elizabeth says as she feels the water sloshing and flowing in her. She started to squirm with her flapping arms and head.

“OK. Every body move out of the way,” John says as he and his friend, Josh, help roll Elizabeth to the bathroom. As they rolled Elizabeth, she felt so full. Everybody could hear the gallons of water sloshing around inside her. They push and push her into the house, but couldn’t. Elizabeth moaned in pain.

“Stop pushing me, John. I am going to pop! Just roll me to a bush and I will take care of business.” Elizabeth says as she starts to cry in pain and anguish.

“OK. Nicole and Danielle, can you roll Elizabeth to the bush please. I have to talk to Taylor…..about this,” I said as I turned to Taylor, who froze and shaking in terror.

“Yes,” Nicole and Danielle said in unison and took over rolling Elizabeth. As they kept rolling her, Elizabeth moaned and moaned in pain. Then, they made it to a tall bush of grass, and everyone heard a big sigh of relief coming from the back of the bush.

After Elizabeth had the enormous bathroom time in the history, she emerged from behind the bush, and was back to normal. She had Nicole and Danielle aiding her to walk, since she felt dizzy and light-headed. She was all in tattered, outstretched clothes.

“Take her to the hospital, Nicole. You go with her, Danielle,” I said worried about Elizabeth. “I will see you when I am done talking to Taylor.” I kept my eyes fixated on Taylor, stopping her dead in her tracks.

My face was burning with anger. My Sweeney Todd make up started to form and take the shape of Johnny Depps Sweeney Todd character. The change started to spread fear to everyone, but most of all it was frightening to Taylor. I went towards her with cold, blood shot eyes. I clenched my fists and just kept staring at her. Taylor started to squirm around like a fly trying to get off a spider web.

“John, I know you’re mad at me, and I am sorry for blowing her up. Please! Just hear me out,” Taylor said feeling scared.

She moved herself around me and started to run for the patio door, but everyone was blocking her way. They, too, stared down at her like demons crowding around to drag some one to hell. She turned around still squirming and shaking. Her eyes widened in fear as she saw me picking up the hose.

“John, please, I promise I won’t do it again. I promise. Please baby! Please don’t do this,” Taylor started to shed a tear for she was afraid to meet her demise. She begs me not to use the hose on her. I didn’t hear her for my anger clouded my mind. I looked at everyone and to Josh. I nodded my head to Josh, which in return he did the same thing. Both Josh and the crowd of people started to close in around Taylor not letting her escape.

“No body hurts my friends, Taylor Richardson,” I said in anger as I walked my way through the crowd to reach her. Everyone’s costume, including Joshes, started to transform and take on their true hideous and horrifying appearances. Taylor froze in fear as she sees college kids in demon, ghosts, ghouls, clowns, skeletons, and famous slasher film killers transforming into the actual creatures and monsters. Joshes costume transformed him in Jigsaw from the Saw series. They all stare at her with ghoulish delight. But the one thing that she couldn’t resist taking her eyes off was me. She could see hell fire in my eyes as I got closer and closer to her.

“Baby………please…,” Taylor starts to whimper and cry.

“Taylor, do you know what would make me happy,” I said with anger in my voice.

“What?” she says while whimpering and shaking.

“If you could play this drinking game with me……..and you start first.”

“I want to play a game,” Joshes voice changed and sound just like the Jigsaw doll.

I lunged at her with the hose and jammed it in her mouth before she could scream. I kept jamming it so far that it was hard for her to pull it out.

I walked through the horde of people to the valve. Everybody took a step back to reveal Taylor with the hose in her mouth. She pulled and pulled, but no budge. Then she stopped and looked at me. Her eyes widened as she saw me at the valve. She shakes her head no, and frantically mumbles, “MMMMMM!! NO! PLEASE! JOHN! MMMMMMM (NOOOOOOOOOO!)”

“Taylor…….I am breaking up with you for good,” I said while turning on the valve.

“NOOOOOOOOOO,” Taylor moans with the hose in her mouth.

Her eyes drew to the sound and the hose as water was flowing in it. Her eyes followed the waters path as it kept moving closer and closer. She frantically tried to pull the hose out, but it was too late. The water reached the nozzle and began to trickle down her throat. Her cheeks puffed up like Elizabeth’s were. She looked down at her belly as it bulges out in her Mrs. Lovett’s costume. Due to the pressure of the water intake, it was hard for to pull the hose out. She clutched her belly as it expanded outward. She was ingesting even more gallons than Elizabeth had. Her eyes widened as her thighs and ass began to grow out. She cried out to me like Elizabeth did for her, and I didn’t listen. I sat back and watched Taylor expand wider and wider in her costume.

Taylor moaned in pain has her corset was getting tighter an tighter, until…




Her dress started to rip apart. The impact sent ripples across her form. The wider and wider she grew her shoe laces broke and snapped as her arms shot out straight. She flapped her hands as tears began to flow from her eyes. Her breasts popped out revealing her white bra. Her head was being held up by her expanding breasts. She lost her arms and legs to her massive state. She started to rock back and forth.

Taylor closed her eyes, hoping that I will stop. She could feel her body getting tighter and tighter by the minute, and knew that she will explode. Holes began to form down the sides of her dress as her belly, midsection, legs and thighs, and filled with water.

“Ok. She is big enough,” I thought to myself and turned off the valve. Taylor was bigger than Elizabeth was. I walked over to her and pulled the hose out. Excess water spilled out and she opened her eyes.

“Well, Taylor you’re big as life and the center of attention. I was going to let you pop, but I spare you for now,” I said still glaring at her with fiery eyes. I poked her swollen body and could hear the gallons of water sloshing and rolling around inside. She moaned and squirmed with her flapping hands and head.

“John. Can you roll me to the bushes, please! I really, really need to go. I am going to explode,” she said sounding all innocent.

“Roll yourself. Goodbye Taylor,” I said without feeling and walked away.

“John! PLEASE! Don’t leave me! PLEASE! I will always love you. PLEASE! JOHHHHNNNNN!” Taylor shouted trying to stop me from leaving.

I never turned around and I left the house, and went straight to the hospital to be with Elizabeth. As I was leaving, everyone, who came to the party, also started to leave. We all left Taylor swollen and helpless, and alone.

“Hey! Don’t go. PLEASE! Somebody help me,” Taylor pleas and begs people who are mass exiting. No one would pay any attention to her, and they all left.

“Please……don’t go……I don’t want to be alone,” she heard the water sloshing around in her midsection. “Oooo…I am going to explode…please….John? Anybody help me?”

No one was around. Everyone left. Taylor was alone and helpless. She rocked back and forth, trying to see if she could make it to a bush. But her helpless state made her fall down, and roll helplessly toward the valve.

“WAIT! NOOO! NOT THE VALVE! PLEASE! I NEED TO ROLL THE OTHER WAY NOT TO THE…,” she said while rolling. Her body stopped rolling and broke the valve.

“OH! CRAP!” Taylor screams as she gulps more and more water. The water from the valve shot out and struck her in the mouth.

She was growing bigger and bigger; her dress gave in and broke, exposing her in a bra and panties. Her blimp body expanded to the extremes.

She kept ingesting more water all through Halloween, until the ambulances got there to stop it. Turns out, I called 911 to help her, since I had a feeling she would be growing a lot bigger. Don’t ask me how I knew. I just had this feeling.

Taylor’s eyes opened, squinting due to her puffed cheeks, and saw the paramedics.

“Thank you. Right now I need to……….. (a heavy sigh of relief)…..ah that feels good….,” she says this while the paramedics leave to give her some privacy.

After the biggest leak of the century, Taylor returned back to normal. Surrounded by tattered clothes and wearing a bra and panties, Taylor fainted in a big water stain in the backyard.

November 1, a few hours after the incident:

“We go live on this breaking news coverage,” said an NBC news reporter.

So, we came back to the beginning of my story. A few weeks later, everything was back to normal. I am going out with Elizabeth and spending every moment together. As for Taylor, she was sent to jail for trying to have Elizabeth exploded. She is still obsessed about me, and she apparently forgives me for blowing her up like a blimp. She thought it was an act of love that I had done. To this very day, she is thinking many ways to get back with me and to get rid of Elizabeth. She is planning to do it for next Halloween.

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