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The Boeing 767 taxied out onto the ramp and began to lumber its way to the runway for take-off. Jayne Madigan stretched out in the seat of the first class section of TransAtlantic Airlines flight 7620 from Heathrow to JFK. This was much better than the economy seating she had had on the flight from Munich to London. On that previous flight she had almost been unable to sandwich herself between the seats. As the aircraft increased speed towards its lift off, she thought back over the events of the past two weeks.

When she had landed in Munich and took a cab straight to the clinic. Dr. Klaus had greeted her warmly. Within the hour she was on the operating table. The last thing she remembered before the anaesthetic took hold of her was that she looked down at the triple D breasts, knowing that they would be gone forever. Later she awoke in the recovery wing of the clinic. Jayne looked down at her chest. The once prominent frontage and the money-makers of this feature dancer were gone. The hospital gown draped her torso evenly from neck to groin. Opening the hospital gown she looked at her emaciated front. Although not nearly as flat as she had been before she started shaking her little A cups for a living, her breasts still retained the external largeness of her recently departed DDD implants, but now there was absolutely no volume, just big empty sacs. They looked like flaps hanging from her chest. She felt no pain, just numbness of anethasised tissue of her breasts and armpits. Dr. Klaus also gave her a prescription for powerful painkillers with codeine that she take if her breasts were to hurt due to the operations. For the next week and one half she would have to get used to being flat chested again until the sutures healed and the second phase of the surgery could be begun. In the intervening time she could do what she pleased and Munich was a wonderful place to explore.

Nightly the support staff of the clinic would change her dressings and apply the various creams to speed up the healing and to increase the suppleness of her distended boob 'flaps' as well as provide her with enough antibiotics to kill any foreign organism that inadvertently tried to make her it's home.

She met again with Dr. Klaus on the second Wednesday of her stay. He gave her a thorough examination and was genuinely pleased at how well she had healed. He scheduled her for the first step of phase two of the operation that afternoon.

This time only a local anaesthetic was given to her. The inflation of the breast implants was to be done through valves seated up in her armpits. Jayne watched as Dr. Klaus inserted the needle into the port in her armpits. Soon the heavy inert Xenon gas was slowly pumped into the bladders that had taken the place of the recently removed saline implants. Jayne shivered with anticipation as her chest slowly filled to it's past splendor. When they had achieved their past triple D size, the doctor stopped the inflation.

"We'll continue again tomorrow." He said. "Today, rest" Dr. Klaus was one of only a few doctors that were experimenting using heavier inert gasses for breast enhancement. For the few cases where clients demanded extremely large breasts, like Jayne had, liquid filled implants could prove to be debilitating due to their weight. Most surgeons who blew up these chest balloons usually used air, and the result, even after a number of years, was that the woman's chest still looked like it was filled with balloons. By using a gas which was substantially heavier than air, Dr. Klaus hypothesized that eventually the breast would settle, due to the effect of gravity, over time, giving a somewhat more natural 'hang' to each breast.

Early the next morning began the next inflation. This time the pace would be slower and more controlled as there was to be no anaesthetic today. Dr. Klaus inserted the needle into the port in her armpits. The gas began to flow again and her skin readily stretched to contain the slowly enlarging bladders. She was inflating at a rate of about a cup size every fifteen minutes. After an hour and three quarters Jayne had swollen to a magnificent G cup. The doctor massaged the breasts and stated that there was still a lot of resiliency and that later in the day they would continue.

After a light dinner Jayne returned to the surgery. Another hour and a half and Jayne had been bloated up to a J cup. "That's enough for this evening, we'll see what their like in the morning" said the doctor.

First thing the next morning found Jayne again plugged into the gas for another hour and fifteen minute fill-up. "I am quite surprised at the suppleness and resiliency of your breast tissue." Dr. Klaus stated as he massaged her exceedingly bloated boobs. "I believe that we might be able to have another session this evening." Standing, Jayne cast her eye at the mirror that was hung on the back of the door. The KKK size beach-balls jutted almost straight from her chest. "You see there is already a very slight pull downwards from the weight of the Xenon gas. It will help to make them appear more realistic." The Doctor smiled. So did Jayne.

That evening found Jayne sporting triple M cups after a surprisingly long two hour session. Towards the end of the session she found that her breast flesh was stretched so tight the pain was starting to creep into the picture. She was about to mention it to Dr. Klaus when he stated that she could probably inflate still further. Jayne remembered the mission, purpose and the aim of this trip was to get as big a bust as was possible, with a serious attempt at becoming the woman with the largest breasts in the world. Therefore if the doctor said that she could get bigger still, she'd do it. He was the doctor after all and there was her ultimate goal to achieve.

It was Saturday morning. Jayne would be flying out that evening. If inroads were to be made today, she would bite her tongue to stifle the pain that any further augmentation would surely cause. Four painkillers would help also. Over three hours later Jayne was finished. Her chest hurt as bad as it had when she had the DDD's stuffed into her chest. Dr. Klaus could not believe her size nor her resolve to continue, even when he had, on two separate occasions suggested that she stop. They really hurt. But she smiled none-the-less. Now she was huge! Each udder looked to be at least three gallons in volume and protruded from her chest to such an extent that she could barely reach around them and touch fingertip to fingertip.

As she packed up to leave the clinic, she was still not familiar with the physical space that she now took up and as a result she bumped into a few too many things. The bumping had made her 'bumpers' hurt again. 'Time for some more painkillers' she thought. Walking to the bathroom to get the pills, Jayne closed her eyes and attempted to judge the weight of her new endowment. In all honesty, she felt that despite their monstrous dimensions, they weighed little more than her triple D's had. She watched as they swayed with every step she took, finishing each arc with a slight bounce each time her heel touched ground.

Before she arrived at the clinic, she had absolutely no idea as to what size she could possibly swell to. With out a clue as to the final outcome of her size, the purchase of any type of a brassier would have been a foolish endeavour. So she had no brassiere to wear. That would wait until she arrived in New York and she had time to have a few custom made bras manufactured for her. She slipped an extra oversize sweatshirt over her distended chest and the huge hooters disappeared beneath the thick fabric. With the sweatshirt on she could tell that she had substantial assets attached to her chest, but the bulky shirt made them appear to be not as large as they in fact were.

* * *

The 767 shot into the sky, leaving Britain behind. With each bump and jostle her huge mams would mimic. She smiled to herself as she watched the animated antics of her chest and that thought translated itself into dollar signs. 'Yup, they'll pull in piles of cash on the circuit.'

"Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Daniel Bond and I'll be your Captain for this non-stop to New York. We will be cruising at an altitude of 55,000 feet at approximately 750 mph. The London tower has reported that there is a storm and some turbulence around the Mid-Atlantic and as a precaution I will be leaving the seat belt light illuminated as a reminder to refrain from wandering the aircraft too much and to remain belted in while in your seats. I'll provide further updates on our progress and on the storm as more information comes in. Thank you."

* * *

The china and crystal used for the dinner had begun to rattle as the aircraft shook with the first buffets of the storm. The Captain's voice came over the intercom again and gave on update on the storm and increased turbulence and advised all passengers to return to their seats and buckle up their seat belts. Jayne checked hers and found it snug around her waist.

Suddenly the plane dropped. The remnants of her dinner, the cutlery, china and glassware rose up from the folding table to her eye level before ending up in her lap. An audible 'Clunk' was heard and felt, rising from the rear of the plane. A stewardess screamed as dishes and glass wear smashed inside of the cart she was pushing. The loose sweatshirt she was wearing was now splattered with red wine and salad dressing. At the back, the stewardess cursed as she righted her overturned cart. The Oxygen masks fell from their compartments and dangled in front of each passenger. Again the Captain's voice was heard, not quite a friendly sounding as it had been. "Crew, report!" The aircraft angled its way higher. There was no more turbulence.

* * *

Jayne's breasts were starting to hurt again. "Bloody turbulence." she muttered as she swallowed two painkillers. About five minutes later the friendly Captain returned to the airwaves. " Ladies and Gentlemen. This is Captain Bond again. We have climbed to an altitude of 65,000 feet and have increased our speed to approximately 875 mph. By doing this we are now flying over the storm and should not be affected by it any further. Do not be alarmed by the activation of the Oxygen masks, it seems that the turbulence triggered their dropping." A loud 'pinging' could be heard over the intercom coming from in the cockpit "...bin Pressure's dropping." came a second voice over the intercom and then it was silent. One of the engines seemed to have developed a slight whine.

Jayne's ears popped. There was a slight change in the cabin pressure. The pain in her breasts increased. 'Must have bumped 'em harder than I thought. Sh_ _ they hurt! Two more pills should take care of the pain.

"This is the Captain again. We are experiencing some difficulties in the regulation of the cabin air pressure. It appears that there is a slow leak in some of the piping that controls the pressure. As a result we will be gradually coming closer to the ambient air pressure outside of the plane. This is only about one third of the pressure of ground level. If you feel shortness of breath, use your Oxygen masks. There is no problem with the pressure in that system. Other than the cabin pressure problem, we are experiencing no other problems and the in-flight services can now continue.

Jayne didn't clue in to what the Captain had said. Her chest hurt too much. The pain killers seemed to be taking a long time to take effect. Her ears popped again. She settled back into her seat, reclined it and started to watch the movie.

* * *

She had dozed off her head rested on her shoulder. 'Damn it, these tit hurt' she thought to herself. 'Two more pain killers should do the trick'. She turned her head to look back to the movie screen. All she saw was her own bosom covered in the tent sized sweatshirt. 'Must be slouching.' Her ears popped. She put her chair into the upright position. Her boobs looked huge under the shirt. She smiled to herself thinking again at just how much money these puppies would be making for her. She consumed two more pills. As she swallowed the water her ears popped again. She felt sleepy again. 'Must be the wine.' she giggled. She stretched her arms and back, arching herself forward to ease the kinks out and nodded off to sleep.

* * *

She awoke with a start. She had forgotten where she was. The dull ache in her tits hurt like hell. She looked at her wrist watch. 'Six hours into the flight. About two hours remaining.' She could feel the tightness of the sweatshirt, pulling at her back, sides and breasts. "What the F..." she exclaimed as she realized that the bulky dress-down-their-size sweatshirt was now stretched tight. Not only that but she could feel her aroused nipples gently grazing the back of the seat in front of her. She did a second take of the twelve inches of deep cleavage that showed, swelling just below her chin and disappearing into the scoop necked garment. In the dimness of the movie illuminated cabin she explored her largess. Dr. Klaus did not mention anything about further expansion, then her ears popped again. Jayne now realized what was happening. As the ambient air pressure decreased the volume of gas trapped inside the bladders of her tits increased. 'What did the Captain say? - two thirds of the pressure gone! I can't blow up any bigger. The pressure still was increasing and she was still getting bigger. About every fifteen minutes she checked her watch. She was now pinned into her seat as her huge hooters pressed into the seat ahead of her. She put the Oxygen mask on as the pressure of the confined chest began to affect her breathing.

* * *

"Crew, Prepare for descent." the Captain's voice came over the intercom. Jayne was about ready to faint despite the Oxygen. She was literally wedged into her seat as her huge tits pressed onto the seat in front of her and onto her chest wall, making breathing difficult. The angle of the aircraft changed slightly. She looked at her watch. 'Forty five minutes until we land.' Minute by minute the pressure became less and less. The sweatshirt became looser and looser. Her breathing became easier.

Her boobs bounced in her lap as the 767 touched down at JFK. Jayne looked down at her sagging chest. She definitely needed a bra now. With all the changes in the air pressure and the weight of the heavy Xenon gas her new jugs hung loosely in front of her, giving her the look of having a potbelly inside of the baggy sweatshirt. As the plane taxied to the terminal, the Captain's voice came over the intercom. The airline was offering free airfare for a return trip to London and back as compensation for the terrible flight. The passengers would pick up their vouchers when they picked up their luggage.

When she got home Jayne she dropped her bags at the door and stripped off the sweatshirt. She looked in horror at the sagging expanse of her chest. It looked like they had 'aged' fourty to fifty years. Now she made a few telephone calls. To her lawyer, to her accountant, to the airline and finally she called Dr. Klaus and explained what had happened and just how large she had become. He told her that there would be no damage to the implant and that she could come back for a fill-up to take up all of the present slackness. Her lawyer told her that by the time they were finished suing the airline she could conceivably own more than 51 % of it. Her accountant confirmed that everything she had paid for so far and the costs she would be expected to pay the have this problem resolved would be tax deductible..

With a smile a mile wide she called the airline to negotiate for a free one way ticket to Munich. On the way back, she'd take a boat.

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