Fuusenkunoichi, Chapter 2: Training Starts

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The mid-morning sun shined brightly down upon the bamboo forest surrounding the abandoned temple. Nobody would suspect that something was going on within, unless the occupants decided to come out.

Suddenly the two large screen doors lazily open up, pushed open by the middle-aged lady who lived within. She looked outwards from the steps of the temple momentarily, admiring the serene environment around her.

“My, it’s a good thing I found you today Kamiko. I’ve never seen such a beautiful day today.

Kamiko did not say anything. She just laid there propped up like the big round blue balloon that she had become with the lady’s special pill. Still shocked by her pneumatic transformation, Kamiko did not want to bother with speaking, since her puffed-up cheeks muffled her speech.

“You seem a little shy. Don’t worry I understand. But you should come outside and enjoy this beautiful day with me.”

Kamiko still stayed put. “How can she expect me to move around as a balloon!?” She thought.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Since your inflated to the maximum, your legs and arms cannot even move, or touch the ground. Well, you’re not going to need them anyways.

“Not need them? Well, what will I use to move around then!?” Kamiko thought once more.

“Try to think about this my dear. How does a balloon move around?” Kamiko thought for a moment.

“If you are a balloon, then you will have to learn how to float as well.” The lady replied.

“Butb. Donbt I neeb do be lrighterb thnb airb?” muffled Kamiko.

“That is true, but you have that ability as well. You can make the air inside you disperse slightly and cause you to easily become lighter than the air around you, causing you to float.”


“However, it is the most important thing to need to control. You do not want to float away now, do you? You have to keep the air within you steady so that it allows you to float around, yet with you in control of your body.”

“So, I canb flymb?”

“Yes! You can fly freely through the skies! Unhindered by gravity. But unlike a balloon which cannot think and control itself, you can.”

“It’s amazinb!”

“With this ability, you can float around on your own, and if you are good enough, you cannot be heard. You can fly into the most highly guarded compound in Japan and back out, and even the most vigilant guards will never know you are there. This is probably the best and most effective form of ninjitsu I have ever devised. I call it Fusenninjitsu.”

Just listening to what the lady had to say made Kamiko’s confidence perk up. It might be a weird and unorthodox method, but maybe it did have some very helpful advantages.

“The reason why I only choose women is because our bodies naturally are more flexible and stretchable than any mere man. Why if you were a man my dear Kamiko, you would have popped long ago. A woman’s body can stretch during a pregnancy, so I came to the conclusion that a woman could stretch her body even more when conditioned to.”

“May Ib askb a qwebtionpb?

“A question? Why of course.”

“Whab shalb I useb thisb sacreb artb forb?”

“What shall you use it for? Well for one thing, it is an art of great responsibility just like any other. I expect you to use this power only for the well-being of people, not for harming them.”

“Oh and one other thing my dear girl, no more talking please.” The lady added.
“Hmm?” Kamiko replied.

“Listen to yourself! You sound like a squirrel with its cheeks full of nuts! You sound so silly!”

Kamiko furrowed her brow and blushed in embarrassment. She hardly noticed how her speech was coming out muffled due to her puffed up cheeks.

“And remember, any ninja must rely on stealth and silence! You are not exactly an effective ninja if you are carrying on a conversation while snooping around!”

Kamiko made a mental note to say nothing at all. She herself knew that ninjas needed to be silent, but she also worried about how she could make no noise with her inflated body.

“Speaking of silence, try moving yourself around girl.”

Obeying the woman’s request, Kamiko was able to only slightly flap her arms and feet, but when she did she noticed some dull creaking and squeaking sounds came from her.

“Whenever you rub a balloon, it squeaks. Correct?”

Kamiko could only nod her head in agreement.

“This is what makes disciplining yourself a challenge with my technique. Your body constantly makes noise when in its inflated state due to the tight and rubbery nature of you right now. The suit helps you inflate to this size, but the rubber also works against you with its noise. This is why all your moves must be slight and cautious! And you will have to do this in many different states of inflation!”

She had never been lectured like this before, but Kamiko absorbed every word in her mind.

“By the way, do not worry about using any mannerisms to show that you agree or disagree with me. I only expect you to do what I show you!”

“She is going to show me everything? How can I trust her?” Kamiko pondered.

“But before we move on to improving your stealth, the most important thing right now is to control the gas inside of you.”

After hearing this, Kamiko’s eyes immediately lit up with glee.

“I can see you are eager to deflate yourself, but you will not release all the air out of you in a flash. It takes time when you are a novice. First, enter a state of meditation by closing your eyes.”

Kamiko gently closed her eyes.

“Then concentrate, focus on imagining what the inside of your body is like. Imagine all the gas inside and think about it being a part of you since it is inside you.”

“Concentrate, concentrate.” Kamiko chanted within her head. She imagined her insides as a giant cavernous space, filled with gas.

“Now spread that control of the gas to the control of your body. Just as a balloon can have the air squeezed out by a pair of hands, pretend that your body can gain strength over the gas inside you and force it out!”

The meditation made Kamiko feel more confident over her inflated state. She kept trying to imagine her control over the gas and then her body. She at first just shifted from one control to the other, but finally she could evenly shift her willpower.

Suddenly she heard a slight hissing sound. She increased her concentration a bit more and the hissing sound got louder and heavier. Kamiko felt her body contracting, squeezing the gas out of her available orifices, particularly her behind.

“Good! Good my girl! Now of course you cannot make this much noise while deflating, but that is something you will work on later.

Still concentrating and deflating, Kamiko took these words from her mentor to heart, and tried to control the sound of the air escaping. She scrunched up her face and tried to control herself even more…

…But suddenly her control slipped. The gas in her body immediately started to gush out in larger quantities, and the calm hissing sound immediately became a loud and rude fart-like blat.

Kamiko rocketed off the ground and started looping and zooming around the space in the forest like an overfilled balloon that’s been punctured. She screamed in fright as she helplessly bounced off of bamboo stalks and looped like a cart wheeler in midair.

Finally the air supply inside of her ran out inside and she landed butt-first on the ground, tumbled in a straight line, and stopped right at her mentor’s feet.

The woman just calmly looked down at the dizzy and disoriented Kamiko and shook her head.

Kamiko could only groan in pain. She sat up and rubbed her aching head. Her body was back to what it looked like before she inflated.

“Like I said, you should not have tried to concentrate on deflating yourself silently, that takes a different type of concentration. Instead you tried focusing too much on trying to control the gas coming out of you, and in the process your body did not accept the sudden change in tension.”

“Ohhhhhh, o---kay.”

“When inflated, you must treat your body gently in order to control it! You are in a very vulnerable state! By the way, are you hurt?”

“I, I don’t think so.”

“Good, it does not look like you are, so let us continue to the next lesson. Now you have to inflate yourself again.”


“Yes, but this time you will not need the pill that I gave you the first time. That was just a concoction I used, since you and the other girls do not know how to inflate naturally from the start.

“Oh, I see. But is inflating myself just like deflating myself?”

“Yes! But instead it is the opposite way! Plus you have to use more effort on your behalf to let the gas fill you up. Now lets begin!”

Kamiko closed her eyes and tried to concentrate again.

“I see you are ahead of me again. Please do not try to jump ahead of me too much! I do not want to see you kill yourself.”

“Yes sensei.” Kamiko said.

“Right. Now this meditation is different from when you deflated yourself. Try to imagine yourself as the balloon again, except you need air now. Balloons in a way need air as a young baby needs mother’s milk. Try to imagine yourself communicating with the air particles outside, beckon them to enter you.”

Kamiko slightly furrowed her brow and started slightly sucking air in through her mouth.

“Now, pick up the pace a little more. But in little tiny baby-steps.”

Kamiko complied and carefully sucked in more air.

“Remember to concentrate on distributing the air to all parts of your body! Make the air miss your lungs!”

Now Kamiko focused on redirecting the air within her to other areas in her body. She could feel the air traveling not only to her midsection, but also to her legs, arms, and other cavities within her. Now her body was beginning to bulge outwards. Her stomach began to distend, and her appendages began to plump themselves slightly in unison to her expanding stomach. It was like the first inflation, but now every part of her body was more neatly coordinated.

“Good! Good my girl! You are filling up well!”

As she felt the stretching and tightening sensation all over her body, Kamiko felt a lot differently about her ‘second’ inflation. She felt an erotic sensation tingle all over her steadily expanding body as the shiny blue rubber of the suit pulled and tightened to accommodate her taut skin.

She expanded further and further, her limbs continued to bulge into round soft shapes and her body kept transforming into an orb-like appearance. After about a minute of inflating, she looked like a twelve-foot sphere in diameter, and her limbs were now half-merged into her large body. Kamiko’s cheeks on her face were full of air, making them bulge out. It was harder to suck in the air since her cheeks were in the way of the airflow, but she did her best to keep the current of air consistent. Just as she began lose balance and tip over onto her backside, Kamiko instead began to lift off into the air. She now was slowly flying off into the sky like a child’s balloon at a carnival.

“Before for you fly off my dear, I’ll have to keep you tethered!”

The woman grabbed a long loop of rope from her robe and quickly tied it snugly around Kamiko’s right ankle.

“You can stop filling up now. Let’s concentrate on flying.”

Kamiko stopped sucking in the air and she immediately stopped growing. She was at least fifteen or sixteen feet in diameter, both her arms and legs were just puffed-up cones sticking out of her huge globe of a body, with little hands and feet poking out of the tips. Her round cheeks had a noticeable blush on them since Kamiko still felt a little funny about inflating herself, but still she felt in control of her body.

“I’m surprised how quickly you learned how to control yourself, despite that little mishap you had a little earlier. But since you’re the only student I have had in a while, there is not really any other people to compare you with.”

As the woman spoke, Kamiko could only just look down at her with her eyes. She couldn’t even see the woman over the huge shiny blue dome that formerly was her flat muscular stomach. All she could do was judge that she was at least ten feet from the ground.

“Now since you are lighter than air, try to imagine yourself floating forwards in a straight horizontal line. Your willpower will allow you to navigate the skies.”

Kamiko started to imagine herself floating forwards in controlled flight. Immediately she began to move face first towards the bamboo stalks at the end of the clearing.

“Perfect my girl! Now remember to stop before you get too close to the bamboo poles!”

The poles were rapidly approaching, and Kamiko imagined herself stopping. However, this was a little more difficult than speeding up. She could only decrease her speed slowly whereas her acceleration began promptly and quickly. Kamiko kept focusing on slowing down, and she managed to get down to at least snail’s pace, but she bumped softly headfirst into one of the bamboo stalks.

This bump caused her to tumble upwards and in the meantime the knot around her ankle broke loose. She was now slowly floating upwards without much control. The woman tried to grab Kamiko, but she could jump high enough to reach. Immediately, Kamiko began to mentally panic, and sweatdrops began to bead from of the pores of her forehead.

“Do not panic! You need to keep in control my girl!”

“That’s easy for you to say!” Kamiko thought. “But, I need to keep myself stabilized!”

She tried to keep herself cool and collected, but Kamiko was at least fifty feet from the ground, and she was heading over the bamboo stalks and out of the view of the woman on the ground.

“Come back! Control yourself! Imagine your body stabilizing back into a horizontal straight line!”

The hapless Kamiko had flown completely over the tall imposing stalks of the bamboo forest, and was now gone from the woman’s sight.
All the woman could do was close her eyes and sigh in disappointment.

“I cannot believe I failed. And now I have probably caused that poor girl to sail off into oblivion.”

“And I did not even know her name.”

The saddened woman hung her head low and headed back to the abandoned temple. She entered and slowly closed the door behind her. Immediately the lady walked to the middle of the temple, sat down on the floor, and cross her legs. All she could do was meditate and think about what she did wrong, and to the days when she felt like a more capable teacher.

After about five minutes of somber reflection, the light entering the cracks in the old rickety temple’s ceiling planks was suddenly blocked by a large object passing in front of the sun. The woman opened her eyes and took notice.

“Could it be? Did she make it?” She questioned. “Then again, It might be just a hawk.” The woman closed her eyes again.

A few moments later, she heard a knock on the temple’s door. She opened her eyes, quickly got up, and walked carefully but swiftly towards the door. Upon reaching the door, the lady grabbed its edge, slid it back, and saw Kamiko staring back at her. Kamiko was floating right near the entrance to the porch that lead up to the doors of the temple. She steadily hovered one foot off the ground and looked like she was in total control. After the lady opened the door, Kamiko began to float backwards, and the she stopped.

“It looks like I still have underestimated your ability to learn, my dear.”

Kamiko little pout lips, squeezed between her balloon-like cheeks, curled up into a little smile. The woman followed with a quick little confident grin herself, but then she asked Kamiko one question…

“By the way, what is your name?”

Kamiko rolled her round pneumatic body towards the right until her hand was pointed towards the ground. She stuck her finger out and began to write her name in kanji in the dirt below her. After she was done, Kamiko floated upwards a bit to allow the woman to read.

“Kamiko? What a fitting name.”

The woman stepped forwards, and began to speak.

“My name is Tomoko. I am the only keeper of the art of the Fuusenkunoichi. I have had few students, and now I am happy to have you as one of my pupils.”

After listening to Tomoko, Kamiko rolled to the right again and wrote a sentence into the dirt, and it read…

“Mata keiko kudasai?” (Can I learn more?)

Tomoko smiled and said, “Well then, we might as well.”

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