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Caitlin had many things. She had a trim, tan physique, beautiful sandy blonde hair, a stunning smile, popularity at school, and a coveted spot on the cheerleading squad. But for all of that, she wasn't happy. Some weekends she would feel so sad that she'd stay indoors all day, refusing to respond to anyone. She became quite a skilled actress maintaining a happy facade at school, but then would come home and cry for no reason. She knew she had a problem and, after a while, decided to take her mother's advice and get some medicinal help.

Caitlin carefully read the label on the medicine bottle. Nothing seemed too out of the ordinary. The prospect alone of being cured of depression was enough to make her smile as she downed a pill with a glass of water. She undressed and threw on an oversized pink T-shirt, and crawled into bed.

The next morning, she woke up feeling better already. Still extremely tired, she didn't notice that her T-shirt, overnight, had become slightly less oversized. Her breasts had slightly expanded.

Caitlin arrived at school and began her cheer warm-ups. She felt a little odd. She felt a little happier and willing to cheer, and as if jumping around had become slightly easier. Emotionally and physically, she just felt more light and bouncy. Her mood was glowing for the rest of the day. That evening she popped another pill, excited about the idea of never having to deal with irrational sadness again.

The next day, she noticed something odd as got out of bed and went toward the bathroom. Her breasts seem to knock against each other a little more than usual. And when she walked, her thighs seemed to rub together slightly. Curious, she got in front of her full length mirror and took off her shirt.

There was no doubt about it. What once were B-cup boobs had grown into Cs. What once were lithe thighs had swelled out a bit. "What the hell, am I getting fat?" she complained to herself. But she didn't feel fat, and didn't at all feel sad about what she saw in the mirror. She just felt a bit confused as she ran her hands up her sides. She cupped her sizable breasts in her hands and pushed them together. She never had that much cleavage before. She let them fall, and they perkily bounced back into place. "I must be really tired," she convinced herself. She turned away fromt he mirror and began a giant yawn. As she breathed in her initial breath, she heard a slight stretching sound. Surprised, her yawn stopped short as she turned back at the mirror quickly. She barely caught the last split second of her tits swelling slightly.

"This can't be happening..." she said to herself as she turned her body to look at her profile. No doubt about it, her breasts were even bigger, perky and bouncy at now a D-cup range. The small of her back turned a sharp curve into a bigger, rounder butt. Slowly, carefully, she breathed in heavily. Nothing happened at first, but then the comical stretching sound could be heard again. She watched in wonder as her ass expanded out behind her, and her breasts inflated larger in front of her. She quickly stopped, and looked back at her face in the mirror. To her surprise, she found a giant grin on it. She quickly regained her composure. "I can't do this anymore... I've got to stop or everyone will notice," she decided sternly.

All day, she was careful not to breathe in too deeply. She succeeded in keeping her expansion at bay, but not in avoiding the attention of many around her. Her happily bouncing breasts made certain they were noticed at every step, while her curvier ass swayed seductively whether she liked it or not. That night she stared at her new rack in the bathroom mirror. "Shit.. I'm so big, this is crazy," she thought to herself. Absentmindedly she threw a pill into her mouth and followed it with water, not noticing that she had inadvertently consumed two.

The next morning, she woke up and looked down, through a stretched neckline, into a chasm of cleavage. She sat up with a start, but yelped with surprise when she bounced right back down into a laying position. Startled, she let her hands explore her upper body. Her breasts had become massive overnight, the size of cantaloupes at least. Her belly had puffed out a bit which, with her new breasts, caused her formerly-oversized shirt to be now quite form-fitting. She got out of bed and stood up, almost losing her balance. Her thighs had swelled, requiring that her legs be spread out a bit. She made a slight waddle over to the mirror and nearly fainted as she looked at herself. Everything about her body had inflated overnight. She turned and glanced at her bigger ass, which seemed to explode out of her black thong. She looked like a cartoon, every part the size of a fat girl's but perfectly round and perky.

She claimed she was sick and stayed home from school. Extremely careful not to breathe in too much, she tried to find a pair of pants she could wear so she could get to the doctor's. None of them fit. She simply couldn't get any of her clothes past her plumped thighs. The only thing that even barely fit was her cheerleading skirt, and even then her butt lifted it skyward. Every clothing failure brought an instinctive smile to Caitlin's face. She just couldn't help but feel happy about what was happening, even though she knew something was horribly wrong.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was her cheerleading coach. It was Friday, and all the cheerleaders were supposed to meet at the gym early for the basketball game.

"But I'm really sick coach, I'm puking and everything," Caitlin complained.

"That's no excuse, Cait. You need to at least show up, and tell me in person."


"No buts! You can show me how sick you are and then you can go right home," the coach said, before hanging up.

"Oh well," Caitlin thought. "At least she'll see I can't exactly cheer tonight." She pulled down her skirt in back (to no avail) and left the room wearing her night shirt.

She was really late. The coach had waited a long time to call her in, and the fans had already mostly populated the bleachers when she pulled in to the parking lot. "Damn!" she said aloud. "I've got to find Coach." She got out and waddled as fast as she could, but couldn't stop grinning about how big she was and how funny she must look. She headed to the back gym entrance, where she could get to the locker room without parading across the basketball court.

She ended up running into her entire team as they dashed onto the court excitedly. A pair of cheerleaders collided into her and with a slight bounce, Caitlin landed right on her ballooned ass. She started giggling to herself as she game to rest. She was in plain view of nearly everyone at the game. The other cheerleaders, still surprised by whoever bumped into them, turned around to see their Caitlin, now plumped up all over, hardly fitting in her clothes, and laughing uncontrollably.

"Holy shit, Caitlin!"

"What's happened to you Cait!"

Caitlin felt so good and happy, even with everyone watching her. Her concern for keeping everything a secret was now just a faint memory, as her irrational glee with herself had expanded right along with her body. Out of breath from laughter, she drew one in deeply.

Some of her teammates screamed as they saw their teammate, formerly fit and trim, start to expand. For only a few seconds, Caitlin grew even more. Her breasts swelled larger and larger, filling her shirt to capacity. The T-shirt was now stretched tight across her belly, which was slowly puffing out. Her giant butt that had cushioned her fall inflated and pushed her off of the ground a bit.

The gymnasium had fallen into murmurs as the crowd stared in awe at this cheerleader ballooning up. Speechless, Caitlin's teammates watched as this big girl struggled to get up using her inflated arms. Even though Caitlin was so round and large, her breasts and butt were considerably larger than anything else. She could hardly see over her tits, which were now so large, bouncy and perky that they partially blocked her view.

"Whoa I am big!" Caitlin said, with only slight concern, the last real concern she would have. Delirium washed over her, a pure happiness that begged her, urged her to breathe in and become bigger. With a giant smile on her slightly puffed cheeks, she opened her mouth and breathed in.

Caitlin's upper arms and shoulders inflated. They first snapped the seams on her T-shirt's shoulder fabric, then burst the whole sleeves asunder. Her giant butt grew ever more gargantuan, her butt-cheeks alternately bouncing as they swelled larger and larger. Her belly and breasts expanded outward, until there was no more room in her shirt. The bottom of her shirt quickly rode up to her breasts, revealing her big, round, tan belly that continued to grow.

The cheerleaders started to scream, quickly followed by other concerned occupants of the gymnasium. Some rushed to the exits, and others just watched in wonder as Caitlin inflated like a balloon, her boobs and ass still taking extreme prominence. She stopped breathing in and took a couple big, exaggerated, waddling steps toward the center of the basketball court. "I am such a big girl! Wow!" she squealed before entering another giggling fit. She glanced at the basketball hoops and noticed that the bottom of the net was at eye level. A huge grin again spread across her face as ecstasy washed over her. "Mmm, sooo big," she said as she closed her eyes, spread out her plumped up arms, and fell back into her monumental cushion of a butt.

As if in some kind of happy dream, she opened her mouth wide and took in as much air as she could.

Now people were really becoming concerned. The last of the crowd pushed toward the doors, realizing that this girl was out of control and didn't seem to be stopping. Massaging her breasts and pushing them together, Caitlin just smiled as she grew, rising farther and farther off of the floor. "Bigger and bigger," Caitlin said in a ridiculously cute voice. "And bigger! I'm the biggest ever, and I'm sooo happy! Bigger, bigger, BIGGER!!" Her insanely large body swelled up and out. Her thighs and ass inflated her higher and higher. Her breasts were so giant and perky that every time Caitlin took a new breath, they'd quiver slowly and bounce around, and they continued to swell. Her arms were so inflated that she found it hard to feel and massage the flesh of her breasts and sides, but she managed. Her butt was now the size of a pair of vehicles, and Caitlin felt herself tipping backwards. Her ponytail touched the gym floor when her body maintained balance once more. Caitlin chuckled with pure joy and opened her eyes to see her giant, soft, relatively light breasts fall back into her face.

Muffled between her cleavage, her voice gleefully announced, "Yes! I'm such a big, big girl! More, more! More of me, bigger, huge, giant, MEGA-GIRL! More, bigger, more more more!"

Still with plenty of room to breathe, she inhaled vast amounts air into herself, making her body take up more and more of the gymnasium, knocking over chairs, growing over bleachers, and puffing out around the basketball hoops. Caitlin hugged the top of her breasts and smiled. "Soooo big.." she said dreamily and happily. The pills did their job after all.

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