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"Thank you for coming Ms. Kim. You may sit down."

Kathy Kim nodded politely, and sat down crossing her legs as carefully as possible. She was wearing a skirt, after all. Brushing her dark hair aside, she smiled nicely at Mr. Brown, a quiet looking man who just happened to be interviewing her for a job at Sphere Enterprises. She had tried her best to look and dress in a way that was alluring, but also conservative; she had no idea whether a man or woman was interviewing her. Now she wished she hadn't tried so hard. Mr. Brown looked completely absorbed in whatever manila folder he was looking through. He had a small bowl of mints on the edge of his desk, and with Kathy feeling a bit nervous, she helped herself to some.

"Um..thank you for seeing me sir.." Kathy said, her assertiveness passing already.

"It was not an issue. You are highly qualified." He glanced up at her briefly. "However, it says your parents are from Georgia, but you-"

"I'm Korean sir. I was adopted." She gritted her teeth a little. Why do they all ask that?

"Oh. I apologize Ms. Kim." Mr. Brown returned to his folder. "Simply something I'm required to confirm. Now then, lets get to business. You are already qualified for the job. Were here to test something else."

"And that is..?" Kathy tugged a bit on her top, it felt a little snug. Glancing downward, she wonders if she looks fat in this outfit.

"How you perform..under pressure." Mr. Brown cracked a smile, his form of laughter.

"What's so fu-" Kathy was cut off by a loud burp, which, much to her surprise, was her own. " E-Excuse me.." She blushed a bit, holding her stomach. Something was not agreeing with her, she felt horrible! Maybe it was because she was nervous.

"I'm sorry. You tried my mints, I assume?" He looked up at Kathy, who felt her stomach jump out a bit, tightening across her top. She looked down at her midsection, and then back up at Mr. Brown, nodding a bit. "Oh, well, those were special."

"I'd like to continue the interview if you feel up to it." His lips curling a bit again as he noticed Kathy pushing on her stomach, which was beginning to bulge a bit noticeably. Kathy looked up at him, with an alarmed look on her face. Her gut was blowing up like a balloon, he didn't even looked surprised! " Ms. Kim, if you're feeling under the weather, we don't need to do this. However, you should note that this is the final time I'll interview you. I don't have the time to do this again."

Kathy gulped, her belly filling out into a unnaturally round shape, about the size of a bowling ball. She felt like a balloon, but this job was one of a kind! "S-Sure, Mr. Brown. Lets keep going-" She groaned softly, fidgeting a bit to get comfortable in her chair as her ass began to widen. This had to be a dream.

"Very good, Ms. Kim." Mr. Brown had taken out a notepad and began to write. Kathy yelped as her chest suddenly jumped a couple cup sizes, sending a button from her top flying across the room nearly beaning Mr. Brown's bald head. Kathy would have apologized normally,but she was still busy staring down her newly formed cleavage. She swallowed hard, it didn't seem like her outfit was going to last much longer. She had completely given up on crossing her legs, as her thighs had also been pumped with whatever she was inflating with, causing them to push together. Its not as if Mr. Brown could see past them at this point, anyway.

"Now then, would you say your problem solving skills are up to par, Ms. Kim?" Mr. Brown glanced up from his notes. Poor Kathy's top had split open, her bloated torso now completely visible. She had both hands on her huge stomach, which were now starting to pull back a bit, her arms filling with gas. " I-I'd say the were excellent..." Kathy was wide eyed with panic, staring at her ponderous breasts as the pushed out further and further.

"Mmm-hmm...your resume shows nothing to contradict that, and your former employer's spoke very highly of you." He droned on and on, but his words were all but unheard by Kathy, whose body was testing the limits of her chair. Her arms shot up, knocking over some files on Mr. Brown's desk. They had plumped quite a bit now, puffing up and becoming rigid. Kathy was blushing bright red now, her top ripped to shreds to this point, with her skirt not far behind. She wobbled her hands a bit, hanging on to what little motions she could still do.

With a sudden increase in pressure, poor Kathy's bottom half exploded in all directions, destroying her chair and her skirt at the same time. She plopped onto the floor, with a soft thump. Her gas filled body wobbled a bit as she rolled onto her back, watching her massive stomach rise higher and higher into the air. Her arms and legs were enormous, and she was beginning to feel rather cramped in Mr. Browns formerly spacious office.

"Oh my, that looked like a nasty fall Ms. Kim." Mr. Brown stood up, shoving his desk back a bit to make more room for Kathy's expanding form. "Are you alright?"

"Y-Yes!" Kathy squeezed the words out of her lips, which had grown rather pouty. Her face was showing a bit of the effects, her cheeks puffing up to shove her glasses up a bit. Not to mention her breasts had been pushed into her chin by her gut. Kathy wasn't sure how much more she could take, as her blimped out figure began to pulsate slightly. She felt her body being lifted off the ground a bit, her inflated ass was taught enough to begin prop her up a tad.

Just when poor Kathy thought it was the end though, she topped off, feeling fuller then an unused fire extinguisher. Her body was taught and bloated all over, nearly filling half of the room. Her puffy, rounded limbs jutted out of a rather swollen torso, her neck lost between her rounded face and body.

"M-My full..." Kathy murmured, unable to do a whole lot else. Mr. Brown walked over to her, patting her inflated stomach.

"Indeed, you got quite large, didn't you?" He spoke clearly, gliding his hand across her body a bit, before rolling her over onto her belly. Though her underwear had survived, it was painfully tight, Mr. Brown smiled walking over to her expansive ass; two enormous half spheres that had caused her panties to bunch up into a wedgie that made it look like she was wearing a thong.

"P-Please, deflate me..." Kathy whimpered a bit, embarrassed at her position. She was blushing profusely.

"Oh, you'll shrink down in a bit. This is your office now, by the way." Mr. Brown walked out, waving goodbye to the ballooned and confused woman.

Putting on his coat, Mr. Brown approached an elevator as it opened, a former co-worker stepping out as he was stepping in.

"Brown? Why are you here? I thought they fired you." The co-worker sounded a bit puzzled.

Mr. Brown smiled, and continued walking. "Oh, they did. I was just showing my replacement her new office. You should visit it now, I think she might need some help fitting in."

And with that, he walked into the elevator which quickly closed behind him.

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