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And so now talk had turned to our former loves, and we giggled as we talked of them. She had talked of the many boys she had dated, once upon a time in high school, and now to the ones that she had dated in college. Her descriptions were quite graphic of one or two, and I could see that she missed several of them, especially their physical dimensions.

"So, how about you?" She queried. "What type of girl did you prefer?" I smiled, for I had in all truth had only a few girlfriends, but an idea whirred in my mind. I would make her jealous too.

"Oh, my last girlfriend had an incredible body... I mean I like the large, hourglass figure types, and she was enormous!"

"Really!?" My date grinned, she seemed inordinately interested and I was puzzled... "Like how big?"

"Oh, well..." I thought hard, this could be interesting... "She had some really big thighs and uh... pardon me but quite an impressive chest!"

And I noticed that my date was taking deep breaths in a curious fashion, gulping, sucking and drawing in air, and seemingly exhaling none... Stranger still I noticed that her shirt seemed to be drawing tight, it's horizontally striped pattern constricting about her curves.

She paused. "Was she as big as this?" Pointing at herself I noticed that she had in fact, grown larger of both hip and bosom! I became excited at her newfound talent...

"NO..." I murmured, "larger..."

She drew in again, puffing herself up, bigger and bigger. Her shirt stretched further about her, and her skirt began to bulge with her ripening thighs. Her face grew red from the exertion, but at last she stopped and a soft, almost pleasurable groan escaped her lips.

"Was... she... this big!" She drew her hands down her sleek torso, caressing breasts grown suddenly enormous, past her still slender waist and over a skirt on the verge of bursting from the size of it's occupant.

"No...." I completely lost restraint. "Much, much larger..."

She huffed and puffed again, expanding slowly but surely into perhaps the world's most pronounced figure. Hips and thighs bouncing and pulsating as they tested the limit of her skirt, and finally burst the seams. Endless, shiny smooth skin revealed itself, a pair of white panties stretched protestingly across the inviting curves.

Her shirt held up well, but stretched as tight as the skin of a balloon, and she whimpered softly, her face beet red in it's effort to contain her air. From between tortured lips she managed to squeeze:

"Was your girlfriend this b..."


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