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Christina doesn't know what where why who or how, and she hasn't long to find out.

Christina woke up to the sound of her alarm clock ringing beside her, drearily she reached across to turn it off and relaxed back into her comfortable double bed. She sighed with pleasure as she felt how cosy she was under her duvet with her loose fitting silk pyjamas. She spread her arms and legs wide to take up the whole bed, closed her eyes and smiled to herself, then she yawned deeply.

When Christina yawned she felt something a little different, a gassy feeling in her lower abdomen and a tightening feeling. She moaned slightly with contentment at the snug feeling around her crotch and yawned again. Again she felt in her stomach the gassy stretching feeling. Confused she signed as she ran her hands down her silky smooth body and over her tummy, her hands could confirm that it was a bit on the bloated side. She breathed deeply to sigh again and as she did she felt gassy again and felt her stomach inflate beneath her hands to the size of a balloon. Christina was shocked to feel she was blowing up and could see the bump under the duvet when she looked down the bed. To test the link between her breathing and her stomach inflating she breathed out fully ready to take a really deep breath. This time, as Christina inhaled she saw and felt with a ticklish sensation, her whole abdomen blow out to the size of a fully pregnant woman, stretching tight the silk fabric covering it. As Christina’s breathing returned to normal after this exertion she felt a feeling of fullness and pressure within her and she saw with her eyes and felt with her hands her stomach inflate a little more with each breath, like each inhalation was like a pump, pumping her up like an air bed. Christina decided that the best course of action was to hold her breath while she decided what to do; again she took a deep breath.


Her whole abdomen swelled up even bigger with this breath, bursting a stitch in the top of her pyjama bottoms, so that now she was ridiculously bloated, more than looked normal. It wasn’t just her belly that inflated this time either, running her hands in the area around her tummy, Christina could feel that the tops of her legs were swollen too and lifting her bum off the bed and sliding her hands underneath it confirmed that her ass too had plumpened. She ran her hand over the inflated parts of her body feeling the sensations that accompanied being inflated; the straining of her skin, the feeling of pressure inside her that she could only describe as a ‘pumped up’ feeling, the feeling of panic at something happening to you which you didn’t understand, and the sensual feeling of mild arousal that these three feelings combined to give her.

Holding her breath wasn’t doing a lot to ease the feeling of pressure, in fact it was making it worse; and as beads of sweat appeared on Christina’s face from the struggle to hold the air in she felt her whole body tighten again, and with a creaking, straining noise, all parts of her began to blow up, her legs becoming plumper and pressing against each other, her bum pumping up like two balloons, lifting her off her bed and her breasts perking up then rounding out, blocking her view and her arms becoming resistant to movement as the became turgid.


Christina’s expanding form caused two buttons to burst from her pyjama bottoms

‘Oooh dear, no. I’m blowing up just like a party balloon’ Christina gasped as she breathed out and stopped the inflation. She breathed normally again so that her whole body was pumping bigger with each breath, but not as rapidly as when she held her breath. Christina felt fully panicked now, her eyes wide and her face covered in perspiration, she felt faint and her body felt weak and she was struggling to breathe normally with the adrenalin coursing through her veins wanting her to take deeper breaths. With the mobility she had left in her arms, Christina whipped off the duvet which was in any case being lifted off the bed by her puffing up beneath it. She let her arms spring back out to the sides with the pressure in them, and lay there; spread-eagled on the bed, her silk pyjamas partly burst off and stretched over her immense blimp-like form like latex; watching her breasts inflating like balloons into her face and feeling herself shudder, creak and expand with each breath.

CREEAK…. creeeak…. GROAN!

The high pitched creaks turned to low, ominous groans, and Christina wished she’d only got out of bed and tried to do something about her predicament while she still had the movement in her limbs. Now she was trapped, there was nothing she could do but lie back and wait. But wait for what? How big would she get? Christina could tell by the straining and the groaning of her body that she couldn’t take much more pumping. Her fate she came around to; she was being overinflated, and like anything overinflated, be it a balloon or a car tyre, she would explode.

‘Why me?’ she thought to herself as the gas inside her forced even her cheeks to fill with air, making breathing more difficult and her inflation slower. ‘Why did I have to just randomly swell up and burst one morning? Is anyone else suffering the same fate?’

These questions, she knew, would forever remain unanswered to her. She didn’t even have time to find out why she was inflating; whether it was something she’d eaten, a medical peculiarity or even black magic; she was just here, pumping up like a pool toy, and here she would stay… until… BOOM! A bit of a bummer really she thought; girl wakes up, suddenly starts pumping up like mad, pump up too much and pops like a balloon, and never even finds out why. The sensual feeling returned as her drum tight skin pressed against taut silk.

‘I guess it’s not a bad way to go out’ she thought, ‘feels quite nice. I wonder what the explosion will be like.’ She found herself wishing she had someone else there to share her bursting with, she just hoped it would be big, and that it wouldn’t hurt.


Another button blew off her pyjamas. It couldn’t be long now. Christina decided to hurry the end along and took a deep breath and held it. Immediately, with loud resistant creaking, her body began to expand in all directions, increasing in volume like a sponge filling up. The pressurised hollow sensation building up until Christina suddenly breathed out. She couldn’t do it, she didn’t want to blow yet. The feeling was too good to just end it, and after all, it would be the end of her, best enjoy it a little more. So Christina just lay there, pulsating, and pumping as she inflated at a steady rate. Then she felt an itch on her nose… she was going to sneeze. No!, she tried to stop it, but it was too late…







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