Pumped Up

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She was dressing in the locker room all by herself. It was the night before the big game and she had just finished cheer practice. Alicia was no doubt the hottest girl on the squad. With a short stature, big breasts, and a shapely butt, she always had the guys drooling. There was a certain guy named Derek that she wouldn't give the time of day to. He envied any guy who got close to her. One day, he decided he would change all that. Today is that day.....

Alicia walked through the gym when she heard a voice call to her. "Oh god why Derek?," she thought to herself as she walked over with fake intention.

"Hi Alicia", said Derek.

"Hi Derek," she replied coldly.

They b.s.ed for a few before Alicia was to make a hasty exit, but Derek stopped by shoving her back onto the harwood floor.

"You're not going anywhere," he cackled as he stuffed a hose into her mouth.

She had a look of terror about her. She felt pressure in her stomach. "Oh no, I'm blowing up like a balloon!," she thought to herself. Her cheerleading uni got very tight very fast. Her legs and arms had thickened as her boobs and butt disappeared into expanding flesh.

She was completely spherical within minutes. Alicia fell onto her back giving Derek a view of her stretched out lollipops. He pulled the hose out her mouth.

"What have YOU done to me? I'm huge! Fix me," Alicia shrieked.

"You're fine, I got you pumped for the game," Derek replied cooly.

He rolled her into center court and left her there to wait for the big pep rally in the morning. Alicia(feeling guilty about underestimating Derek) was completely helpless and wound up being laughed out of the school the next day. Derek had his revenge.

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