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Kimberly find herself caught up in the bizarre plans of a mysterious imp.

The little man appeared with a crackle of displaced air. His diminutive size quickly became apparent from the surroundings. A mug with the logo "Pacers Rule" stood to his left, coming up almost to his chin. Under his feet was a table that seemed to be the size of a building, at least from his perspective. From most others it would be a well worn end table inhabiting the center of a cluttered bedroom.

Pulling a tiny clipboard from under one arm, the small man muttered to himself as he leafed through the pages. "Production's falling way off. This one better be able to deliver. Ah here we are..." Glancing around to familiarize himself, he pointed at the table and snapped his fingers.

With the same sound that heralded the small man's arrival, a packet shimmered into view. Labels on the side clearly indicated that it contained gum; a zesty and flavor filled delight if the blurbs were to be believed. It resembled several others on the table down to the last detail. After giving the new one a quick examination, the little man shoved the rest over the edge to fall to the floor below.

A sudden key turning in the lock alerted him to the arrival of the room's owner, and he disappeared not a second too soon. The door swung open and a young woman slouched in, tossing her backpack on the bed.

Kimberly was tired to say the least. The last three tests had taken a lot out of her and the last one, differential equations, had been a nightmare to study for. Without thinking about it, she scooped up the gum pack. Popping it open with a practiced twist, she placed one piece in her mouth and munched away. Her mother commented with her usual sarcastic wit that it seemed she had raised a daughter that was part cow, but the gum kept her from smoking. Truthfully, Kimberly felt she did chew too much gum, but it was harmless enough.

Running fingers through her long blonde hair, she reflected on her outfit. A tight pink sweater over thick tights, it was designed to keep her warm while attracting male interest. The winterfest dance was coming up and she still didn't have a date. With all the study time it wasn't surprising, she reflected ruefully, but someone who looked like her shouldn't have to work so hard at it. Exercise kept her trim, and while she wasn't a model, she had what had been termed "attractive" looks.

Kimberly blew a bubble and snapped it between her teeth. The gum made a funny noise, almost a shriek, instead of the usual bang. With a blink of surprise, Kimberly did it again.

Yes, the gum did sound different. Almost as though it didn't like to be popped. Grinning at the thought, Kimberly blew a larger bubble. To her surprise, the gum kept expanding. This was a good piece! She had already blown a bubble as big as her head and it was still going. Not wanting to get it on her hair, Kimberly popped it with her finger, causing that strange squeak again.

Chewing away, Kimberly turned to toss the gum and get to homework for the next day's exam. For some reason it was hard to get a hold of the wad and she chased it around with her tongue for a bit. Suddenly, with a convulsive jerk, she swallowed it. Now that had been strange, almost as if the gum tried to get her to do that. Naa...

Kimberly settled down to work. After a while she started burping absently, getting a rather bloated feeling, almost as though she had eaten too much. Considering her diet, that wasn't the case, but it sure felt like it. Her clothing seemed to be confining somehow, a bit too snug. Hoping she wasn't coming down with the flu during exam week, Kimberly stood up to get a drink.

As she did, she noticed something different about her. Glancing down, she took a minute or two to place it.

Her chest was bigger.

It wasn't a deep breath or anything like that, her chest was definitely bigger. Wearing the thick sweater like she was, she had chosen to go braless for the day. Little showed and what bits there were served only to tantalize the boys. Now she could see that they were perhaps an inch or so larger than they had been, nipples showing up clearly against the cloth.

A ripple of fear ran down Kimberly's spine. What sort of feminine problem caused this? She had never heard of such a thing. Putting both hands on her chest, she gave a gentle squeeze.

Almost immediately a sensation of pleasure washed through her, emanating from her chest and ending at the base of her back. What was this? Not only was she bigger, she was more sensitive. Perhaps the tests had taken more out of her than she had thought if she had started to hallucinate this.

During these thoughts she noticed that she could actually feel them growing under her hands, slowly but with a relentless feeling. Dropping her hands, she glanced into the mirror at her new form. "What's happening to me?" she whispered.

Slowly, but with a steady motion, her breasts bulged outward. They didn't droop, but maintained a perky appearance, swelling outward from her chest. Even with all of this, Kimberly didn't start to really become nervous until they had reached the size of volleyballs. By now the nipples had seemingly vanished and it appeared as though two balloons were inflating underneath her sweater.

Touching one breast, Kimberly shuddered as the tingle, almost orgasmic in nature, passed through her again. This was starting to scare her, but what could she do about it? The sweater was starting to get uncomfortable as it began to strain at the seams.

A quiet hissing became audible to her. After a second or two, she realized it was centered in her chest. "Oh my gosh! I... I'm inflating..."

With a leap of logic that only those who ever have been in severe panic would understand, Kimberly suddenly understood what was happening. The gum, upset about being blown up, was returning the favor. She was being blown up!

Kimberly clamped down on her chest, trying to force the basketball sized mounds back down to their normal size. An explosion of pleasure ripped through her, and she moaned as climax came upon her in seconds. Awash in a sea of pleasure, she fell to the floor, the next few moments whirling by in a haze.

When she came to, her chest was more normal looking, although still swollen abnormally. Embarrassingly enough, her tights were around her ankles and her undies were down. Squeaking with embarrassment, she pulled them back up. Then she noticed the small pink balloon in the room.

The little man returned with a bang, making Kimberly squeak again with fright. He glanced at her, then eyed the gleefully bobbing balloon with disgust. "Pretty pathetic there, kid. I expected better of you. As balloon breeding goes, you seem to be a washout."

"What?!?" Kimberly managed, finding her voice.

"Well, we'll have to try harder, won't we. Get to it, gum!" The little man pointed at her stomach and snapped his fingers.

"What's going on here, Urgh!" Kimberly's hands dropped to her stomach as a loud gurgling sound was heard. She moaned again and started a hoarse panting as her stomach churned up a bit. Then, thankfully, the feeling passed.

"I demand to know who, or what, you are! I... hey!" Kimberly blinked as the hissing came back, doubling and redoubling in volume. She glanced down and then did a double take as her breasts seemed to leap from her chest. This time they swelled to the limits of the sweater within seconds, pulling everything taught and snug. Even with all the increase it was still all her in there. She could feel herself pressing ever tighter against the confines of the sweater. Surprisingly enough, they didn't feel heavy. If anything, they were light, almost as if she really did have balloons under her shirt.

"Make it stop!" Kimberly begged, almost in hysteria. "I don't wanna get any bigger! No... NO!"

A new piece had entered the game. The hissing increased again, almost as if Kimberly were connected to an air compressor that had just been turned on high. Her hands flew from her chest to her stomach as it too began to grow. Quickly overtaking her expanding mammaries, it peeked out from under her sweater, pushing down the tights. Kimberly felt as though she had a great burp coming up, but it never quite made it.

Larger she swelled, and still larger. Amazed, she stared at herself in the mirror. With a ripping noise the side of her sweater gave, pulling away and revealing her two round breasts, which bobbled about and were bigger than her beanbag. She could feel her stomach and lower torso force her legs into a straddle position. Her hands could no longer go around the vast new paunch.

With a yelp, she realized she had left the floor! Her body was filling with something lighter than air and, helpless to prevent it, Kimberly drifted upwards. The same pleasurable sensations were sweeping through her again, clouding her judgment. The terrible feeling of utter helplessness, of being unable to move and only drift in the air, was slowly replaced by one of desire.

"Bigger," Kimberly moaned as her arms started to stick straight out. "Bigger!" Her body, eager to oblige, grew even faster. Each breast was now three feet across, nearly covering her face since they were forced upwards by the colossal surface of her stomach, which was now almost the size of her bed. Her legs were at a forty degree angle and could barely move as well.

Pumped with gas until she could no longer move, Kimberly felt her stomach touch the bed as her hair brushed the ceiling. Well over ten feet across, she smiled blissfully. "I wanna be bigger!" Images of hot air balloons floated across her mind's eye. "I want to be the biggest."

Suddenly, the explosion of pleasure came on again, overwhelming Kimberly. This time she welcomed it, losing herself in its sensations.

When she came to, Kimberly felt normal. Sneaking a peak downward, she was pleased, for the most part, to see a normal, abet nude, body in front of her. Perhaps it had been all a dream? The applause of the tiny man on the table disabused her of that idea.

"Beautiful. Best one I've seen in years. I've already sent it back home."

"You mean... You mean that's all you came for?" Kimberly covered herself as best she could.

"Yep. That's it. You're a perfect choice." The little man beamed with delight.

"So, this won't happen to me again." Kimberly almost wished it weren't true. The sensations had been very strong.

"What? We haven't even started yet. You've got at least fifty to go!"

"Oh no!" Kimberly started up, then settled back as her chest started its expansion once again. "Oh! OH! Oh well. At least it feels good."

Already with a dreamy expression on her face, Kimberly reached one hand towards the stereo. Just before she floated upward, she flicked it on. The bass to "Pump up the Jam" echoed across the room, a particularly apt choice she thought, just before the pleasure became too intense for thought. Fifty more times... A girl could get to like this.

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