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A Balloon Party with friends leads to discovery which finally makes the party fun, for everyone.

Denise was stuck. There had been some strange rubbery tunnel at the end of the slide and she had only slid halfway through. Now the rubber was pressing her arms against her body so that she could not move them at all. Her hands were still free below the rubber, but that did her no good. She couldn’t even manage to get up, so what good could her hands do her?! “I’m stuck,” she cried out. Denise felt completely helpless and stupid for being trapped in – but what exactly was this tunnel? Suddenly, the smell of it made her realize that it was some sort of balloon that was holding her.


Okay, so now she really did regret that she had made fun of her two friends. It was just that to her, a balloon-party wasn’t the most exciting way to spend an evening. Balloons were for children! But Claudia and Rena loved them, as Denise found out shortly after arriving at Claudia’s house. Her two friends were sitting in the living room surrounded by dozens of balloons. Denise did find the sight of so many large, colorful balloons somewhat delightful, but she felt she was above such child’s play. “Hey, join our contest,” Rena had called out to her – “Whoever blows up the biggest balloon will be called ‘balloon-queen’ and she gets to stuff the other’s clothing with balloons.”

“Balloons?” Denise had picked up a blue one lying in front of her. “Come on,” she had said as she rolled her eyes and smacked the balloon away. It was fun knocking the balloon away; in fact, she would have loved to jump into the sea of balloons in front of her and toss them all up in the air. But she would never have admitted that.

Claudia had stopped blowing up the red balloon she has stuck beneath Rena’s top – it had looked like Rena was pregnant and she had giggled as she rubbed her full tummy. “Come on, Denise, it’s fun.” Denise had just kicked away some more balloons and then she had really got upset: “Oh, you two are such airheads! I can’t believe you still like to play with balloons! You’re so silly, I can’t believe I agreed to come here. I could be somewhere cool, but no, I chose to come to you two airheads!”

Claudia and Rena had looked very hurt, but they also had seemed very angry – then they had quickly stood up and pushed Denise into another room, where she had tripped and had fell down onto a slide that led downstairs into the basement.


And now she was stuck in some kind of balloon. She could hear Rena and Claudia approaching her, but she couldn’t turn around to see them. “That wasn’t nice of you, Denise,” Rena scolded her. “But we looked into your soul and realized that you only got so upset at us… because you’re angry at yourself for liking balloons.” Claudia appeared in front of Denise. “So, since we are your friends, we thought we’d let you live your dreams a bit… and then you will help us live our dreams.”

Claudia suddenly held up a huge, uninflated balloon. She held it in front of Denise mouth. Denise felt an incredible desire inside her to blow up the balloon and she began to reach for the balloon with her mouth since she couldn’t grab it with her hands, but Claudia kept pulling it away from her. “Gimme the balloon, gimme the balloon,” Denise cried like a baby. “I want to blow up the balloon.”

Now Rena appeared in front of Denise as well. “Oh, Denise, you poor baby, you’ll get your balloon right away.” She stroked her cheeks and then Claudia let Denise snap the balloon from her hand with her mouth. Denise immediately began to inflate the beautiful thing. Soon, it began bouncing up and down in front of her since she couldn’t hold it. But she still kept inflating the balloon. The balloon in her mouth felt and tasted wonderful, it was almost as if she were in love with the balloon.

All of a sudden, she couldn’t blow up the balloon anymore. She struggled, but didn’t succeed. Then the balloon began to move all by itself. It was pushing itself together, coming closer and closer to Denise. Denise feared the balloon in her mouth would pop, but it didn’t. Instead, it began to push her mouth open very wide. Denise could only manage to produce a muffled scream as the balloon began to turn itself inside out… inside her! With all the air being pressed into her body, the balloon began to slide down her throat.

Rena and Claudia looked at Denise with their eyes full of joy, for in that moment, their friend was beginning to blow up like a balloon! Denise body began to look very round as she inflated more and more. Soon, the huge balloon was no longer visible outside of Denise’s mouth – she had swallowed the balloon completely and now she looked like a balloon herself. But actually she hadn’t swallowed all of the balloon. It had really turned itself inside out and now the balloon-mouth was left in her mouth.

Claudia picked up Denise. Denise was amazed that she had also become light as a balloon. Strangely though, none of this seemed particularly strange to her for very long. Denise began to grow tired of thinking about what was going on. She also was tired of denying her love of balloons – after all, she was one now!

“How do you feel, Denise,” asked Claudia. “You look great blown up,” added Rena. “I feel so blown up, so huge. It’s great,” Denise said with a smile. “You’re a balloon-girl now forever,” Claudia explained. “I think now you’ll find it more fun to play with us. Although, actually, you won’t really be playing with us… we’ll be playing with you.”

Rena and Claudia placed the round Denise-balloon between them and embraced, pushing Denise together tightly. The air began to blow out of Denise’s mouth as she slowly deflated back to normal. Well, almost to normal. Denise would have puffy cheeks forever and her lips would always appear to be pursed; in fact, her face looked slightly like a balloon now. And what Claudia and Rena loved best about the new Denise – she would no longer be such an arrogant spoil-sport… she was truly an airhead now and would be their inflatable toy forever.


But then, to Denise’s amazement, the two of them began to deflate her even more – she was shrinking! “What’s happening to me? Blow me up again!” – “Just a second,” Claudia announced. Denise was no bigger than an uninflated balloon now and Claudia could easily take her into her hand. Then Rena moved over and held out the bottom of her t-shirt. “This is the first game we’d like to play with you. I’m gonna blow you up inside of Rena’s top!” Denise had no time to object; in fact, she didn’t even mind what was about to happen. Strangely enough, it sounded like it could be a whole lot of fun! “Put her between my breasts,” Rena begged Claudia. Denise could feel herself being trapped between Rena’s boobs. Claudia moved in underneath Rena’s top as well and took Denise into her mouth. Denise felt an orgasmic rush as Claudia blew her first breath into her. “Woooo,” called out Rena as her breasts appeared to be growing underneath her top. Denise wanted to scream in pleasure, but couldn’t since she was trapped firmly in Claudia’s mouth and Claudia just kept on blowing her up bit by bit. Denise kept longing to be able to see what she looked like now, so blown up beneath the t-shirt of sexy Rena. She felt Rena’s breasts rubbing against her rubbery skin. But all of a sudden, Claudia let go of her mouth and all the air rushed out of her body again quickly.

“What will you do with me next,” Denise asked when she was deflated again. She didn’t have to wait long for an answer, as Rena grabbed her and stuck her onto the valve of a helium-tank. “Time to blow you up with helium, Denise!” Denise could feel her body stretching out, growing every second as the gas filled her round body. Then Rena quickly stuck Denise into Claudia’s mouth and pressed some of the helium into her. “Wow! I feel great now,” Claudia squeaked in a high voice. She shoved the balloon into Rena’s mouth and let her inhale the helium as well. “Do I sound like a balloon-girl now,” Rena asked and giggled because of the way her voice sounded. The two of them kept passing Denise back and forth and grew more and more excited with everything they said. Denise realized the two of them were really turning each other on now. Before long, Claudia squeaked: “Kiss me, balloon-girl and blow me up!”

“Wait just a second, I have an idea, Claudia,” Rena told her helium-voiced friend. “I know where I want to blow you up and get blown up by you – inside a huge balloon.” The two of them looked at Denise, who was delighted at the suggestion of becoming huge. She too had a helium-voice now, since she was obviously still filled with some helium, and called out: “Make me huge!”

Immediately, Denise was stuck onto a large automatic pump and began to swell up. Briefly, she looked like the girl she used to be – but she kept filling with air so that her breasts blew up like balloons and her butt expanded like a basket-ball. Soon she completely looked like a balloon again and was enormous. It felt wonderful to be so over-blown. And then, Claudia and Rena climbed into her. It was a strange feeling, but gave Denise great pleasure. Rena tied Denise from the inside so that no more air could rush out of her.

She and Denise had stripped themselves of their clothes and now began embracing and rubbing their breasts against each other. They also made sure to always come into contact with Denise’s rubber skin, for it turned them on even more. Then they began their actual task – Claudia opened her mouth and Rena pressed her lips into her and began to blow. Immediately, Claudia’s breasts began to swell. Rena kept taking deep breaths and rubbed her breasts, that now looked small in comparison to Claudia’s beach-ball-tits, against the inflating boobs. Then, the two of them began to take turns and soon Rena’s breasts were huge balloons. Claudia made them bounce up and down, which turned Rena on extremely.

Then they pressed their mouths together and began blowing each other up simultaneously. Bigger and bigger they grew with their bellies and butts quickly expanding with every breath. They kept rubbing their bodies against each other, but without stopping to inflate each other. Soon, they reached the limits of Denise. It was so exciting for Claudia and Rena to feel themselves being pressed against the rubbery skin of their friend. But they just couldn’t stop blowing each other up.

Their heads were now fully a part of their round bodies, but still, their mouths were pressed firmly against each other and neither of the two wished to stop. They began expanding Denise even more, as she slowly began to fill up the entire room! The pressure inside Denise was growing and it was both alarming and pleasurable. She wanted to scream, she needed to scream!

Suddenly, the knot in her mouth popped open and the air inside her began rushing out. Claudia and Rena were startled and could feel themselves being pressed together – they stopped blowing each other up and instead found themselves being deflated rapidly and helplessly. Denise was returning to her normal, human-like size, but Claudia and Rena were shrinking! “My boobs – blow my boobs up again,” cried Rena as she felt her body lose shape, but both she and Claudia could not move.

Denise was back to normal, at least sort of. As she had noticed before, her cheeks were puffy and her lips were permanently pursed. She looked like a complete airhead. She opened her mouth to say something, but suddenly felt a balloon in her mouth inflating. However, it didn’t grow very big and she quickly took it out of her mouth – it looked a bit like Rena. And suddenly, another balloon began inflating from her mouth. She took it out as well and realized it was Claudia. The two of them were small balloons and couldn’t move. Denise looked at her two friends and smiled. She had no evil intentions – she did what any airheaded balloon-girl would have done: She swallowed her two balloon-friends again and made sure they slid down exactly to the right place.

Denise stepped towards a mirror. Okay, so she had a balloon-like face, with the puffy cheeks and her lips stuck out, but she sure looked sexy with her huge, balloony tits, Claudia and Rena. She was one sexy airhead.

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