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Faye was hot. It was that simple. No one who met her could deny it. She had dark brown hair splashed with red, which was usually worn loose down her back just below her shoulder blades. Green eyes that sparkled brightly when she was talking just above full pouting highly kissable lips. She was slim and well toned, regularly at the gym working out. It was partly to show off her body though. She loved the glances not only men, but women also gave her as she strode in to the gym. It might be good to mention her less attractive side too. Faye liked to argue and fight quite frequently having slanging matches with whoever was unfortunate to be nearby. Her fiends, sick of her attitude would warn her she would drop herself in it one day, she didn’t listen of course.

Today Faye was itching for an argument, no reason really. She had an audience though; well the others were gawping at her on the treadmill. She loved it. Wearing her tight red Lycra two-piece. The top cut low enough to display some entrancing cleavage of her 34D breasts, her midriff looked flat and she proudly showed it off as often as she could. The Lycra clung to her shapely ass perfectly stopping near the top of her thighs showing her shapely pins. Despite all this her petite 5’4” frame was full of anger, which exploded regularly, but in this case on the worst possible victim.

Wendy knew she wasn’t amazing, but she worked hard to stay fit, not fat to anyone’s eye just a little pudgy, however the girl was confident in herself, as any person who knows magic usually is. So when she accidentally knocked Faye’s towel off the rail, she didn’t run and hide, but slowly picked up the towel and turned to be confronted by Faye.

“Watch my stuff fatass,” hissed Faye pleased to have a person to pick on.

“Sorry it was an accident” said Wendy sighing as she knew what was happening so did the others in the gym who seemed to close around the pair wanting to see the altercation now they are not going to be involved.

“Yeah well with a blubbery body like that you cause a lot of ‘accidents’” smirked Faye. Despite herself Wendy was getting angry she could feel her thoughts turn to some rather nasty spells one in particular surfaced and forced itself to the edge of her tongue.

“Look I said sorry ok”

“Why don’t you just waddle away you stupid fat-“ Faye stopped dead as Wendy put her hands over Faye’s mouth and uttered some strange words when she was finished she stepped back.

“Piece of advice” Wendy said quietly “watch your mouth and your temper from now wont you?” with that she stalked over to a rowing machine and began to work.

“What did you say to me you bitch?” Faye yelled her voice returning after the shock. Immediately Faye felt a rumble in her stomach and she looked down to see her stomach push out a little her boobs seemed to grow a little too. Faye looked up her face red with anger.

“You cow what the hell did you do to me I’m going to make your life a complete misery you bitch-“ Again she felt the rumble and felt her stomach push out, her boobs pushed together and her ass seemed to feel bigger too “Your dead you hear me I’m gonna sort you out you wont be walking when I'm done with you” As she was talking her body seemed to grow. Her breasts were pushing tightly and she felt her stomach push out over her shorts, her thighs puffed up a little too. Looking at her puffed up body she heard Wendy

“I’d calm down and shut up if I were you, go home and relax”

Furious Faye stared daggers then walked to the door but couldn’t resist on more shot.

“You dumbass witch bitch I’ll get you back and you will be sorry”

Her entire body seemed to fill she gave a shriek as her boobs puffed up to EE before stopping she felt her thighs touch and rub as she left the room.

Wanting to leave fast she buttoned up her blouse noticing how it was tighter now she pulled on a black matching skirt that came to just above her knee she could feel her ass against the fabric. She pulled on her stilettos and put her red leather belt on without thinking. She snarled as she readjusted her belt to a larger size to accommodate her puffed stomach. She looked in the mirror and saw her usually svelte figure seemed quite cumbersome, Anger boiled up in her body and before she could think she screamed loudly before giving a full line of expletives directed at Wendy. She fell silent suddenly as her stomach growled loudly. Faye looked on in to the mirror in shock as her clothes began to grow tight her stomach stretched out and her skin was becoming visible between the buttons. As her boobs shifted under her top she was aware of the lycra stretching to accommodate her now GG breasts.


A button flew off her blouse and another exposing her now basketball sized stomach. Her thighs were pushed together tightly in her dress and her hands explored her ass as it swelled and pulled her skirt tighter. A gasp escaped her lips as her waist began to grow and the belt was pulled tightly cinching round her body. Her skirt began to split as the stress of her growing skin became too much. The seam popped and ran up to mid thigh. Faye was panicking and trying to remove her belt but it would not budge, she gritted her teeth as it cut into her. She realized her arms were plumping up now and they were becoming hard to move properly

The growth finally stopped and Faye tried to step forward, she heard along tear and her skirt fell apart allowing her to see the extent of the inflation on her lower half. With the red shorts riding up her ass. Embarrassed and angry she waddled slowly as her legs were too large to walk well. Now Faye was getting stares from those outside but not for the usual reason. She was about to attempt getting in her car when Wendy walked up to her.

“Look its simple just be nice and you’ll deflate”

Faye tried to spin round but only managed an awkward turn fire in her eyes and her anger putting her on autopilot “I will explode before I apologize to you bitch!” she yelled

Wendy locked eyes with her “So be it” she hissed and again grabbed Faye and chanted before walking away “You got your wish enjoy it!” called Wendy as she left

“Goddamn her When I get her I’m gonna OWWWWW!” She squealed as her body exploded out the belt flew off and Faye looked in fear as her stomach started to merge with her waist and hips. Her blouse finally shredded and her volleyball breasts were giving the sports top a bad time. Slowly her body filled out and her middle began to look more spherical. Her tree trunk legs and arms were slowly absorbed into her body.

Soon she was a ball with stiletto heels hands and a head “I don’t want to explode stop these please don’t letmmmmmm……” Her voice cut off as her cheeks and lips inflated red stretch marks appeared around her body as her eyes, half closed with pressure pleaded for help.

A creaking noise

A muffled scream

An explosion

The end of a bad temper

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