The Wizards of Nyst, Part 1: The Airnyst

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Long ago, before the recorded history of the middle ages, there was a group of evil (or just perverted) wizards who used their magic to summon elemental and other strange forces inside women and um....well, expand them. A lone sorceress, Sophia of Morlande, decided to attempt to stop the evil of these wizards, and sally forth to stop them. (Hey, it was them or the army of nastiness and well, if she took them on, this story would be in the wrong place.) One of the many Nyst was the infamous Airnyst. He was the most open of the wizards and demonstrated his powers often, so Sophia decided to face him first.


After putting her chestnut hair in a ponytail, Sophia slipped on her sorcery outfit--first her well-fitted yellow shirt and tan pants, and then her blue cloak. With her sword strapped to her side, she was ready for battle. She stepped outside her humble home and began to search for the Airnyst with her most prized possession, the Gem of Eyes. With this extraordinary gem, she could track down any wizard (including the Nyst) in the world. Since the Airnyst lived near her, she could easily find him.

When Sophia arrived, she heard the sounds of a fierce battle. She slipped behind a tree and peeked out over the side. The Airnyst was clashing blades with a Knightress! She was clad in chain mail, and her helmet had fallen of, revealing her golden hair. A young boy of about 11 stood nearby, nervously watching the fight. "Probably her squire," she thought. Sophia smiled; the Airnyst being occupied made her job much easier. Jumping from behind the tree, she struck an impressive stance.

"Airnyst, Your evil is finished!" Sophia said in her most heroic voice possible. Distracted, the knightress turned to Sophia, and at that very moment, The Airnyst rammed her and she fell over, tumbling into Sophia. Soon both women were sprawled on the ground.

"Ha!" The Airnyst floated above them both. Pulling out his wand, he pointed it at Sophia and a waved it at her and then the Knightress. Flying back he began to meditate and chant.

"Oh Sh-" Sophia was cut off as she suddenly felt extremely bloated. She grasped her stomach, which immediately began to billow outwards. As her stomach blimped out, her arms and legs began swelling slowly. Sophia began to wave her arms frantically, searching for a sword or spell to throw at the Airnyst. She yelped to see her stomach begin to inflate faster and faster. "I haven't felt this bloated since the ale drinking contest back at Mage high...." she thought while comically fumbling her spell book. She dropped it and it smacked against her stomach. It resounded like a drum! Feeling dizzy, she fell flat on her back. Soon Sophia's whole body was twice the size of its original proportions, with 3-foot wide thighs and an a swelling stomach to boot.

Sophia was not the only inflatee. The knightress began to feel the blimping effects, inflating a little faster than Sophia. Her chain mail began popping off link by link. Her sword flew out of her hand, which nearly punctured the swelling Sophia, who rolled out of the way, just in time. The Knightress tried to push her stomach back to its original firmness, with little avail. "Ack!, Methinks I'm inflating!" the knightress cried in her thick accent. "Gee, you're smart," Sophia groaned. "No wonder she's not a wizard..."

When both women were bloated and immobile, the Nyst concentrated on completely inflating them. Sophia's whole body began to puff up all at once, and she was becoming bigger and wider every minute. "Oh crap!" Sophia moaned. "The...pressure...AHH!" Sophia could no longer move her puffy arms and legs which were swelling more rapidly. The knightress' chain mail had blown apart, and she too began blimp more quickly. Sophia was huge! Her stomach had blown up to triple its size, reaching up 9 feet in the air! Her thighs were turgid, about 10 feet wide and 8 feet around! Her arms, not nearly as massive, were about three feet at all dimensions. The knightress was about the same size. Content with the knightress' bloatedness, the Airnyst began to fully concentrate on Sophia. Beginning to inflate even bigger, she groaned again. First he already blimped stomach began to bloat up, and only a few moments passed before her whole fattened body began to grow, reaching the girth of about 5 horses strapped together. She was ready to pop!

"Ohh...I bloated...gonna...explode...need...some...Gas-X," she moaned

The knightress spoke again "No, this is no way to die! To be blimped by some cowardly wizard until we pop!" Then, she started inflating again, growing more swollen with every second. "!" Both continued to blow up, seeming to have unlimited space in their seemingly stuffed bodies, and the inflation would never end. Only the two women bursting could stop this now...unless...


The Knightress' squire had been watching from the bushes. What could he do? His dreams were coming true, but any moment now both would pop! "Duty before pleasure," he mumbled. Taking his club, he charged the wizard and knocked him out with a good solid blow to the head.

"Thanks!" Sophia moaned. "But...we' you...mind?"

"Not really..." the squire chirped.

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