Last Night Alone, The

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The Last Night Alone

by ~captainstupids

The Last Night Alone

Warning: This story is of a graphic and sexual nature.  It contains violence and blood.  Side effects may include lava.  Talk to your doctor and see if Story is right for you.


It's a cold October night in the middle of suburban nowhere.  Egg-crate apartments and midrange homes speckle the sprawl.  A smallish figure, April, ascends the red-orange rust that crawls up the aging brick building like ivy on a mountain.  Warmly glowing walking lamps throw hard shadows through the guardrails on either side and draw shark cuts into the branches below.

"Forty three, fourty two, fourty one."

Key in hand.  Door open.  Slide in.

She closed the door softly, locked it, and leaned against the wall of her darkened apartment.  She slid to the ground and sighed deeply.  A stiff wind answered back.

"What a shit day," she said to no one in particular.  "So he's bored with me.  Fuck him."  The unfortunate part of non-relationships is they go as quickly as they come, and usually as a function of how fast they cum.  Despite his comments about it being a simple matter of interest, her thoughts distorted his words -- making them oddly cutting and painful.  She had been a big girl in high school, or a big girl for most of her life, at that.  After starting college, she shaped up her attitude, her habits, and her diet.  Dropping 60 lbs in two years was a point of pride for her, but the residual ridicule from students and teachers alike was too deeply embedded to be shed.  Words, however harmless, were more scars on her light-figure.  She had little in the way of pudge, and nothing in the way of fat.  Her breasts were boring, her hips equally so.  She had, as she herself called it, a butt.  Nothing more or less was appropriate.

In the distant corner of her darkened studio, a lime green flash popped into being.  Her thoughts, formally consumed by self-depreciation, shifted to the more pressing concern.  A green spark could be a hallucination or, were she the fortunate type, nothing more than an electrical fire.  Turning on the lights did not diminish the glow.  The glow seemed to compensate for it and grow brighter.  She had set herself on getting closer, but the idea became moot when the glow instead rose up and came to visit her.  What was once a glow was, in fact, a tiny green fairy with a decidedly pudgy stature.

"Well shit.  Hallucinations it is."

"And a good evening to you too, my dear," said the fairy.  "My name is Zoey.  You can call me Zoe.  Or Z.  If you call me anything shorter I expect you won't make any sounds."

"Why couldn't it have been fire?  Insurance money would go a long way to redecorating."

"I'm here to provide you with some life advice and something of a gift," continued Zoey.

"Maybe the fire could burn alive, too.  That would be a nice way to cap off the evening."

Zoey shocked April in the forehead with a tiny tazer.  April's nervous system seized and she toppled over to the left.

"Are you paying attention now?  Stupendous!"  Zoey returned the tazer to her tiny fairy purse, and April stopped twitching.

"I'm here to resolve your situation.  You're preoccupied.  Haplessly enamored with the idea of slenderness.  So helplessly involved are you, that it is to the detriment of your life.  There's nothing wrong with being healthy, but you my dear sacrifice your all for a silly ideal.  Tininess is a means to getting laid, dear, not a goal in and of itself.  Your hapless plotting and calorie counting makes you a particularly difficult date.  Compounding matters: you're much more flatting as a fluffy girl than the teeny one you are now."

April's shock (both literal and metaphorical) wore off as the reality (or realness) of the situation solidified.  "You're what?"

"I'm resolving your situation.  I'm going to give you back your figure."  Zoey picked a wand our of her purse.  April's eyes widened.  "Now hold on a sec.  I'm not one to turn away help--"  And Zoey discharged her enchanted stick into April's body.

April stopped.  The flash of light left a bit of an after-image, but she seemed otherwise normal.  A lengthy, awkward silence sat between them.  April made a slow circle around the fat glowing fairy, noting that her pants would bind up ever so slightly when she walked.  She stopped and groped herself.  Nothing huge, but her thighs were slightly larger.  The fairy perched herself on the end of the kitchen counter and took out popcorn and a soda.

"Oh you're real fucking funny," offered a discontent April.  Her weight gain intensified slightly and her thighs pulled tight inside her size 6 jeans.  Her butt pushed back against the fabric of her pants as her mound thickened and tightened, pushing forward on the crotch.  Her panties started to dig into her swelling flesh.  Her marginally underwhelming breasts filled her bra to its breaking point, then overflowed into her shirt.  Her belly went from tight to taught to pudgy to flabby to big to bloated to inflated to pregnant to huge in a matter of seconds.  Her body fattened to the point of painfullness, pulling her undergarments to their breaking points.  First to go was her brassier.  Her fat breasts tearing the front-hooks apart.  Her arms thickened and pulled the broken bra to pieces.  Her shirt pulled up around her expanding girth and her belly ballooned out, filling up her love handles on the sides.  Her thighs swelled everywhere, thickening and tearing the outside of her pants.

April stood shuddering at the immensity of her body.  Her breathing was shallow and her heart was beating hard in her chest.  She was gravid beyond her capacity for comprehension.  Her weight had increased nine-fold, growing from a teeny 80 pound five foot nothing to a corpulent 720 pound balloon of fat.  She rotated her hips, the closest thing she could do to taking a step, and toppled forward.  She bulged and her clothing burst.  She laid, swoolen, naked, shocked, and disturbed.  Zoey laughed heartily.  Wickedly.  

"You think this is funny?" asked April, in an irritable pout.  

"April, dear--"

"Don't call me dear."

"Sorry dear, but it is hilarious.  You're just going to have to trust me when I say it's for your own good," said Zoey, then continued on with her laughing.

April's irritation grew into a horrid, twisted anger.  A fundamental, carnal instinct rose up.  Years of effort undone by this fat little fly.  Tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to her feet.  She bounded step after kludging step towards the pixy, who was still too consumed with her over-exaggerated laughter to notice or care.  April grabber Zoey around the waist as tight as her fleshy hands would permit.  "You fucking.  Fuck."  "FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCK.  DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME?  HOW MUCH I SACRIFICED ONLY TO HAVE YOU BLOAT ME BACK TO THIS?"  She chucked the fairy at the wall with as much force as she could impart.  Not much, but enough to thoroughly irritate Zoey.  "Why did I say 'fucking fuck'?  That makes no sense."

Zoey stood and dusted herself off.  "Ohhh ho ho, dear.  Slapping about fairies is not a good idea!  You think you're big now.  How about a backache to accompany your heft?"  Zoey twiddled her wand at April.  Her ample, fat breasts grew again.  They filled and ballooned, swelling well past inhuman size into the bizarre.  April toppled forward again, though this time fully cushioned by her gigantic chest.  She must have weighted a half-ton.  Again she grew.  Her body filled and ripened.  Her breasts engorged with milk.  "You're going to have to milk those things a few times a day if you don't want to get so big you pop."

April didn't seem to hear.  "Ooooh, I'm a fucking fairy I'm so goddamned helpful and merciful.  What is your fucking disfunction?"  Zoey flew in close, getting right into April's face.  "Are you hearing me numbskull?  I. Am. Trying. To He--" April grabber Zoey and, with a not insignificant pleasure, buried Zoey's face in her breast tissue.  Zoey's mouth, once open to speak was now filled with April's nipple.

"Milk them?  I think I will."  Zoey's eyes widened and April leaned forward onto her mammoth breasts.  Zoey's figure filled up like a water balloon, filling her hips and thighs.  Her belly widened as April's milk streamed into her with no signs of stopping.  Her midriff filled and widened, forming a teardrop shape with her lower body.  April continued, undetered by Zoey's rapidly increasing girth.  Her right breast ran dry, but didn't seem to be any smaller.  She dropped Zoey, whose tiny wings could no longer keep her immense gut airborne.  She flopped to the ground.  

"Hey now.  You think I'm finished?  I'm barely half done!"  April shifted herself onto her butt, legs spread, belly bulging between them, and picked up her tiny balloon person.  She pressed Zoey against her left breast as though she were nursing and squeezed again.  Zoey grew outwards beyond pregnancy or obesity.  Her fat body stretched and distorted to accompany the huge volume of fluid, expanding everywhere until she could expand no more.  "Don't stop now!  You've still got plenty of room," remarked April.  Zoey mumbled against her nipple.  "What is it?"

"You're making a mistake.  This is not a good idea."

"So was filling me up." said April, and returned to her force feeding.  Zoey's pear shape had distended into nearly spherical, her breasts, hands, and feet forming mounds where her skin hadn't stretched.  Bigger and bigger grew the pixy as the countless gallons of milk flowed in.  Her body (aided by her considerable flab) attempted to stretch and compensate.  Unfortunately, her body could take no more.  The pixy took on a deep red color and grew with one more huge throb before erupting in a shower of milk and fairy dust.

April sat astonished at her inhumanity, partially expecting to wake up.  She heard the sound of whispering, as from a great distance.  "I warned you."

She felt her stomach turn.  Her body started to swell again, ballooning in all directions and unrestrained by her clothing.  Bigger and bigger she grew, taking on the rounded shape of the fairy she offed.  Her body touched the ceiling and floor, but still she fattened.  Her cheecks puffed full and her fat billowed out around her, soon obscuring her vision.  Her breathing became more labored.  Her body was throbbing as it expanded.  She heard an audible stretching and felt her hands balloon into sausages.  Like her little friend, she surged outwards, filling her studio with flesh, then tore apart in a messy splash of fat and bodily fluids.


"So that was your dream?"  Zoey asked April, mouth slightly open in disturbed acceptance.

"You asked.  I just said it was weird, but you were all, 'nuuu i must hearz it'.  Your fault, not mine."  She finished her iced coffee.

"That's fucked up."

"Yah.  Pretty fucked up."

"Let's go see Iron Man."

"Hells yeah."

And the two meandered off.

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