Untitled Blueberry Story

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Steve’s Dream (nightmare)


Fast, explicit, and strangely provocative; Steve awoke from his dream with a racing heart and sticky moist skin. It felt like the beings were actually touching him, erotically poking and probing the various orifices of his body. But as intense as it was, he recovered quickly, realizing he was in the assurance of his own apartment. Jumping into a nice warm shower, Steve thought to himself that it was going to long day.

Sitting in his cubicle, Steve spent the morning mindlessly checking and proofreading data sheets for the giant software corporation. The only real motivation for such a monotonous job was the large payroll it distributed, plus all the cuties on the floor that found Steve’s handsome facial features with his slight stubble completely irresistible.

The day went on as any other, except lunch. Steve ate a lot more than usual for his hour break, in fact, he found himself snacking heavily for the rest of the day. By the time 5:00 came around, he still had food in his hands as he tried to satisfy his hunger. Looking at his watch he saw this was the time he would normally take off for the gym, a regular habit of his that over the years developed a thick, muscular physique. But there was just no motivation today; he packed up his things and headed straight home. The rest of the night was summed up by eating and watching TV until he made it to bed.

Steve’s current trend kept this way for a week, until he woke up on a cold Monday morning, feeling swollen and puffy. He even noticed that he had developed a belly that protruded far from his waist, which he then found himself running his hands up and down it as he looked in the bathroom mirror. He would simply just get back to working out as he thought walking into work. But he felt even worse as the day went on. Steve ended up going home early, as his belly was just feeling too bloated.

The next day was worse yet; his whole body seemed to have swelled. Unable to get his pants on because of his enlarged thighs and ass, he resorted to his old sweats before heading in. The entire day was completely uncomfortable for him; he couldn’t concentrate, he actually lost his appetite and later found his baggy clothes to be getting tighter. Steve could swear he felt himself expanding. 

Finally making it home, Steve rushed in his apartment and quickly tugged off his clothes that he was growing out of. He went into the bathroom and stumbled trying to step on the scale, difficult with his bloating thighs, and read it in the mirror because of his huge gut. It confirmed that it was no illusion; Steve had gained over 120lbs, and looked to be getting even bigger. But what now shocked him even more was his skin…it was taking a blueish tint. He tried to rub it off but it just kept getting darker and darker. The growing man panicked and waddled for the phone, but tripped forward by his own physical awkwardness.  Now on his knees he struggled to get up, his thighs swelled as each butt cheek ballooned wider. They were pushed off the floor as his belly rounded and blimped to a monstrous size. The once chiseled pair of pecs filling into huge bouncing jugs, plumping nicely above the enormous bellysphere. He tried to hold them as they grew, but his arms because useless as they also distended and were pulled to the side. Steve felt his face and cheeks puff up, even feeling his tongue swell against his jaw, making it impossible for him to scream…then, he passed out.

Waking suddenly, Steve looked around, but only able to see the far wall. Unable to move or even wiggle any part of his body…he was completely full. Steve had every square inch of his body filled with sweet, sticky blueberry juice. So full that it was even dripping from his nipples and corners of his mouth, staining the carpet beneath him. He was more berry than man now, a fattened freak of nature. He wondered what was going to happen next, or if anyone would find him. But since he had no neighbors in the duplex, no one heard his magnificent transformation. In complete silence, he was left in his apartment to ripen for 12 days.

Steve awoke again, only to feel that he was moving…he was being rolled. Squishing and sloshing against the floor as he kept moving forward. But it wasn’t his apartment’s floor; it was a slick metal surface.  He stopped, only to be positioned head up where he could see everything. He was in disbelief as he looked ahead; the beings. They were all walking around, examining the massive berry blimp, squeezing and poking the juicy tender flesh. He suddenly heard the voices in his head, “he definitely plumped up nicely”, “…much bigger than we thought.” They walked back and uncovered a large machine with long pointed blades, clamps with jagged teeth, and nasty sharp mechanical arms hanging out on every edge. Steve looked down at them with his fear filled blue eyes as his voice spoke in his mind, “what are you going to do?”

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