Alice In'flation Land

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"Alice, Pay attention!" 
"What?..." Alice responded as if daydreaming.
The girl hated her school lessons. She sat against a tree in the north country, surrounded by beautiful rolling green fields and lush forests. She wore a pretty, blue dress and white stockings, with a white ribbon tied around her waist. On her feet were dainty black slippers, and her long blonde hair was held back by a black ribbon. A butterfly landed on her cute button nose, making her giggle, to the annoyance of her tutor.
"Fine Alice," the tutor said sternly. "We'll take a short break, but then we must resume our studies. Without knowledge, there is only chaos!"
The girl skipped alongside a gentle brook, humming to herself, when she saw the cutest white rabbit ever. When she looked closer, Alice noticed that the rabbit was wearing a little suit and monacle, checking a pocket watch every so often, claiming to be late. She called to it, "Oh, Mr. Rabbit!" But nothing she said made it stop. She chased after it and followed it into a little rabbit burrow.
Her first experiences in this strange new underground land were very taxing and annoying. After entering the hole, she fell for a very long period of time, her dress acting as a parachute. There were various books and clocks and chairs, none of which made very much sense to Alice.  "Curious and curiouser!" She exclaimed. Indeed it got that way. She encountered a talking doorknob, a Mad Tea Party, some dimwit twins, a big, fat walrus, and various foods and drinks with strange properties of growth and shrinking. After her ordeals, she finally arrived at the white rabbit's house. It was a cute cottage with a gate and white picket fence in a clearing in the woods.
"Marianne!!! Where's that girl? Where'd she put it? Marianne!!!"
As the rabbit called for someone named Marianne, Alice excitedly made her way to the front gate. The white rabbit closed his window in anger.
"No use, can't wait, I'm off!" exclaimed the perpetually late rabbit. He ran out the small front door past Alice. She called after him again, "Oh… Mr. Rabbit, please…" He briefly glanced back and recognized the face. "Marianne! Where have you been?" Alice was taken aback, as her name was most definitely not Marianne. He yelled at her, "Don't just do something, stand there! No… go get my gloves, I'm late!" He held up his pocketwatch for emphasis. Before Alice could ask him what he was late for, he pulled out a trumpet and blew hard, startling her into the rabbit's house. 
"Well, I suppose I should get his gloves," thought Alice as she climbed the stairs to the rabbit's bedroom. "Hmmm. Let me see." Alice looked around until she came to a red dresser with a mirror on top. "If I were a rabbit, where would I keep my gloves?" Her attention was drawn to a jar of sweets on the top shelf. They were lovely heart shaped candies that simply said "Eat me."  Alice thought, "Don't mind if I do!" She took a small bite and continued searching, but before she knew it she was starting to grow! Her head, body, limbs, and clothes kept their proportion, but she was slowly becoming a giantess. Her head quickly touched the ceiling. "No, no, not again…" Alice was very annoyed that this kept happening.
The rabbit ran back into the house. "Marianne, Marianne!" When he got up to the bedroom, he saw that she was cramped inside, about to break through the walls! She sat with her arms and legs out. The growth of her right leg took the rabbit by surprise, and Alice's foot kicked him through the door. He tumbled down the staircase and out of his house. She grew rapidly and suddenly stopped when she was as tall as the house. She looked rather silly with her legs sticking out of the doors on the bottom floor and her arms out the windows of the top floor. The thatched roof looked like a wig, and the front window shutters covered her eyes. She opened the shutters with her hand to be able to see.
When the rabbit saw the site, he didn't recognize Alice and yelled out for help. "Help!!! Monster! Monster!" He ran away for assistance. Alice tried to push herself out of the house, but with no luck. The foundation was firm and the ceiling wouldn't budge. She didn't know what to do. She heard the rabbit return, saying something about the dodo arriving soon to help. Then she heard him stutter with surprise. She looked out and saw the rabbit talking to a floating cat with a wide grin and purple stripes. "Cheshire Cat… You're not supposed to b b b be here!" stuttered the rabbit. The cat responded with his wide grin, "I decided to get here early…" Alice sensed that there was discontent between the cat and the rabbit.
The rabbit was much too late for a very important date to wait for the dodo, so he told the cat that a monster was in his house. The cat replied, cheekily, "Monster IN house? It looks like that monster IS a house…" "What?" the rabbit exclaimed, flabbergasted. "It just needs some… renovations, watch." The rabbit did not understand. "Are you saying you'll get her out?" "Something like that." The cat disapparated and reappeared at the window shutters in front of Alice.
Alice was amused by the little cat, who looked very happy and content in her opinion. "Are you here to help me Mr. Cat?" He responded pompously, "That's Cheshire Cat to you, and I'm here to help." Alice felt very happy that she would get out of this prison of a house. "What must I do Mr. Cheshire Cat?" From seemingly out of nowhere, the cat produced a fluffy little marshmallow, so small, Alice could barely see it in his hand. "Eat this, it will help…" Alice was skeptical, "But it's so tiny." The cat replied, "Ah yes, but it's very powerful." He brought it two her lips which were five times larger than the cat himself! She then let it dissolve in her mouth.
Alice felt a tingling sensation in the pit of her tummy. She figured that it must have been working. However, instead of shrinking, she started to feel bloated. "Mr. Cat, what's happening?" The cat just smiled and watched as the exterior of the house began to creak from the pressure of something expanding inside. "Oh dear!" the rabbit yelled, watching his precious house break apart piece by piece as the girl's arms and legs inflated like balloons until they were stuck at 90 degree angles. Not only could Alice not move her arms anymore, but her midsection was blowing up rapidly.
As her head plowed through the ceiling, the house was completely demolished, with a rounding Alice in its place. Her neck, arms, and legs were sinking into her globe. Her skirt rose up over her tummy, revealing her now extremely, massive, deep belly button, and her surprisingly resilient and stretchy cotton panties. Her cheeks swelled up like a chipmunk's. "Oh deewa. I'm steewa gwoin!" She said through puckered lips. "I said it would HELP, I didn't say it would HELP YOU," replied the sly cat. The rabbit just shook his head in sorrow as Alice's limbs and head sunk into her body. When she finally stopped growing, she was twice as big as his house!
Trapped inside of her own body, Alice thought about how weird it felt. She couldn't see or move her lips or arms or legs. She could only feel her heartbeat, and the grass beneath her ruffling as she expanded and contracted with her breathing. Outside, the rabbit yelled at the cat in rage. "Oooooh, I knew you came here for this! Ever since I met you, Cat!, you've had your eye on my property." The cat just smiled and floated up to the moist navel of the breathing orb that Alice had become. "Oh dear, this is just filthy," said the Cheshire Cat as he licked around the rim of Alice's belly button. She laughed a little, as the licking tickled. Her laughing caused her ball body to shake and pulsate. "When will girls learn to clean their tummy doors? Heaven knows that civilized people shake the dirt off their doormats once in a while." With that, the cat plunged into the navel head first, and squeezed through, arriving inside Alice. She was much bigger than the rabbit's house, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and even a regulation swimming pool!


Author's Note: 

I wrote this a while back under my deviantart name, "cjk66". I've never posted a story here, and I felt this was a good intro to my style.

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