Great Inflations, Part 1

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How Elisha entertained her guests, and how Gabriel wound up naked on the couch.

It was a long, curious chain of events that led Gabriel to live with his stepmother and his step-sister; and at first, he didn't think he'd mind too much. His stepmom, Rachel Dickenson, was in her mid-thirties, but wore it well, the leggy brunette still having the body of a nineteen-year-old. She was a nice enough woman, although Gabe had to admit he didn't know her well, though he did enjoy her occasional sunbathing in her bikini, which she filled out to its capacity.

Her daughter Elisha was a real hottie, too, but a major bitch whom Gabe took pains to avoid. Sometimes he couldn't help it, though: Elisha was a tall, athletic, dark-haired beauty with a well developed body for a sixteen-year-old, and she took to showing it off with her tight leather pants and low-cut halter tops.

In fact, Gabe once took a photograph of Elisha from the living room mantel, and she walked in on him while he was using it for his monkey spanking, a fact that she shared with not only her mother, but virtually everyone at her school, friends and strangers alike, totally humiliating him. To say this made family gatherings awkward would be an understatement. Elisha would sit as far away from Gabe as possible during the silent dinners; but when Rachel looked away, Elisha would taunt Gabe with some skin from under her blouse or turn around and flash him her tight ass. This made eating almost impossible, as the blood wasn't going to his stomach.

But it was when Rachel was gone that Gabe's real hell began.

Rachel was again free to date, which she did, and often. She would condescendingly refer to him as "the man of the house" and go off for a night on the town, leaving him alone with Elisha and one rule: No parties. It was a rule that was broken as soon as Rachel's car left the driveway, and these were the times Gabe feared most.

He wanted to warn Rachel, to plead for her to stay, but he could always see the devilish look in Elisha's eyes that advised him otherwise. He knew that betraying Elisha could have serious, even deadly, consequences.

Rachel never seemed to suspect that her daughter was a witch, and that her absence sentenced Gabe to a night of torture, humiliation, and slavery.

Elisha often invited over her hot, nubile friends, who must have really enjoyed her company, but Gabe felt they had to fear her a little, too—as he did. He recalled one incident where a catfight broke out between Elisha and her short, blonde friend, Michelle. The fight turned ugly, and Michelle called Elisha a "bitch," and it was her last mistake.

Michelle quickly tried to apologize, but Elisha's green eyes literally glowed for a moment, and in the next instant, Michelle was expanding like a human balloon. Michelle begged for forgiveness, but Elisha just watched calmly as her rival expanded, puffing up from a human form into a round, spherical shape, that rapidly inflated, causing the blonde to grow and grow. Elisha's other friends  watched amazedly as Michelle swelled and swelled, shouting, "Please! Stop! I'm sorry!" Elisha smiled victoriously as Michelle became little more than a round, inflating ball in her living room, growing almost to the ceiling when her growth slowed, reaching the limits of her expansion, and finally...

POP! Michelle burst into shreds. After a long, tense silence, Elisha and the other girls burst out laughing.

And that is why Gabe never questioned orders from Elisha. The teenage girls had their own personal slave in Gabe, who fetched drinks, cleaned up their spills, and otherwise ran various errands as the girls sat around and gossiped.

Eventually, though, the girls would become restless for a party trick, and this is what made Gabe tremble the most. The girls would ask Elisha to do all sorts of things to her step-brother, including turning him into a frog, or shrinking him down to six inches tall, or giving him women's breasts.

Tonight, Gabe knew, would be no different. No matter how much he followed orders, Elisha would show off in front of her friends by finding new ways to humiliate him. As with Elisha, Gabe had contradictory feelings about her friends. The three hot teenage girls (there used to be four before Michelle exploded) were hotties themselves, and they were nice to look at, but could be just as cruel as Elisha.

It started early tonight when the red-headed cutie, Allison, remarked to Elisha, "Your step-brother can really kiss your ass if he has to, huh?"

"I don't know," said Elisha deviously. "Let's find out! Hey, Gabe!" She called him away from his vacuuming, where he was cleaning up after the girls' pillow fight. He immediately dropped what he was doing to respond to Elisha's command. It was worse than he thought. She got up from the couch and showed Gabe her ass, which was packaged tightly in black leather. "Kiss it, Gabe! Go on!"

"You—you can't be serious!" Gabe said, his eyebrows raised.

"Did you like being six inches tall?" Elisha asked. "Do it!"

Gabe bent over and pressed his lips firmly to her ass, causing the other girls to convulse with laughter. "Oh my God!" Allison bellowed. "He really did it!"

Fortunately, Elisha had a hot ass and he liked black leather, so it was less painful than Gabe let on, but it was still humiliating. Elisha turned around. "Now the feet!" Gabe felt himself turn red with a combination of rage, frustration, and embarrassment, but he complied, dropping to his knees and kissing her feet.

"Oooo!" said Talia, another hot observer. "Me next!" She stuck out her feet and again Gabe had little choice to comply, amusing the other girls greatly.

"Having a slave is cool!" said Emily, the remaining resident blonde. "What else can we make him do?"

"Anything we want," Elisha assured her. "What would you like to see him do?"

"Hey!" said Allison. "Remember what you did to Michelle?"

Gabe remembered, and he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. That feeling would only increase as Elisha turned her glowing eyes toward him, and his entire midsection expanded outward in a cartoonish way, his body becoming comically pear-shaped. The girls laughed at the sight, as well as at the _expression on his face. "Don't!" he pleaded.

Elisha tilted her head toward him. "You don't give the orders here, sport." Her green eyes glowed a moment, and the hilarity began.

Gabe stood wide-eyed as his stomach billowed forth, shooting out from under his shirt.

"He's pregnant!" Emily giggled.

"Give ‘im boobs again!" Allison said from the sidelines.

Sure enough, with the raise of Elisha's eyebrow, Gabe suddenly became rather busty for a male, his shirt filling out with breasts that would have shamed Pamela Anderson. This sparked another wave of laughter from the teenage spectators.

"See? Now he's lactating!" said Emily.

Gabe didn't have long to worry about his new bustiness, because soon the rest of his chest expanded with it, shaping his entire midsection into a ball shape. His shirt began to shred as he inflated, as did his pants after his legs began swelling up as well.

"Oooh, now he's getting naked," Allison observed.

"Kinky," Talia agreed.

His clothes began to fall off his expanding form, but Gabe's modesty was the least of his worries. His arms and legs seemed to disappear into his swelling body, and in moments he stood before his captors as a human balloon. Elisha walked up to him and ran her finger over his distended belly, producing a loud squeak.

"Let me try that," said Emily, who followed Elisha's lead.

Soon all the girls were rubbing their hands over Gabe's inflated form, laughing at the squeaking noises and occasionally squeezing him to gauge how tightly he'd been blown up. Gabe had to admit that, at that moment, he didn't feel too bad, with the young hot chicks groping him all over. It may have even turned him on physically, if he'd had any privates left.

Unfortunately, it turned him on in another way.

As the girls continued to fondle him, he began to feel warm, and soon his body was inflating bigger.

"Oh my God!" said Elisha. "That's not my doing!"

"Then why's he getting bigger?" Talia asked.

"He's getting turned on!" Elisha explained.

The girls backed away from him quickly, and Gabe's inflation slowly subsided. He didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved.

"You pervert!" said Elisha, giving him a swift kick, and he sailed across the room like a beach ball. The others gleefully followed her lead, and for the next several minutes, he was jostled, kicked, thrown, and bounced around the room like a toy rubber ball. They knocked over the occasional lamp and coffee table, shattering vases and ornaments with abandon.

At one point, Emily smacked him toward Allison, who missed catching him, and he sailed over her, heading earthward toward some broken glass on the floor. There was no one to catch him. He watched in dread as his tightly inflated balloon body dropped helplessly toward the shards that he feared would certainly pop him.

"Pop!" Emily shouted, predicting the result.

But Gabe's body froze in mid-air, hovering just an inch over the glass. Elisha had stopped his fall. For the moment.

With a wave of her hand, he floated up and over the other girls into Elisha's grasp. "You're not getting away that easily," she told him, and tossed him up into the air again. As he came back down, she swatted him hard against the ceiling, and the ball was back in play.

It took another fifteen minutes of abuse before the novelty finally wore off, and the girls settled back into their seats, breathing heavily from the physical activity. Only Elisha remained standing, but not for long. She picked up her older balloon-brother and set him in the middle of the room, on what could be construed as his back. Then, using the couch for balance, she inched her hot rear onto his stomach and settled into Gabe as if he were a bean-bag chair. She gently bounced on him like a trampoline. "More fun than a waterbed!" Elisha told her giggling friends, before squirming around to get comfortable.

Gabe couldn't help it. The warmth and firmness of his stepsister's curvaceous ass on his bare skin was too much. Elisha was slowly lifted higher as he began to inflate again.

"He's doing it again!" Allison pointed out needlessly. "He's getting turned on cuz you're sitting on him!"

Elisha jumped off, faking an astonished _expression. "Gabe! I think you got the hots for me!" Gabe wasn't buying her surprise. She planned for that to happen.

"You sicko!" said Emily. "She's your sister!"

Stepsister, of course. But he wasn't in a position to argue. He was still inflating slightly, stretching tighter and tighter, as he could still feel the warmth of Elisha's ass on his spherical belly. He winced as the pressure built to dangerous proportions. But finally the inflation slowed and stopped, leaving him a giant-sized balloon.

The girls gathered around him, tossing insults at him. But Allison finally brought up the main issue to be addressed. "What are we going to do with him now? He's too big to play with, and he's taking up our space."

"Let's pop him!" Emily said, jumping directly to the conclusion Gabe had hoped they would avoid. But surely Elisha wouldn't allow him to really pop, would she? That might be difficult to explain to her mother…

Elisha shrugged. "Okay. I'll get a pin."

…Or not.

As Elisha fumbled around in a nearby desk drawer, Talia spoke up. "Wait, wait. I have an idea." The dark-skinned hottie knelt down so that she was roughly eye-level with Gabe's head, whose face was currently pointed toward the ceiling. "Watch: First, I'll rub him…and stroke him…" She illustrated the moves, seductively caressing his balloon body. He began to feel warm again. She began using both hands to methodically pet him. She repeated, "Rub him…stroke him…"

And Gabe began to inflate again.

Then Talia spoke to him in a breathy, sexy voice. "Oh my, are you getting bigger for me? Yes, you are, my big beautiful balloon. I can see you're getting bigger. Yes, that's it. Inflate for me, Gabe. I like that. You like me, don't you, Gabe? I can tell by how big you're getting. Do you like getting bigger for me? Yes, you do! I know you do. And what about these?" She leaned forward, rubbing her breasts into his face. He swelled bigger, faster. "Oh, you like them, do you? Show me how much you like me, Gabe. Pop for me. Pop for me. Pop for me!"

Gabe couldn't bear it. The pressure was getting too great. He could feel himself reaching the bursting point. He tried to keep himself from bursting by dint of sheer will. But inside he knew it was hopeless.

"You're getting biiiiig-gerrrrr," Talia cooed at him in a sing-song voice.

He continued to grow, but at a slower rate, as his body neared its limits.

"You want to pop," Talia told him. "You want to burst all over the room."

Gabe was tempted to agree. Anything to end the growing pressure!

"Pop," Talia coaxed him. "Pop…"

Elisha walked into the room, holding a pin. She gaped at the sight of her stepbrother on the verge of bursting. Emily covered her ears as she and Allison backed away.

Gabe's inflation stopped for a moment, but the pressure inside him continued to build. He closed his eyes and waited for it, which was all he could do…

And then a car pulled into the driveway.

"Mom's home!" Elisha shouted. She stepped forward and thrust the pin at Gabe.

Gabe watched the pin come down, certain it would be the last image he'd see.

But Elisha's magic worked in strange and powerful ways. Instead of bursting him, she merely punctured a hole in his abdomen, and the sudden release of air caused Gabe to go flying around the room, spinning like a top as he went. The other girls squealed as Elisha went to work on the living room, waving her hand and causing vases to reform, tables to upright themselves, lamps to return to their posts. All the while Gabe cascaded over her head, rapidly deflating until…

Wham! He landed ignominiously on the couch, with no mark on his body to indicate he'd been stabbed, no stretch marks to indicate he'd been a balloon.

But he still had no clothes on.

Rachel walked in the door to find four teenage girls in a semi-circle around the couch, laughing and pointing at her naked step-son.

Rachel's eyes shot open and she bellowed at Gabe: "What in God's name are you doing?!"

Elisha answered for him. "I was just having some friends over, and Gabe came running in here totally naked!"

Gabe realized there was no point in trying to explain to Rachel that her daughter was a witch and that he had been her balloon only seconds earlier.

"Get upstairs to your room right now, Gabriel!" Rachel ordered him. "And get some clothes on! Consider yourself grounded for the rest of the month!"

Gabe slunk upstairs, covering his privates with both hands, as the girls tittered below. He took one last look over his shoulder to see a smirking Elisha, waving good-night to him—or perhaps it was goodbye.

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