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I rushed in and grabbed a soda from the fridge, smiling to myself as Stefi entered the room.

"So how was class?" she asked.

"Oh, pretty good I guess. Same ' know." I said as I plopped on to the couch grinning.

"What's so funny?" she said. "Oh nothing, I just saw the biggest blimp overhead." I remarked.

"Really? big?" she questioned with a growing frown.

"Big..really big." I said as I continued to smile and flipped the remote.

"Let's step outside for a moment, shall we?" she asked. I knew what was about to take place.

My girlfriend had an amazing talent which we had discovered via a mutual interest one night. Both of us found we were fascinated with body inflation by accident and we found a way to make it reality. By countless hours toiling in the school's labs late at night she concocted a peculiar formula that endowed her not only with an elasticizing ability, but more importantly she gained the ability to fill herself with air and expand like a balloon by merely willing it. This new-found ability gave her somewhat of an inflated ego...literally, and she became quick to use it, always trying to outsize something. Usually she won. I, being a firm believer that bigger is definitely better, always tried to push her farther and on the last occasion she had expanded to the size of our living room, some 13 or 14 feet wide. We were about to see just how big this girl could get.

She began to pace the back yard as her temper flared. She had obviously been working out since she was dressed in just a halter top, some umbros, and her socks. This was gonna be good. I snickered to myself in amusement as I imagined the possibilities.

Suddenly she stopped in her tracks, her nostrils flaring with anger. It was on. "Here she goes." I thought to myself. She turned to face me and put her hands on her hips as she turned her back to me slowly.

Suddenly a hissing noise rose from within Stefi as she spoke. "Was it this big?" she asked as I heard the air begin to fill her. First her butt blimped out, then her hips, thighs, calves, and the rest of her save for her head, hands, and feet quickly inflated. She stopped after just a second of her rapid inflation and turned her head around.

"Was it this big?" she asked, pumped up with air and looking like an extremely voluptuous version of her former self.

"Bigger.." I murmured, anticipating her response.

"Ooooh! Impossible!" she shouted. She inhaled deeply and turned her head back around as the hissing rose again followed by the sounds of her body expanding. I felt like I was in some balloon factory as I watched with awe. No wonder I liked her so much. Unfortunately I usually had to do this to get her to show off, but it was worth the effort.

Stefi expanded quickly, filling out more and more with air. Her legs began to fatten up rapidly and her lower torso was much larger now. Each of her swelling hips must have become around 2 feet wide and her ass must have been around 5 feet wide. Wow! I loved this. Her breasts began to show on either side of her from behind like twin basketballs. Her plastic umbros had stretched to the point where it appeared she was wearing a skin-tight thong of hot pink plastic. The halter top was straining to hold in her massive breasts which grew with every breath she took.

"This big?" she questioned. "Bigger..much bigger!" I said as I tried to hold in my excitement.

"ARRRGHH!" she screamed as she clenched her fists and inhaled a huge breath. The hissing was sudden and violent as she blew up nearly twice as big and much quicker this time. Her thighs pushed each other apart as her exaggerated hour-glass form began to assume a rounded balloon form. Her clothing stretched and protested as she pumped up larger and larger, and finally the shorts gave with a great ripping and stretching noise. Her halter-top lost its battle also as her huge breasts began to peek out from all sides of it and it finally burst at its seams with a loud rip, falling to the floor defeated. Stefi continued to expand, filling out a little slower this time, but nonetheless swelling larger and larger. I pondered the thought and spoke.

"It was alot bigger than that dear!" I shouted. A grin spread across my face as I knew my last barb found its mark. She turned and threw her trademark glance of sheer hate at me before turning back around. Her inflation ceased for a moment as she stood there bobbing up and down from her breathing. She was huge, a balloon-woman inflated pretty much round and probably over ten feet across. Her arms and legs had inflated to huge conical shapes and ended in dainty hands and feet. Her face was untouched also, but her shoulders were threatening to cover it up. Much bigger and she would be what I estimated to be around 20 feet or so. Incredible. I was in awe.

Suddenly she clenched her hands and shifted her huge thighs as she began to inhale. Her lungs seemed like they were vacuums and she inhaled deeper and deeper and deeper. The sudden hissing ensued again as she suddenly blimped outward, her body shuddering from the sudden growth and pressure.

"I'LL BE THE BIGGEST EVER! THE BIGGEST!" she screamed as she swelled larger and larger.

I began to get a little nervous.

Her body echoed like a bass drum as she continued to swell fatter and fatter from the pressure. I had never questioned how she did this, I just enjoyed it. She might go a little far this time though I thought.

"BIGGER! BIGGER!" she shouted as she continued to expand. She was going to prove her point this time no matter what. Her body was now an expanding orb with only her head, hands, and feet sticking out. She began to rise like a helium balloon, still growing as she did so. By now she must have been over fifty or sixty feet in width and probably looked like some great weather balloon from a distance. I couldn't believe the spectacular sight before my eyes and wondered how she could hold it all in and still keep swelling bigger and bigger. The elasticity formula must have worked well because she as though she might never stop....hopefully.

Bigger and bigger Stefi grew as the pressure filled her immense body. Her head was now a tiny speck on the huge mass of her swelling body and I could see her little hands and feet wiggle as she continued to grow larger and larger. The hissing noise of her expansion had become loud and I could hear it resonating from within her as she grew. From what I could tell, she must have been approaching a hundred feet or more and didn't look like she was giving up. She had exceeded the size of the blimp long ago and I worried whether she could hold it all in.

Far from above I heard her shout, "I''LL BE BIGGER THAN THE WORLD!!" I didn't doubt that either. She was still inflating and had begun to eclipse the sun over my yard with her massive body which was quickly covering the block.

It was just then that I noticed the stork flying overhead....

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