Inflated Revenge

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Kelly pays the price after she accidentally runs over a mysterious woman's cat.

The day seemed to be a normal one. Nothing bad happened. Nothing out of the ordinary. Same old, same old.

That was the thought going through the head of this young vixen by the name of Kelly. She was a cute, young girl, somewhere around 17-18. She had short blond hair down to her shoulders, her breasts were around the B to C range, and she had a cute rear end that any guy would want. Kelly wore a black blouse, blue-jean like shorts going down to her knees, and although you really couldn’t see it, wintergreen underwear.

At this point, Kelly was driving in her car; not really a fancy car, but a nice one either way. She had just gotten her license a few months ago, so she did her best to stay safe. “Such a great day. No rain clouds or anything” she said as she looked up at the sky, her hair blowing in the wind. “Uh oh. Better pay attention. If I hit something, I’ll never forgive myself.” Unfortunately for Kelly, something jumped in front of her car. She tried to get out of the way to avoid running it over, but it was no use.


She stopped the car on the side of the street as soon as she could and took a look at what it was she hit. It looked to be some sort of animal. Upon further inspection, it was a black cat. A person, a woman in complete shock, ran out to the body of the cat. She nudged it a bit to see if it was still alive, but no doubt it was pointless. Kelly ran up to the person, who she figured out was the cat’s owner. The owner turned to Kelly with her lip quivering.

“I don’t know what to say! He just jumped out from nowhere! I tried to stop, but I couldn’t! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!!!” Kelly yelled with tears starting to form from both her and the woman’s eyes. The cat’s owner looked to be somewhere in her early to mid 30’s, dirty brown hair, and wore some sort of black headband.

“If there’s anything…” she took a step towards the woman, who just backed away with her dead cat in her hands and a look of both fear and anger in her eyes. “I just…” she backed away again. “Please understand that…” she backed all the way to her house, which looked pretty gloomy and could have used a touch of new paint.

Kelly waited to see if the woman was going to come back out, but she did not. So, Kelly went back to her car. Once she had her hand on the door handle, she heard a female voice behind her. “Excuse me.” it said, but once Kelly turned around, she was met by some sort of green powder in her face. The next thing she knew, she passed out.

When she awoke, she was in some sort of room. It was  a dim lit room that was padded, which reminded her of those insane asylums she saw in a few movies. Kelly looked around to see a giant see through Plexiglas wall that revealed a similar room on the other side. There was a door behind her, so Kelly ran to it. “Locked. Why am I not surprised?” she said. On the other side of the Plexiglas, she saw someone come in. It happened to be the woman from before.

“What…What is this place?” she asked

“I don’t think you should worry about that Kelly.” was the woman’s reply.

“You know my…my name?”

“Of course, just like I know you ran over my pet cat.”

“But I didn’t mean to do it…”

“But you still did it. I’m afraid I can’t allow you to get away with that.” Kelly did not like the sound of that. The mysterious woman spoke again; “Its time to punish you by torturing you. Let‘s just say you won‘t be the same after this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me ask you something Kelly. Do you believe in curses?” That question ran through Kelly’s mind and it baffled her. “I know your thinking I’m crazy…and you would be right…however, you should know something. I placed a curse on you when you were asleep. A balloon curse.”

Now Kelly was sure this woman had lost it. “You're joking, right?”

“Perhaps I should explain it to you first. I start by putting you under a spell. Then, I use the same spell on this balloon.” the woman spoke as she pulled out a large deflated black balloon.” Now, just watch.”

The woman blew into the balloon. However, nothing happened. Kelly looked carefully to see if it was going to inflate, but it stayed the same. Did it have a hole in it? The woman blew into it again, but still nothing. Kelly however started to feel weird. The woman blew into the balloon again and Kelly looked down and was shocked at what she saw. Her breast had grown! The woman blew again, and Kelly’s breasts jumped up a cup size.

“You see” the woman said as she blew into the balloon again, “when under my balloon curse,” she saw the poor girl’s breast grow again, “All I have to do is blow into this balloon, think about a certain part of your body, and instead of the air going into this balloon, it goes into that body part!” she took another breath in her hands and Kelly’s breasts grew another few inches.

The woman did this a couple more times and then stopped for a second. Kelly looked at her now gigantic breasts, as they were at least at the DD mark, if not bigger and were straining the top of her blouse and were constricted in her bra. She gave them a slight poke and they felt slightly taut. “Why would you do this to me?“ was all Kelly could ask, though not really sounding worried. In fact, she seemed kind of pleased with her larger bust.

“Don’t get too happy. It’ll get worse from here.”

That’s when the woman blew into the balloon again. However, Kelly felt the air in a different area. This time, it was in her rear. She felt it ballooning up as the strange woman blew into the balloon, which meant she was blowing air into Kelly. She saw her rear end started growing, straining her already tight shorts. Then, her thighs started to grow bigger and fatter. Her flat stomach had begun to strain her blouse in a similar fashion as her breasts. She even heard a faint inflating sound this time. However, the 30 something woman began to run out of breath and had to stop.

“OK, I’ll stop here.” she wheezed out.

“Oooh.” Kelly moaned as she rubbed her larger belly. She looked at herself again. Kelly’s thighs looked slightly bloated, her rear was about to tear her jean-shorts, and she looked like she was 6 months pregnant. “We’ll, there’s no way you can keep this up forever…You can’t keep blowing into that balloon nonstop.” she panted out.

“Maybe I can’t, but I won’t have to. I was only getting it started. This will help you get much larger faster.” the woman walked to a corner. Kelly whimpered and rubbed her body again. It felt more taut than before, and she wondered how much more she could grow. Though at this point, Kelly seemed to figure out that it wouldn’t matter to the woman.

The woman wheeled out what was in the corner. “Oh noooooooo…”Kelly groaned at what it was: A air tank. “Oh yes” the woman said as she smiled a evil grin. She placed the balloon on the nozzle and turned it slightly. The balloon remained deflated. The same could not be said for Kelly. She began to grow again as the woman laughed at her bloated body. Kelly felt her breasts surge out, her thighs ballooned out, and her stomach started to peek out from her blouse, now looking she was 5 months pregnant with twins. Her blouse was strained so much, it finally met it limits…


One of the buttons popped off of the bottom.


Another one at the top.


Three more, with only one more keeping it together…


Nevermind…Kelly’s blouse was completely ripped open, revealing her growing belly, which was the largest thing on her, like a pregnant woman one month overdue twins. She could see her wintergreen bra was straining to keep her breasts inside. The woman decided to turn the handle a bit more, which only made Kelly grow more.

“Stop…Please…”Kelly pleaded to the woman. “The pressure is getting worse” She finally decided to try the door again. Kelly waddled to the cell door, but no use. She then tried to see if she could break the Plexiglas, getting bigger with each step. The glass was too sturdy. She tried to break it with her shoe, but could not even get it off as her stomach was too large and got in the way.

“It isn’t so hard dear. Watch” the woman reached out to the Plexiglas and her hand seemingly went through it as if there was nothing there. “Why do you want to leave so badly? Do we have a tummy ache?” the woman giggled as she rubbed poor Kelly’s tight stomach, now as big as a woman 7 months pregnant with triplets and still growing.

Kelly’s shorts were straining to keep her ass inside. Finally, she heard a loud ripping noise and her shorts ripped open. Then, the button popped off and the remains fell onto the floor. Her ass cheeks were now the size of soccer balls. Kelly was now in her underwear, which strained on her ballooning form. At this point, even her arms started to bubble up. Kelly rubbed her belly, which was growing tighter by the second and looked 8 months pregnant with quints “Please turn the tank off. My belly is so tight and my ass is too round.”

It soon got to the point that her bra could not take anymore and…SNAP! The clasp broke off and her 101 inch breasts were free to grow. “Help me! I‘m getting too full! I feel like I‘ll burst if this keeps up!” she screamed.

“Now you get the picture. I’ll help you alright” was the reply. With that, she turned the knob even higher.

“No…no…no…ooooooooooohhhhhh!” Kelly moaned as she grew even faster. Her ass cheeks had grown to the size of beach balls, now her arms and legs began to change shape as they sunk into her belly, which was the largest thing on Kelly, now looking no more than a giant bouncy ball, or rather, a balloon. Her breasts were as big as monster truck tires, but they gradually started to shrink to Kelly’s confusion. Then, she figured out her belly was so big, that her breasts were shrinking into it. They shrunk down as her stomach grew even bigger.

“Please…no more…hurry…before…I pop! Too…much air…Feels like…I going to explode any second…”was all Kelly could get out. She was just a big balloon now with two tiny hands and feet, green panties that seemed to hold on like magic, and a small head with blond hair sticking out as the crazy woman watched on. Kelly knew this was it. The pressure continued but her extremely taut body could not grow anymore, as she heard the hissing sound grow lower and a low straining stretching sound grow louder. Her watcher reached out her hand again and felt her stomach. It did not budge a inch. The woman let out another evil laugh.

“You shouldn’t have killed my kitty. It was really a shame I had to make you inflate until you burst. You really are a pretty girl. Well, don’t worry, it’ll all be over in about…I’d say 15 more seconds. Farewell!” she said and started to count backwards, the stretching sound getting louder.


“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!!” was all Kelly could get out before…

BOOM! She exploded, never to be heard from again. The remains of her clothing and pieces of what use to be Kelly was all that was left

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