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I always seemed to have my most...interesting times when wearing my stretchy floral swimsuit. On another brilliantly sunny and most scrumptiously warm day, I was sunbathing out on my folks' back deck. It was rather late in the afternoon, and as I got up, I heard the mail truck approaching the house. Our mailman who was a sweet, older guy. I hadn't seen him in a few years, nor had he seen me. Leaning against our deck's fence, I decided to give him an eye full.

The truck stopped before the house and I waved to the man as he stepped from his vehicle. As he stopped and waved back, I smiled and breathed in deeply through my nose. Instantly I felt the skin of my breasts grow taut and my nipples fatten, pushing against the lining of the suit. The bathing suit top began to balloon out as my breasts started to expand. The mailman just stood there, not knowing what to think.

The garden hose was behind me and I picked it up as I gulped more air and my boobs pushed out further in the swim suit. Turning the water on, I put the hose in my mouth and the cool water joined with the air rushing in. My nipples popped up even larger. The mailman stood there, mesmerized, as my bulging bust not only ballooned out bigger and bigger but also hung suddenly heavy with the weight of the water. I let my breasts balloon until the swimsuit filled with my plumpened bosoms, then I dropped the hose. Still smiling, I walked across the lawn, my huge breasts bouncing and swaying from side to side. I stepped up to the mailman, nudging him with my big boobs.

"Hi! Remember me?" I asked.

"Uh, yes. But you were very little," he responded, eyes glued to my huge top, which swayed as I shifted my weight from foot to foot as if the grass was too hot.

"I've grown some," I giggled, my huge top heaving and bouncing.

He gave me the mail and got back in his truck, almost banging his head on the door frame. I waved, gigantic boobs quaking, as he drove away.

As I turned back to the house, almost being pulled sideways as my enormous breasts swayed, I noticed the fire department had left a fire hose hooked up to the fire hydrant near our neighbors driveway.

"Should I?" I deviously grinned, glancing at my already swollen bust.

What I did then is another story...

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