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It wasn't easy for a girl like me to find a suitable vehicle to drive about, especially in my condition that sometimes seemed to afflict me at the oddest moments. I needed a new car to tote my little balloon body around in. I needed something roomy and economical, partly so I would have money to continue buying my custom-made wardrobe.

One Saturday afternoon I slipped into a slinky yellow outfit and headed to the car dealerships that littered the town's major shopping district. My junky old rust bucket carted my big buttocks across town, where I found the first of the dealerships I wanted to investigate. The dealership was said to have the best prices and vehicles around. "Roomy and affordable," they claimed in their advertisements. I pulled into the dealership and parked.

Aa young rather handsome salesman said seeming to appear out of nowhere. "Good afternoon, young lady. I'm Mark. May I help you? Are you looking for something specific?" His gaze rested on the low cut front of my yellow outfit.

"I'm looking for something that will accommodate my, um...body," I told him directly. I always believed in being up-front with everyone--especially if my "up front" could expand at a moment's notice.

"How about this little number?" Mark smiled, all teeth, as he pointed out a little red Volkswagen. He opened the door and gestured me in to take a seat behind the wheel. I slipped in and squirmed my way into the seat, my yellow dress riding up a bit.

"Feels good?" he questioned watching me squirm and my breasts shimmy in the yellow top.

"Feels great. But will it hold me?" I smiled up at the cute guy.

"Will it hold you? It seems to hold you just fine," he said then he blinked and I giggled as his eyes locked onto my chest.

I sat back in the seat and inhaled deeply, feeling the warm afternoon air fill my lungs and push my chest upwards. The air wasn't only filling my lungs, though--and poor Mark could attest to that as he watched my bust swell up bigger, rounder, fatter than any girl's chest he had ever seen. I cranked the seat back as my inflating boobs touched the steering wheel.

"Gosh, the car sure does seem big enough," I said as the yellow dress filled out snug with my beachball-sized breasts. My nipples had popped up and were swelling against the taut fabric. "But what about my boobs? Are they big enough?" I added, awkwardly moving around so I was sitting just within the door frame of the car. My billowing ballooning breasts were rounding out gently nudging my lap.

I smiled cutely at the salesman as I inhaled deeply through my nose. My yellow top bulged out further and further. My fattening bosoms surpassed beachball status as they wedged me in the door frame and pushed out bigger. The yellow top stretched and stretched as two huge mounds of inflating bust line bulged up in the neck line of the dress. I giggled as the huge warm expanding breasts nudged my chin. I kissed both swelling globes, leaving lipstick marks on the pink upsurging flesh.

Finally I stopped the inflation and sat there. I was wedged in the door frame of the car with my huge boobs almost hiding my head. "What do you think?" I asked Mark the car salesman.

He stood there staring, mouth agape.

"You won't need air bags," he stammered.

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