Sorceress' Tools, The

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Lana walked into her spellworking closet. She called it a closet but it was more like a warehouse. Along with her was her cousin, Nania, who was 28, only a year younger than Lana.

"What's that?" asked Nania picking up a green crystal and instantly turning into a turtle.

"Stop That! You're going to kill yourself!" She turned Nania back to normal with a wave of her hand. "A lot of this stuff will do weird things to you if you play around with them. Take for example this scarf."

Lana tied the scarf around her neck and slowly started to fly up to the high celing. She kept rising till she bumped her head off the ceiling.

"Oww," she cried as she was smashed against the ceiling. "Now," she strained, "you slowly untie the scarf and..." She started to sink as she slowly untied the bow in the scarf.

"Oooo" cried Nania, "Where did you get that?"

"I got it from a shop in Timberdale," said Lana. "Now, Nania, lets get what we came for, Lion hair."

As they walked along the long, tall shelves riddled with bottles and papers and other magical devices, Lana read the lables out loud.

"Bear's leg, no, whole salamander, no, dragon blood, NO!!! definitely not, unicorn tears, no, there, Lion hair." Lana grabbed the small bag and started walking down the hallway towards door. Just then, Nania saw something silver and shiny. It was a beautiful pendant necklace sitting on top of a perfectly folded rubber something.

"What's this?" asked Nania.

"Nania! Stop dawdling or we'll never finish the lesson and..."
Lana suddenly saw what Nania was pointing at. She giggled and stared into space in remembrance.

"So what is it, what is it?" chanted Nania.

"Well, its something my husband gave me before he died in the war against the Thimanians" she said taking on a somber tone for a moment. She then said in a more happy voice, "That's an inflation pendant. It makes your body slowly blow up like a balloon. And it has an anti-explosion spell on it so you can never pop."

"Ok" said Nania, "but what's the suit for?"

"Well" said Lana, "it's a super stretchable spandisuit. It's so that if you don't want to inflate naked, you put this suit on and it will stretch as big as you. And since it stretches with magic, it doesn't get tight and restrict your breathing or anything."

"Oooooo. Let me put it on pleeeeeeeease."

"No" said Lana, "we still have to finish our lesson. You still need to learn how to make a..."

"Yea I know, a cure-all potion," exclaimed Nania. "Honestly! Its the most simple potion to make. Two parts mud, one part ogre sweat. Add lion hair and stir till it turns purple."

"Well...." said Lana considering, "Ok," she said smiling, "lets go out to the ballroom, it should be big enough to hold us!" They ran excitedly out of the closet, down the hall, threw open the ballroom door, and ran in.

"Oooooh, this is going to be such fun! I have always wanted to blow up like a giant balloon!!!" Nania exclaimed.

"Hmm... I guess it runs in the family" Lana mused. "Ok, first thing's first, I'll put on the suit..."

"Hey!!" Nania interrupted, "I want to go first!!"

"Nania! Be patient!" ordered Lana, "Besides, I have to show you how to do it... and.... it's my suit and pendant." Lana put on the silvery suit. It hugged her perfect curves loosely. "Now I'll just put on the pendant and say a few magic words. Persona Expandus A inflatus." Lana giggled as her pendant glowed blue. Her small, tight belly started to balloon outward slowly. It got bigger and bigger as other parts of her body started to inflate. Her breasts slowly doubled in size bumping up against he chin. The fits of ecstasy threw her off her feet as her arms and legs started to inflate large and cone-shaped. As her globe of a belly increased in size getting to 12 feet around she was lifted off the ground by her inflating back. She now resembled a large, silver ball with arms, legs, and a head on top. She moaned in pleasure as her cone-shaped limbs started to be enveloped in her massive, ball of a body untill just her hands, feet, and head stuck out. She rocked back and forth moaning loudly in ecstasy.

Finally when she was 20 feet around she moaned, "Ohhhhhh kay..... Naniahhh ahhhh ahhhhnia.... take... the pendant... oooooooooooooo oooooooooo awwwwwwwwwwwwffffff!!!!!!" Nania went over to her giant ball of a cousin and removed the glowing pendant from her neck. Just then Lana burped and the pressurized gas shot out of her mouth at such a rate that it made the balloon-girl spin on the shiny marble floor as she decreased in size.

"Ohhh!!!! That felt sooooo good!! Almost as good as any sex I've had."

"Ok, now it's my turn," Nania decreed as she threw on the suit and pendant. Just as Lana's bady had, Nania's body started to inflate.

"Ooooooooooo it feels like a dozen fairies are dancing around in my body!!" she moaned as her trim belly started to bulge. She too fell to the ground in sexual bliss moaning and yelling. Her breasts were getting bigger. Her belly was getting wider. Her arms too cone-like to move them. she was raised off the ground like her cousin by her bloating back. Her ball shaped body was getting very big first 15 feet around, then 30 feet around.

When she got to this size, Lana said, "Ok, Nania, time to stop."

"Noooooo... feels...... sooooohhh oooohhhh..... gooooooooooooooooooooooood. Dooooooooooont.... want..... toooo ooooo ooooo oooooo..... stawwwwwwwwwwwwwwp." Nania moaned

"Come on, Nania, if you donnt stop you'll burst throught the celing." said Lana with some force in her voice.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kaaay........Taaake.......theeeeee eeeeee eeeeeee......necklace awwwwwwwwwwwfffffff...... meeeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee........... ohhhhh god ohhhhhhh gawwwwwd...... this is.... sooooooooo ooooooo ooooo....... gooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Nania.

Lana went over to her screaming and moaning cousin and realized that her inflated flesh had swelled over the pendant. Lana reached inside the rim of skin over the pendant and felt its chain. She pulled, but it didn't budge.

"Oh noooo!" cried Lana, "Nania you've got too big to take the necklace off!"

Nania cried out, "ohhhhhhhh noooooooo........I...dooooooon't... want....toooo ooooo...... bust.....!!! Pleeeeeeease.... oh oh oh stopppp!!!! I'm..... getting.... toooo oooo.... big!!! Help! Help! .....ohhhhh... Lanaaaaaa Pleeeease help!!!!!!"

Lana got an idea. She strained and pushed at her massive cousin's inflated side. Slowly Nania was rolled over onto her giant round belly. Lana started to try to climb her cousin, but she was slippery in her silver spandisuit, and climbing her took so long to acomplish that now she was so big her round body almost touched the walls of the 35 foot wide ballroom.

" stawwwwwwwppp. I'm.... going.... to.... bust.... throoooo.... the...... house!!!" cried the bloating girl.

"Don't worry Nania, I have a plan" Lana cried as she slid down Nania's slippery, dome-like back towards her head.

"Ohhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh....pleeeeease.... hurrrrrrryyy!!!" exclaimed Nania. Lana's plan was right, she pulled down the flap of skin that inflated around the pendant and saw the latch. She had to hurry, though because Nania's big, ballooned body was almost touching the ceiling. And she had only one hand to undo the clasp because she had to hold down the flap of inflated skin around the latch. She reached out and put her hand around the clasp.

"Ohhhhhh..... god.....I'm...never.....goooooooing...toooo. stawwwwwwwwppp!" Nania yelped.

Lana reached her thumb over to the latch and pressed down just as Nania's inflated body reached the high ceiling. The pendant shot off her neck and she stopped inflating.

"Now.....just..... burp," her smashed cousin strained. Nania felt a giant burp building. She opened her mouth and out came a belch that shook the whole castle. Her massive ball of a body started decreasing in size. As Lana gripped Nania's back she rolled over onto her side and started spinning wildly round and round just like Lana had. Lana, holding tight, spun around with her. When all the extra air was all out of Nania, the two dizzy girls stood up.

Nania managed to get out, "Woohh... I never want to do that ever again until tomorrow."

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