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The woman shoved open the side door of the plane, the sputtering engine spewing a trail of smoke into her face. Coughing, she leapt out, falling into the skies as her craft listed away from her towards the ground. Reaching to the strap on her shoulder, she yanked on her parachute's cord.


Reaching down, she took hold of the emergency cord and gave it a sharp tug.

Still nothing.

Fear gripped her as she pulled desperately at the cords, the wind whipping past her. She was high up, but all that meant was there was more time before she met her fate. With no other options, she spread her limbs to slow her fall, took a deep breath... and kept taking it.

Her torso puffed out, going from slim to barrel-shaped in an instant as her form strained against the buckles. The straps creaked under the growing pressure, her body bulging further and further before they gave out entirely. As the useless parachute was pulled off into the blue her body surged outward, gaining a few more inches all around. She leaned downward as she fell, the rush of air down her throat complimenting her inhalation.

As the ground grew closer she grew larger and more desperate to avoid her fate. Her flight suit began pressing against her belly, then her sides, then her ass, arms and legs; it wasn't until she felt it constraining her keeping her from inflating that she looked at herself to see what the trouble was and saw how large she had gotten: Three feet around, with conical arms wider than her waist was normally.

Sucking down air, she flexed her arms and legs as best she could, squeezing it into the rest of her body. She felt a series of pops throughout the suit and redoubled her efforts, pulling in more air. The overtaxed seams gave out soon after, ripping apart and exposing her smooth, pale skin.

Finally unconstrained, the woman resumed her desperate efforts, ballooning at an incredible pace. The flight suit was torn to shreds as inches were added to her spherical waistline in seconds, her arms and legs pulled into her as she grew until her hands and feet were indented into her sides, the remains of her flight suit still dangling from them. Her mind lost to anything but panic, she edged ever larger, hoping that even a few more inches might save her from her fate.

As the ground came upon her she took one last gulp of air, squeezing her eyes shut in preparation for the inevitable. Knuckles white from tension, she landed belly-first on the field.


...then gently bounced off the ground, floating into the air a few feet before coming back down. Rolled along by the breeze she eventually came to rest, head-up, against a small grass-covered hill.

The woman slowly opened one eye before looking around in surprise, the pleasant tension of her skin and the sun's warmth on her body reminding her that yes, she made it.


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