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Once upon a time in a Kingdom far away lived a pretty little girl called Cinderswella. She was brought up in a happy little house with her mother and father. But one day when she was still very young her mother became ill and died. Cinderswella wondered if she would ever be happy again. When her father found someone new, she thought her dreams had been answered.

But little did she know. As soon as the marriage was signed and sealed her stepmother took a dislike to Cinderswella, and began to boss her around. The stepmother gave Cinderswella chores, which took her from the first crack of dawn, til after the sunset. Sweeping, washing, ironing, dusting, collecting firewood, cooking. She began to comfort eat, to make herself feel better. Luckily she was a good cook, so chocolate cake after cream cake followed by sticky toffee pudding. Soon she was growing quite plump.

Her step sisters were also very demanding of her, if they were going out Cinderswella had to do their hair and make up. She had to tidy their rooms, do their homework everything and anything. Cinderswella was so stressed. And she wasn't the only one, her father was taken to his sick bed. He couldn't cope with all the tension between the women in his life. He was having doubts about his love, but he had no one to turn to for help.

A few years on and Cinderswella was now a young woman, by now her father was very frail, her step sisters and stepmother relied on Cinderswella to do all the housework and all their work. The comfort eating had taken it's toll on Cinderswella and she was now very plump, with a rounded belly, despite her size she still had a pretty face.

One day her stepmother rushed in with news that the King was holding a ball, to help The Prince pick a wife. All the single women from the Kingdom had been invited. The stepsisters jumped up and down wildly already planning what they would wear. Cinderswella looked on, wishing she could go as well. One of the sisters saw her watching.

“What are you doing Cinderswella, you can't come!”

“No you're too fat, the Prince doesn't like fatties”

With that the step sisters burst into laughter and pointed at their bellies, sticking them out. The Stepmother laughed too. “You'd never get a dress to fit your fat body”

A few weeks later Cinderswella was getting her step sisters ready for the ball, she put their hair in rollers, did their make up. Next it was time to get them in their dresses. Cinders struggled with the corsets, they kept wanted the laces to be pulled more.

“Pull tighter, tighter don't be stupid I want to be thinner”

“It wont go much tighter” said Cinders “If I pull it much tighter you wont be able to breath”

“I don't care” Said the sister “Just pull it in as much as it can go, the Prince would never pick a fat bride”

Soon the sisters were both dolled up, their colourful clothes and make-up could only hide so much, and still their personalities would put most normal people off. After their coach drove off Cinders went into her back garden and sat down and started to weep.

She had been crying for some time and didn't notice a little bubble floating in the air, the bubble grew in size and when Cinders looked up she saw a fairy inside it. Confused she wiped the tears from her face. “Who are you?”

“Cinderswella, don't you know I'm you're fairy Godmother, I come to you in times of need.”

“If that's true” asked Cinders “Then where have you been all my life?”

“Ah” said the fairy godmother embarrassed “I guess it's time I did some making up”

The bubble grew a bit larger so Cinderswella was able to see the fairy better.

“So Cinderswella why are you so sad today?” Asked the fairy godmother.

“The Prince is having a ball today, to find a wife, but I can't go”

“Why can't you go?”

“I have nothing to wear, I don't have a way to get there”

“I see”

“And what's more” Said Cinders as tears welled in her eyes “I'm too fat!”

“I see” said the fairy Godmother.

The fairy godmother took out a balloon from her pocket and Cinders looked on confused. The fairy godmother began to blow up the balloon and Cinders watched it swell up to the size of her head. The fairy then tied a knot in the balloon and took out her wand. With one quick wave the balloon began to swell up even more, turning from rubber to some much stronger looking white fabric. Soon a basket formed underneath and the hot air balloon hung high in the air. Cinderswella looked on amazed, too shocked to speak.

The fairy godmother again went into her pocket and brought out some rags. “and I believe you need something to wear as well?”

“I can't wear that” Said Cinderswella “It's just old rags”

“Watch!” said the fairy godmother, she held the rags and waved the wand and soon they changed into a beautiful white ball gown which sparked in the light. Cinderswella smiled amazed But then a frown came upon her face.

“I can't wear that” said Cinderswella disappointed “It will never fit, I'm far too big for it”

“I still have one piece of magic left to work” smiled the fairy godmother. “Though this bit of magic is quite danger..”

“Will you make the dress bigger?” Interrupted Cinderswella.

“No” Said the fairy “I'm going to make you smaller”

“Really?” said Cinderswella excitedly “Please do it now!”

With that the fairy waved the wand and like a balloon losing all its air Cinderswella began to deflate. Her plump belly vanished away to a flat stomach. Her hips narrowed, her bottom got smaller and her thighs shrunk down. Cinderswella looked at herself amazed at how her clothes hung off her. She was now very thin, but with curves in all the right places. She quickly grabbed the ball gown and put it on.

The fairy godmother looked over Cinderswella, a worried look formed on her face.
“Cinderswella, my magic can't last forever. You must come back by the stroke of midnight, otherwise it wont work”

“What will happen” Asked Cinders only half listening as she put her hair up.

“Well the hot air balloon, will turn into a normal balloon again. The dress will just be rags”

“and what about me, will I stay like this”

“If you stay at the ball anytime after midnight. Lets just say flesh is more volatile than rags and rubber. You will become fat again, but not like before, because of the magic it will be 10 fold. You must leave before midnight.”

Soon Cinderswella climbed into the hot air balloon and began to float away to the ball. She only half listened to what the fairy godmother had said, be back by midnight, how mean. This was her chance to have fun. She saw the sparkling palace in the distance and began to bring the balloon down. Some coach men helped her get out and tether the balloon. They were pleasantly surprised to see such a beautiful lady stepping out.

In the ballroom a tirade of tarty women followed the prince wherever he went. Ample bosoms holstered up by over tight corsets, make up applied by a shovel to hide every flaw. Elaborate hair styles and talons for nails. Amongst the ravel her step sisters hustled for the Prince's approval. Cinderswella looked on bemused. She looked better than she ever had, but she couldn't compete with that circus. She breathed slowly as she tried to work up the courage to go in. And then the Prince looked up and saw her stood there like an angel. Their eyes locked for a moment. He began to push the other women away to get to his angel. As he stepped right up to her his eyes took her in. Her beauty.

“Angel” He spoke in a deep husky voice “I believe this next dance is yours?”

He took her hand and lead her down the steps. The other women looked on jealously, they couldn't compete with her gentle, beautiful looks and slim body. She hugged him tightly as they span around, she never felt this good before, this close to someone.

The rest of the night span around them, but they didn't care. It was only them in the room and they held on tight. But then suddenly came between them and began to push her prince away from her. It was her belly! She stepped back shocked, listening to the sound of the clock chiming 12 as her corset began to strain. The Prince looked on bemused, he didn't know what was happening. People looked on as the sound of straining threads began to echo through the room. Cinderswella made a run for the staircase losing her slipper as she went.

“Stop” said the Prince “I don't even know your name” He bent down and picked up her slipper. It was too late, she'd gone. He sat down solemnly holding the slipper as the circus commenced.

The Princess ran down an alleyway and tugged at her corset. She needn't have worried as it began turning back into rags. Her belly had now found space to expand into and soon she began to plump up, almost back to her old figure. Her thighs swelled up like balloons in the heat. She pushed down at her belly, trying to make it stop.

As some people walked past the alley she ran further down, hiding in the shadows. She was back to her old figure and was still swelling up bigger and bigger, her belly now looked like she was pregnant. Her bossoms swelled up before her eyes. Even the rags began to quiver under the strain of her size. Ripping fabric screeched along the alleyway. Her bottom stretched out ripping at the fabric and enjoying the fresh air.

“Stop” Screeched Cinderswella “I don't want to get any bigger”

She pressed down at her stomach feeling it expand beneath her fingers, it was now a considerable size like a balloon was being blown up in her belly. She didn't actually feel like she was getting heavier, she actually felt like it was air filling her up.

“10 fold” She whispered to herself “I'm going to blow up 10 times bigger”

With that her belly swept forward with extra gusto. Almost knocking her from her feet. The rags clung to dear life as she rounded out like a human ball. She was now unable to reach to her belly, it was so far in front of her. But still she got bigger.

As the rags were held up by literally a few threads the swelling stopped. Cinderswella relieved a sigh of release. The sigh was too much for the rags and they popped off and fell to the floor. Embarrassed Cinderswella made her way home.

At home she wrapped herself in a large blanket and began to sob. Her father came down and tried to comfort her as she told the story. In walked the Stepmother, she took a moment to take in Cinders new size.

“Over did it on the cakes again?” she chortled. She was interrupted as the two step sisters walked in. They looked over at Cinders bloated body, but were too absorbed in their own dramas to care.

“So” said the Stepmother “Which one of you will it be?”

“Neither” they both said solemnly.

“Neither” chorused the stepmother angrily “Neither of my beautiful daughters shall win the Prince's hand in marriage? Does he not know how much your dresses cost, how we dieted you, how we spent hours doing your hair and make up. Does he not know?”

“We couldn't help it mother” said the one step sister “we were getting on great, when this woman came. Beautiful and thin, she waltzed in and stole his heart”

“Yes” said the other sister “As soon as he saw her, he couldn't keep his eyes off her. They danced all night. But then at midnight she got gas and had to leave”

“Some said her belly seemed to swell up like a balloon” said the first sister “But the prince didn't notice or care, he just wanted her back”

The stepmother comforted her daughters. Cinderswella went to bed. It was a snug fit with her new enlarged figure. She wept as she fell to sleep. The next morning she woke early and made herself an outfit from her bedsheets. It was the only thing that would fit her. She then started on the house working, cooking, cleaning, sweeping. She had to find out a way to slim back down.

It was sometime in the afternoon that she heard voices in the living room. She poked her head around the door, and couldn't believe it as she saw the Prince was there, holding her slipper.

He explained to them how he wanted every girl in the kingdom to try the slipper on, just so he could find his angel. Eagerly the step sisters tried on the slipper. It was too big for one, too small for the other. Cinderswella felt the Princes's gaze on herself and she blushed, embarrassed he had seen her like that. The stepmother saw him looking at her.

“Oh her” She said “Ignore her, she's way too fat, she can't be your angel”

“No” said the Prince “I want every girl to try on the slipper and that includes her.”

Cinderswella opened the door fully and the Prince was able to see the true extent of her swelling. All eyes gazed at her round body as she waddled into the room, trying not to make eye contact. The Prince still couldn't take his eyes off her.

Cinderswella sat down into the armchair, as much she could with her enlarged bottom. The Prince knealed before her, holding the slipped. She slipped her still dainty foot into the slipper. It fit like a glove. Smiling the Prince kissed her on the lips. The whole room gasped, as her body again began to shrink. The Prince grabbed at her, holding as much as he could for as long as he could. Cinderswella deflated back down and his arms were able to fit around her body. He released her to take in the new figure and kissed again more firmly. The stepmother and sisters looked on jealously.

“Angel” he whispered “please tell me your real name”

“Cinderswella” said Cinders blushing

“Cinderswella, will you be my wife?”

“Yes” She said kissing him back.

Soon the Prince and Cinderswella were married. Cinders helped her Dad get a divorce and he came to live in the castle, regaining his health. The stepmother and her daughters moved away in shame. The Prince got a chef in especially to make cake for Cinder, for he secretly liked larger women. They lived happily ever after.

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