Anna and Tyler

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Anna was lying back on the sofa, flipping through channels when her phone rang. “Hello?” she said into the phone. “Hi Anna!” The high, excited voice of her friend Tyler. “What's up?”

Anna gave a sigh, “Nothing really. Just bored.”

“Well I got something interesting I think you'll like. I'll be over in a bit!” Tyler hung up with a click and Anna lay back again, idly wondering what Tyler had dug up this time. She had a knack for finding weird things, and most of the time they were pretty interesting, if from a odd point of view, like the time she found the windup boxing nun with companion windup boxing devil. She could never predict what she would find, but it was always good for a few laughs, and it was better just sitting here watching TV.


In a few minutes, Tyler arrived. Anna looked up and smiled. “So, what'd you find this time around?” She plopped down on the sofa and grinned. Could be nothing, but It could be something really interesting. “Well, what is it? Or are you just going to make hinting statements all day?” She reached into her purse and pulled out two small packets. Actually, four, the individual packets were actually two stuck together. Anna looked at them for a minute then looked up. “Is that it? What's it do?” “Ahh, that's the cool thing. It's a kind of practical joke powder.” “Well, kinda. It's it's a old powder, it's supposed to make you burp. You mix it up in someone's drink, and they start burping.”

Anna raised a eyebrow and smiled. “Well, that's certainly unusual. Does it work?”

“Not sure, haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Want to give it a go?”

“Hehe, sure, why not? Could be fun. What do we do?”

“No problem,” Tyler said. She went off to the kitchen and returned with four glasses of water. “Ok, lets see...According to the back...” Tyler read down the list of directions. “Pour one packet in each glass. You drink the green one first, and then when you want to start, drink the red. Seems simple enough...”

Anna shrugged, and tore open the packets. The water quickly turned dark green in one glass and a light red in the other, but seemed normal enough. “Hope this tastes good...” Anna said. “You know I can't stand stuff that tastes lousy.”

“Just drink. It'll be fine.” Tyler lifted the glass, and after a quick sniff, swallowed the liquid. “Hmm..Tastes alright...not wonderful, but not to bad.”

Anna lifted the glass and with a shrug drank it. “Weird taste...” she said. It had a almost chalky taste, with a bit of fake cherry flavoring. “Now what?”

Tyler read off the back of the packet, “After drinking the part one, wait five minutes, and then drink part two. Seems simple enough.”

“Ok...” Anna poked her belly, and sat back. “Feels a bit odd. Like it's gurgling or something.”

“Same here, must be the stuff working a little bit.” Tyler sat next to her and lay back. “Just wait a bit, then we'll see how well that stuff works.


Five minutes later, Anna was poking her belly more frequently. “It really seems to be doing something. I feel...Dunno, full or something.”

“Well, drink up! Let's see what happens.” Tyler tipped back her glass as Anna did the same.

“Blarg...that one didn't taste good at all.”

“No kidding,” Tyler said, with a grimace on her face. “Well, should start working any minute now...”

The two of them sat back, waiting for something to happen. After a little bit, Anna put her hands over her belly, and sighed. “Nothing...Don't feel much of anything...wait...” She rested her hands on her belly gently, and said, “I think I feel something. A kinda...fizzing maybe.” Tyler put her hand on Anna's belly and grinned. “Yep! I feel it.” She ducked her head down and put her ear on Anna's belly, and laughed. “I can hear it too! Fizzing like no tomorrow. I think I can feel it too!” Tyler pushed her belly and grinned at the slight fizzing sensation.

“Well, It works, I guess.” Anna said. “Now what?”

“Well, I guess you just burp...I don't feel any though.”

“Me either...Just feels full you know?”

Anna looked down at her belly, and her eyes widened as she saw it slightly bigger than it was before. “Tyler! Look! I'm fat!”

Tyler looked at Anna's belly and back at her own. “Ohh, mine too...this feels so weird...We're getting bigger!”

Anna's shirt was starting to be pushed up by her belly, slowly growing outwards as it pushed against her pants and poked out. “I look pregnant! Somethings wrong with this stuff, what's the package say?”

Tyler stood up a bit awkwardly, her belly was now sticking out in front of her, it looked as though she had swallowed a basketball, and Anna could hear the fizzing, from Tyler's belly and her own. “I don't know...Ohh, this feels so weird...” Tyler started reading the back of the package, but shook her head. “Nothing! Just the directions, no how to stop it, nothing like that. We'll just have to wait...We'll be alright...I hope...” Tyler's statement of hope was cut short by the button on her pants finally giving up, and popping off of her, and her belly pushing her pants open. Anna could see Tyler's belly growing, swelling out slowly, as was her own. Anna quickly unbuttoned her pants, and felt a bit of relief as some of the pressure was released.

“We can't just wait!” Anna said. “How big could we get?” Anna ran a hand over her belly and her fear was suddenly overridden by another sensation, which made her blush and put her hands at her sides.

“It feels so strange.” Tyler said. “It doesn't hurt really...just feels full and um...” Tyler blushed as well and looked away. “We just need to'll stop soon, it has to.”

Anna looked down at her belly. It was still gurgling, with no signs of slowing. If anything, It was still going faster. She could see it slowly moving upwards, slowly pushing forwards, blocking off her legs, and pushing down her pants while lifting her shirt. She felt another sensation as well, this one was different. It seemed like she was being pulled upwards ever so slightly. It reminded her of a trip that her and Tyler had taken to a circus. She had won a huge bunch of balloons, and her arm was stretched upwards the whole day. It felt like that, but that was just ridiculous. She pushed on her belly again, and bit her lip to keep from making any noise. “Umm...Tyler...Something else is happening.”

Tyler tore her eyes away from her own belly and looked at Anna. “What's wrong? Besides you looking like you're nine months pregnant, that is.”

Anna cracked a small smile. It was just like Tyler, always trying to keep upbeat and funny. “No, not that...I feel...This is going to sound silly...I feel like I'm being pulled up. I think this stuff we're filling with is weird stuff.”

Tyler got to her feet a bit unsteadily. “I feel that too. I'll be right back.” She walked off as best as she could, and Anna sat on the couch, wondering when it would stop.


After a few minutes, Tyler walked back into the room, carrying Anna's scale. “Ok, simple...We see how much we weigh.” With that, she got on the scale, and looked over at Anna in embarrassment. “Um, I can't see the dial...Would you mind?” Anna grinned, and bent over the scale. “98 pounds. That's less than normal, right?” Anna stood up, but her friend's new shape interfered with that, and she hit Tyler's belly with her head. There was a sound like someone hitting a balloon or a beachball, and a gasp from Tyler. “Tyler! I'm sorry, are you alright? Are you hurt?” Tyler took a few steps back and sat on the couch, her eyes closed, taking deep breaths and blushing deeply.

“Um...No.” Tyler took another deep breath. “It didn't hurt, I'm fine. It good.” Tyler looked away from Anna and gave a week grin. “Dunno why, but it felt really nice.” She shook her head, a bit and then nodded, “Yah though, last time I checked, I was 120. These things must be lifting us up somehow.” Anna cradled her huge belly in her hands. It was almost the size of a beachball, and still growing. Anna felt the little tingles of pleasure whenever she touched her belly. “I'm so big...I won't be able to fit through doors soon.” She plopped back onto the couch, but she could feel herself falling slower, not by much, but slower definitely.


As she watched, her belly grew larger, swelling like a balloon. “Was that what she was now?” Anna thought. “A big balloon, floating up and away, getting bigger and bigger until she...No!” Anna shook her head to clear that thought, and quickly got to her feet. As she did, her feet left the ground for a moment, and then settled. “We have to do something Tyler! We can't just sit here getting bigger and bigger, like two balloons!”

“What can we do though? Look at us!” Tyler got to her feet more slowly than Anna and put her hands around as much of her belly as she could. “I can't fit though the door anymore! This thing must be at least three or four feet wide, and if we go outside, we could float away! We need to stay here, where it's safe. It'll stop...It has to!” The last words were said with a hint of panic, and Anna realized that Tyler was just as scared as she was. She had probably had the same image that Anna had, of them getting bigger and bigger until they simply couldn't grow anymore and then...

“Oh Tyler, I'm sorry...Don't worry, We'll get out of this.” Anna gave Tyler a hug, or as much as she could when her belly was sticking out a good three feet in front of her. “I just feel so strange, so light, you know?” Tyler gave a little jump in the air and she almost hit her head on the celling as she fell back down gently. “And not to mention...well, how it feels.”

Anna nodded, trailing a and over her massive belly absentmindedly. She couldn't even touch her belly button now, and she could feel her skin stretching as it swelled larger. Anna sat back down, but this time, her body didn't seem to want to fall. It slowly drifted downwards, until she was sitting on the floor, her massive belly, a huge pale dome, more than four feet across resting in front of her. Although resting wasn't the right word. It was lifting her up, she could feel her butt only gently touching the ground, and could feel how light she was. “Tyler, I think I'm going to start floating soon!”

Tyler gave a nervous cough. “Um..I think I am already.” Anna spun around as fast as she could, and Tyler was hovering a few inches off the ground, with a frighted look on her face. “There's another thing...I think I'm almost full.”

“Full? What do you mean?”

“Just belly,” Tyler gave it a tap and a noise like a huge drum came from her. “I don't know how much more I can take. It's starting to, well, hurt a little.”

Anna gave her belly a squeeze and where as before she could squeeze it like a balloon, now, her belly barely moved, and she could feel a slight bit of pain from the pressure of her squeezing. She could still hear the fizzing in her belly, and the pressure was starting to rise. As her butt left the ground, the first pangs of real fear began to enter her head and she looked over at Tyler. Her belly was starting to show some faint red stretch marks across it, and her head was touching the celling. Anna looked at her own belly, and a faint red mark was showing up before her eyes. She knew that the pressure was still rising and if it didn't stop soon then...pop. She looked down at the floor, a few feet under her, and looked at Tyler. “I can't last much longer,” she groaned. Angry red stretch marks were crossing her massive belly as well as Tyler's. She could feel the tightness and the pain rising as her belly fizzed, never stopping or slowing, or giving any sign that it would stop.

“I...I think this is it Tyler.” Her belly was drum tight, she couldn't even indent the massive dome with her fingers and red marks were all over. Tyler had her eyes closed and just nodded, waiting for the inevitable. Anna's eyes widened as her belly began to make slight creaking noises and she shut them tightly, not wanting to see what was going to happen. The creaking began to get louder, and with one long creak, there was a incredibly loud “Bang!”

Anna let out a scream, but it was cut shout by her still looking up at the celling. She looked over at Tyler, who had also screamed, and was now painting, looking at her own belly.

“What happened?” Anna said, looking at her belly in fear.

“I...I don't know. But I think it stopped...” Tyler put a hand over her belly, and nodded. “I don't feel any more fizzing.” Anna looked at Tyler's belly and gasped. “You bellybutton! It's out!” Tyler tried to feel her bellybutton, but couldn't reach it by a few feet. “I can't tell. Yours is too though! It went from a innie to a outie!”

Anna sighed. “That must have been what the bang was. We're alright.”

“Alright? We're freaks! Look at us, we look like we swallowed a hot air balloon!”

“Don't worry. The air'll escape somehow, we just have to wait.”

Tyler shrugged as best as she could while floating in the air. “Well, I'll just get comfortable then. Too bad the couch isn't on the celling.”

Anna gave a weak laugh, and tried to get comfortable.


A few days later, Anna was sitting on her couch again. The air had left her body a few hours after she almost popped, and she still had some slight red marks on her belly from it. It was a strange experience, and her mind kept drifting back to it. Not the popping, but before that, how it felt when she was that big. So light on her feet, how good it felt to touch her huge belly. There was a knock on her door and Anna shouted that it was open. Tyler walked in, with a strange look on her face. “Hey Anna, how are you doing?”

“Alright, heh, now that I'm not in constant fear of pins.”

Tyler laughed and sat back on the couch. “That did feel kinda good though...didn't it?”

Anna blushed and looked over at the box of powder. It was still on her table, she hadn't touched it since it happened. “ kinda did.”

“I was thinking...if we drank less of the powder, we wouldn't get as big, right?”

Anna looked over at her friend, and raised her eyebrow. “I suppose...”

“Well, lets try it! We'll make one glass, and we'll each drink half.”

Anna looked down at her belly, and the image of her almost floating, with the pleasure of her huge belly, trailing her fingers over it...

She shook her head and grinned at Tyler. “You get the glasses, I'll get the powder.”

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