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Lilly was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper when Kirsten came home, groaning as she entered.

"Hey Kirsten. Rough day at work?" Lilly asked. There were few things Lilly enjoyed more than a quiet, relaxing break from her day to read the paper. This of course meant that Kirsten would try to ruin it.

"Terrible," she replied. "My back is so stiff right now."

Kirsten stretched, extending her arms backward, lacing her fingers together and arching her back. She held the pose until she was sure Lilly had noticed.

Lilly frowned. Kirsten was more than amply endowed; she'd be more than a handful for several hands. Lilly, on the other hand, was not. To say that she was modestly endowed would be overstating the case. Not that it bothered her at all. She was quite satisfied with her body. She thought the popular emphasis on crude sexuality was rather silly and pointless. And that was what really annoyed Lilly; Kirsten was constantly flaunting her curves just to point out their size disparity.

Lilly didn't look up, but she could see Kirsten in her peripheral vision and knew full well what she was doing. "I'm the only other person here, Kirsten, and I'm not impressed by your 'look at my tits' pose."

Kirsten stuck her tongue out. "Come on, I know you're jealous."

"No, I'm not," Lilly replied sternly. "Just because you fill out your tops more than I do doesn't mean you're any better than I am."

"I dunno, Lilly," Kirsten murmured, giving one of her breasts a gentle squeeze. "I know a lot of guys who think different." She enjoyed tormenting Lilly so.

Lilly had had enough of this. She put down her newspaper and took a deep breath, puffing her chest out. Kirsten just looked on with bemusement. But when Lilly exhaled, her chest didn't recede completely. Kirsten's jaw dropped. Lilly had breasts. Certainly not as large as her own, but quite substantial in their own right.

"Wha-ha--how?" Kirsten stammered.

"See? There's nothing special about stretching out a blouse. Anyone can do it," Lilly quipped. "So can we stop with the constant boob jokes?" She went back to her reading.

Kirsten was still a bit shaken by Lilly's display, but her composure quickly returned and with it came her old cockiness. "Hmph," she sniffed. "That's a pretty neat trick. But you're still nowhere near competing with these big girls. I'll just have to start calling you 'mosquito bites' instead of 'ironing board'." She gave herself a boost with both hands. "I'm packing melons here, and you barely have apples," she sneered.

There was no way Lilly would be able to get any reading done until this was settled. "So it's gonna be like that, huh?" She stood up and walked over to Kirsten. Looking Kirsten right in the eyes, she took in a very long, very deep breath. Kirsten looked on in awe. Her bravado melted away as Lilly's expanding endowments matched, then exceeded, then dwarfed her own.

Satisfied that she'd made her point, Lilly released her breath with a sigh. "So, Kirsten," she said smugly, "How do you like them apples?"

Kirsten was trembling with rage. "Anyone can stretch a blouse, huh? Let's see who can stretch more."

Lilly was skeptical that Kirsten's huffing and puffing would amount to anything more than hot air, but her doubts were quickly dispelled by the sight of Kirsten's bust expanding. Spurred on by the look of shock on Lilly's face, Kirsten redoubled her efforts. Sucking in great gusts, Kirsten swelled bigger and bigger. In steady surges she grew from being merely well-endowed to being mindblowingly bosomy. And still she kept puffing. By the time Kirsten stopped pumping herself up her breasts were comically huge, far surpassing Lilly in size.

"There," Kirsten said. She smoothed the cloth of her incredibly overstretched dress down the sides of her newly massive bust. At her current size, she could easily compete with the biggest of the surgically-enhanced exotic dancers. She looked like a caricature of a busty pin-up girl, but was beaming with pride. "Looks like you're not the only one who can stretch things, little girl."

Lilly laughed. "What are you so smug about? You look ridiculous!"

Kirsten thrust her chest out and swung her breasts slowly, side to side. "Someone sounds like a sore loser," she sang mockingly.

Lilly growled. She'd never get a moment's peace if she let this go. "Alright," she said. "You think you're hot stuff? You ain't seen nothing yet." Lilly inhaled more quickly and more deeply than before. Kirsten gasped at how rapidly her roommate was inflating, watching in stunned silence. Lilly easily surpassed her in size within moments, and showed no signs of stopping.

"See how it's done?" Lilly said, and continued to inhale. "Mmmm," she sighed, rubbing her breasts, blissfully losing herself in her expansion. She'd blown up far beyond any reasonable size, but this was hardly a reasonable situation. She kept inhaling, growing ever bigger. A sudden feeling of tightness in her chest that brought her back to reality. Lilly's eyes snapped open as though she were suddenly awoken from sleep.

"Wow, look at how big I am!" she squealed. Lilly had even surprised herself with the size she'd achieved. The word enormous seemed insufficient. Lilly's arms could still reach around her bust, but just barely. Her breasts eclipsed most of her torso, jutting forward full and proud. "There, I think that's big enough," Lilly said. "This should settle things once and for all." But Lilly wasn't nearly as sure of herself as her boastful tone implied. She patted her bosom, and its taut fullness only reinforced her concern. Lilly was glad she'd stopped when she did; she didn't know how much more she could take and was extremely hesitant to push any farther. She hoped that completely blowing away Kirsten in size would dissuade her from trying to raise the ante.

Kirsten quickly dashed those hopes. If anything, seeing just how huge Lilly could get emboldened her.

"Hah! Is that the best you can do? Stand back!" Kirsten drew in a series of long breaths. Her breasts inflated quickly, stretching, filling, and overfilling her dress.

Lilly watched anxiously. Kirsten would quickly outgrow her, if she could keep up this pace.

Fortunately for Lilly, she couldn't. "Ungh," Kirsten grunted. She hadn't quite filled out as much as Lilly had, and was struggling inflate any farther. Her breaths grew shorter, the strain showing in her face.

"Having some trouble there?" Lilly asked, confident that this contest would soon be over.

"Shut up, bitch," Kirsten grunted between breaths. "I'm just getting started here."

"I don't see what the problem is," Lilly taunted. "It was so easy for me to get to this size. If you're struggling now, you might as well throw in the towel."

Kirsten scowled at her. "Oh yeah? Watch this." Kirsten closed her eyes. She focused, sucking in more and more air, pushing through the groans of protest from her dress and her own skin. It was difficult, but she kept going. Slowly but surely her breasts filled up larger, though not as much as she'd expected. Kirsten frowned. She couldn't see what was going on under her breasts, so she had to feel with her hands to confirm what was happening. Some of the gas was going to her belly.

Lilly snickered. "Maybe you should lay off the junk food. Looks like you've got a serious case of gas there," she said, pointing at Kirsten's increasingly prominent gut.

Lilly's teasing only spurred Kirsten to angrily increase her efforts. "Maybe, but you're the one who's just fulla hot air." Using her hands to press her stomach in helped some. Her gut was still growing, but she quickly caught up with Lilly in the bust department. One more giant breath, and it was clear that she was bigger. But it wasn't enough for Kirsten to just beat Lilly. She wanted to crush her. She kept inhaling, breasts and belly growing to a a monstrous size. Lilly had to step back to make room.

When Kirsten finally stopped, her breasts were so huge that she could barely see over them, and her belly wasn't far behind in size. The exertion had left her sweaty and winded, and she was so swollen she could barely move. "Who's the biggest now?" she said. Although she was sporting a victorious grin, her voice was strained, her breath coming in short, labored gasps.

Lilly was truly astonished by how big Kirsten had gotten. She loomed vast, taking up much of the space in the living room. "Holy shit, you're huge," she said softly, humbled.

"Aren't you gonna try to beat me?" Kirsten taunted.

Lilly looked at Kirsten, then down at herself. She gave herself a squeeze, testing her fullness. She winced, not from discomfort but from the incredible firmness of her breast. There was no way she could manage another round. Having to deal with a victorious Kirsten would be intolerable, but even that was preferable to the likely fate that would befall her if she inflated herself even more.

"I -- I'm not sure that's such a good idea."

"Ha! I was expecting a lot more from you!" Every time she shifted, her body let out a soft, strained squeak.

"Are you okay?" Lilly asked. She was genuinely worried. Lilly gingerly pressed a hand against Kirsten's bosom and gulped with alarm. She was frighteningly turgid. "You look like you're under a lot of stress there."

"More than you could ever handle, tiny tits." Kirsten's smiled briefly turned into a grimace as her body quivered and let out an ominous groan.

Lilly stepped back. She could have sworn that Kirsten had gotten even bigger during that tremor. "I'm serious. You're way too big. You really need to let some of that air out."

"So I'd be smaller than you? You'd like that, wouldn't you? Not a chance, loser!" She smirked. "Admit it! I'm the biggest! I won! I wo--" Her eyes flew open wide. "Wha?" With a tortured creaking noise, her body began to stretch and swell. The pressure was too much, and she could no longer contain it.

Trying to put some distance between them, Lilly staggered backwards and fell onto the couch. Kirsten continued to swell, slowly and inexorably billowing outward all over. "Oh no! Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh NO!" she rambled frantically. She was desperately trying to blow the air out, but could only manage brief, ineffective puffs. And even that meager effort was cut off when the swelling spread to her cheeks; her lips and her fate were sealed.

"Mmmmmmph!" Kirsten stared at Lilly, eyes pleading for help. But she knew it was of no use. Despite her skin's increasingly loud squeals of protest, she continued expanding.

Lilly closed her eyes and got her arms up to shield her face just in time.


The room was showered with bits of Kirsten's dress. There was nothing left of Kirsten.

Lilly brushed a few cloth shreds off of her shirt as the enormity of what had happened sank in. "Kirsten's gone," she said, stunned. "What do I do now?"

"Hi, my name's Robin. I'm calling about your ad for a roommate. When is the room available?"

"Immediately. I mean, tomorrow, really. My old roommate didn't give me any notice, and she left a bit of a mess."

"Oh my. Where did she go?"

"Um, I'm not really sure. The last time I saw her she wasn't really dealing well with all the pressure she was under. She kinda blew up at me, and then she was gone."

"I'm sorry to hear that. I'm pretty laid back, but I've had some high-strung roommates. Don't you hate people who can't handle stress?"

Author's Note: 

This story was born from an idea for one of Mistress Taylor's videos. That idea eventually became the video The Good, the Bad, and the Busty. I decided to do my own take on it, and thus Stress came about.

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