Biotech Fantasies, Part 1

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"Well, what has the old man got for us today?" Mark wondered out loud as he walked into the research compound at Bio-tech F. Inc. As he passed through the security gates he looked out at the enclosed R&D field and saw that the latest tests on the inflation drugs were progressing well.

"Morning Mark, what's shaking?" Mark turned and saw Kelli his assistant come jogging up.{It's nice to know some things don't really need improvement}thought Mark as he lingered over her lush body.{Though you never know...}

Mark and Kelli walked to the bank of elevators and went down to their offices/lab. The days agenda was already on their comp screens as the facility's AI had monitored their presence and acted accordingly. After their usual morning routine, they went to the staff meeting with their boss.

Bio-tech Fantasies, Inc came about after the sexual revolution of the late twentieth century. With the growing fear of STD's and the increasing fear of contact, the art of tailoring safe-sex fantasies became a booming business. Bio-Tech was the brain-child of a group of 'net-surfers who had gotten together to pool their collective imaginations for mutual benefit. From this collaboration the first tailored fantasy aids were produced (such as PUFF the multi-sexual toy-pal, andalso the first VR realms such as flights of fantasy) Bio-Tech also led the way when genetic recombination became widespread allowing the custom-tailoring of ones body for pleasure(self or otherwise)

In recent times the race to allow the expansion of the human skin to allow inflation had been stressed by the owners, apparently the VR version of this fantasy wasn't enough for some people.(now let's rejoin mark and kelli...)

"Okay people, lets have it, where are we on the project? came the voice from the speakers. Heads turned to look at Mark, for he was the head of that project.

"We have a eighty-five percent sucess rate with the elasticity drugs,and the inflation sources are all cleared for use."

"Why only 85% on stretching?"

"Well sir, the stretching is no problem, its the return to normal size afterwards that is causing a problem. If you would care to watch the videoscreens we have an example of what we mean to show you."

"Proceed with your presentation..."

Mark signaled Kelli and she began running the display. It opened on a woman standing up with a grid on the wall behind her.

"This is test 132, we have a 23yr old female,5'3", at this time 105lbs. Her present measurements are bust-34, waist- 28, hips-36. Inflation will proceed to twice her present volume..."the voice droned on detailing the test procedure. Mark was watching the displays carefully,failing to notice the shivers Kelli had as the woman began to enlarge.

"Initial inflation caused the subjects chest area to enlarge first followed by her abdomen and then the posterior. Possible fat-association by the test chemicals might be the expaination for this effect."

The woman on the screen began filling out, her breasts rising up and away from her body,her nipples rising and jutting prominently outward. her stomach began inflating then looking like someone was fast-forwarding a stop-motion series of a pregnant woman. But no pregnant woman was ever this large. Her behind soon followed suit, billowing out as if to counter-balance the frontal enlargement. Slowly her arms and legs also began to grow giving her a very stiff appearence like someone had overinflated a cheap blow-up doll.

"At this point it must be noted that the subject was not feeling any discomfort, in fact she exhibited the signs of apparent sexual orgasms while inflating." The sexual flush could clearly be seen as the woman continued to grow

"The subject has reached the supposed shut-off point for the experiment at this time. Her present measurements are as follows: bust-75, waist-110,and hips-100. You will note that supposed shut-off was used, due to an unforseen error, the woman continued to inflate past this point.

The woman on the screen was rapidly becoming rounded, as the flesh on her arms and legs was subsumed into her torso. She did in fact finally stop inflating, but at that point it looked like someone had put a head, hands, and feet on a flesh colored ball. Her breasts had lost their seperate shapes and had merged into her torso. Her nipples and aureola were just surface blemishes at this point. While her face did appear slightly rounded it did not appear to have undergone inflation to a major extent.

"At this time the woman was fully conscious and coherent, and stated that 'other than a slight tightness all over' she felt fine." At this point technicians appeared on the screen and assisted the woman to leave the room. Basically they turned her on her side and rolled her off the testing platform.

Mark looked over at Kelli after hearing a strange sound. He was surprised to see a faint sheen of sweat on her brow and a glazed look in her eyes. When she realised that he was looking at her, she bit her lip and nervously looked away.

The video continued:

"After a thorough exam and questioning period the subject was readied for deflation." The woman was rolled in again and set up on the dias. At this point a technician stepped into view and administered an injection to the woman.

"It is to be noted that the subjects skin surface at this time is still very resilient indicating that more inflation might be possible"

As they watched the woman slowly began to deflate, her arms and legs slowly came into view and her shape started to resemble a human again. As it went on, she slowly started to move her arms and legs as the skin resumed its proper shape.

"When the subject was at the size she was supposed to have achieved a strange effect was noticed, her skin no longer was contracting." The woman on the screens continued to deflate and it was apparent that something was wrong. She was starting to collapse onto the dias as if she had no internal structure to support her. She had, for all intents and purposes, become an over-inflated ballon that the air had been let out of.

"At total deflation the subject hadf collapsed onto the platform and was non-responsive." It looked like someone had draped a largs pile of fabric on the dias. Technicians came in and began arranging her on the floor. The camera angle changed and now they were looking down at the woman on the floor. Grid-lines similar to the ones on the floor could be seen, and it was evident that the woman was about three to four times her normal size still.

The screens went blank then and Mark began speaking.

"The woman apparently went into a state of metabolic stasis at this point. We were able to arouse her only upon inflation again. Since this incident we have tried numerous methods of inflation, butnothing seems to return her back to her proper dimensions."

"And you say that there have been other examples of non-return?"the old man asked.

"Yes sir, we have had similar results with two others, one male subject and one other female subject."

"Very well then, continue to try and keep me posted. OH, and I would like to review all the video logs of all experiments to date."

"Yes sir, I'll have Kelli send them to you as soon as possible."

Mark and Kelli left the meeting then, their part was finished."At least he didn't get upset with our lack of sucess. And what was all that about during the playback, di you get turned on or something?"

"Mark you can be so infuriating at times, you know that? Of corse I was turned on, you know I want this to succeed just to be inflated."

Mark smiled and laughed, he and Kelli had been together on many projects before this, and he knew very well what turned his cute assisstant on. He also knew that she was just dying to be enlarged, to the point of being a beachball with tits.

As they entered their lab/office he glanced over to the storage case where the stretched out subjects were stored. The two women were prominently displayed like some big-game hunters trophies, stretched out on gridlines to see if any reduction occured while in storage. The male subject was currently on loan to another lab division to see if they could come up with something.

"Just think Mark, that could be me up there your looking at, all stretched out. I think it must be a wonderful feeling, all the subjects I've reviewed say that its the best feeling in the world, as your skin slowly stretches and you expand outward..."Kelli again got that glased look in her eyes and she started to absent-mindedly stroke her stomach.

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