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Kids screamed and laughed as they ran around the Timber Falls water park. In a big town with pretty much anything, the water park was the greatest amusement spot. It was huge. Water slides, log rides, a wading pool, lazy river, basketball pool, dumping bucket, and everything! A group of high school friends were spending a day of fun going down the giant speed slides.

The five friends were waiting in line for the tallest, fastest, and twistiest slide in the entire park. The line was extremely long, and they had been waiting almost thirteen minutes, not even near the top.

"It's pretty cold up here…" Alex said. "Maybe we should've gone down this slide first so we weren't wet and cold."

"Well I guess we should've thought of that." Samantha said sarcastically.

"You guys are pathetic." Brooke said. "It's not cold at all."

"True that girl!" Cole said, giving Brooke a high-five.

Alex and Samantha were shivering fiercely. They were wet from the other water slides, and the cool breeze was driving them nuts. Brooke and Cole were laughing at them, because they had secretly dried off before they had gotten in line. Also with the friends was John. He hadn't spoken much the entire trip, and was looking a bit pale. He was also wet and cold, and looked a bit dizzy.

"Dude…you alright man?" Cole said. "You ain't lookin' too good…"

"Yeah….I-I'm good…." John moaned.

"You look like you're gonna-"

John immediately vomited over the stair step's railing. Samantha, Alex, Brooke, and Cole stepped back in disgust. They were pretty high up the steps, so it splat on the ground below. John looked like he was going to be sick again, so he quickly ran down the steps, pushing people out of his way…

"That was gross…" Samantha said, a disgusted look on her face.

"I knew that dude was sick!" Cole said.

"He didn't look very good from the very start of this trip." Alex stated.

"Look at him run!" Brooke shouted.

They were so high up the water slide's stairs, they could see John run across the entire water park, trying the reach the bathroom.

"He's isn't going to make it!" Alex yelled.

"Nah, he'll get there…" Cole said.

John vomited on an old ladies feet, only steps away from the restroom.

"Ah so close!" Brooke shouted.

The line began to progress. The four remaining friends took a few steps up the stairs. Only a few more minutes, and they'd be able to ride the most amazing slide in the entire park.

Samantha ran her hand through her light blond hair. She had it tied up in a ponytail to keep it as neat as possible. She had a very serious personality, and didn't often smile. Being one of the most preppy girls at school, she had a gorgeous face, and a reputation to keep. Her two piece swimsuit was white genuine silk, and showed off her hourglass figure.

Alex wasn't the most muscular guy, but had a great tan. He had short brown hair, and always wore the color red. He was a bit shy, but very smart. He was the tallest in the group and was very formal about things.

Brooke was the happy-go-lucky girl who always had tons of fun whatever she was doing. She liked hanging out with her friends and loved to party. Her hair was dark black, and was poofed up in the back.

Cole was the gangster-type. He was black and had no hair. He wore baggy clothes that were always to big for him. Even his yellow swimsuit didn't seem to fit him.

John (who was extremely sick, and wasprobably wishing he was dead at the moment) was the funny guy. He had long and curly blond hair, and was the life of any party. The only problem was he got sick almost every week. Very sick. And he could never tell when he'd be sick. Life kinda sucked for John.

The line took another step forward. The four friends could hardly control themselves. They were all very excited.

"You know, I'm a bit thirsty." Samantha said.

"Don't look at me!" Cole exclaimed. "I drank the rest of that Pepsi!"

"I have some gum if that helps." Alex said.

"Sure." Samantha said, taking a piece from Alex.

"Gimme some man!" Cole shouted.

"Honestly Cole." Samantha argued. "You make me want to throw you off a bridge."

"I don't know any bridges nearby, but I'd be glad to help you throw him off this flight of stairs." Brooke laughed.

Alex handed a piece to Cole and Brooke, and took one for himself. The package was empty, so he chucked it over the railing.

"This is pretty good gum! What kind is this?" Brooke asked.

"Some 'Wonkly' thing or something like that." Alex said.

"Never heard of it." Cole said.

"I like it!" Brooke shouted.

"Tastes bland." Samantha complained.

"Is there ever anytime where ya aren't complaining 'bout somethin'? Cole snapped.

"I will hurt you! Obnoxious ass…" Samantha yelled.

Only five people stood between them and the entrance to the amazing water slide. They were positively ecstatic now!

"Who's going first?" Alex asked.

He immediately regretted asking that question, because sure enough, it led another argument between Cole and Samantha. Brooke and Alex just ignored there fighting. They did it all the time. Brooke really loved the gum. It was very juicy! She swallowed a large mouthful of the blueberry flavored juice. Strangely though, her mouth was full of juice yet again. She swallowed and swallowed but the juice just kept filling up her mouth.

Alex rolled his eyes at the two fighting friends and turned his attention to Brooke. At first, he started to glance away, but looked back at her again, this time in total shock.

"What?" Brooke said cutely.

Alex pointed at his nose.

"What?" Brooke repeated, rubbing her nose.

"I-I-It's….It….I…." Alex stuttered.


Almost everyone in the line drew their attention to Brooke and her friends. They immediately shielded Brooke from the people in the line, acting as if they were just kidding. After everyone looked away, they looked at Brooke. Her whole face was dark blue, and it was spreading down the rest of her body.

"What are you guys talking about!?" Brooke asked.

"You're skin is turning indigo!" laughed Samantha.

"No way!" Brooke yelled.

Brooke took out her waterproof camera and took a picture of herself. She looked at the photo and screamed. The camera flew into the air, and fell of the edge of the railing.

"Aww crap! My favorite camera!" Brooke moaned.

The blue color had now spread throughout her entire body. Her skin was now only a shade lighter than her dark bluish-purple bikini.

"What's happening to me!?" Brooke screamed.

"I don' know!" Cole yelled. "What you do dat' made you blue? You allergic to somethin'?

"I don't know!" Brooke moaned. "Ugh…I don't feel to good…"

She swallowed more and more of the delicious blueberry juice. She got so caught up in swallowing mouthfuls of juice, that she swallowed her gum.

"Blech!" Brooke yelled. "I just swallowed that gum!"

"You think it's the gum that might be doing….that….to you?" Alex said.

Brooke clenched her stomach. It gurgled loudly. Brooke let out a soft moan. She felt a strange sensation run through her body. A pressure was building up inside her belly. She could feel it.

"I feel funny…." Brooke moaned.

All of a sudden, Brooke's belly started to bloat outwards. It made another gurgling sound as it filled up quickly with juice. Brooke's legs wobbled as her new girth swelled up larger.

"What's happening to you!?" Alex yelled.

"Haha. Poor Brooke." Samantha said with a smile.

"Honestly!" Cole yelled. "I want to just slap ya' cross the face! You evil little devil!"

The two started yelling at each other again, arguing about who-knows-what. Alex tried to break the two up, while Brooke stood a few steps behind them, her belly filling up with massive proportions of juice.

It looked as if she had swallowed a beach ball. Her belly was taut and firm, completely round. Brooke rubbed her hands on it, it's size still increasing. Brooke bit her lip fiercely. It felt so strange.

She put a hand on her butt as she felt it swell up with juice as well, simply plopping into a new juicy size. Her abdomen bloated outwards, making her belly now completely swollen and round. She felt her thighs fill up, connecting her swelling belly to her swelling butt.

"Guys! Look at Brooke!" Alex said, starting to panic.

Cole and Samantha acted as if they didn't hear Alex and continued their argument. Everybody in the line had their full attention on Brooke.

"Help me someone!" Brooke moaned.

The juices inside her sloshed around as she tried to step towards her friends. The four of them were now at the front of the line, and were able to go down the slide. Brooke's transformation, however, had the captivated in place. The lifeguard's whistle fell from his mouth as his jaw dropped in awe.

Brooke felt as if she was about to burst. The juice was determined to completely fill her up. Her belly stretched outward, trying to contain the swelling juice. Her bikini grew very tight, desperately hanging on.

"Somebody do something!"

"She'll pop!"

"Look at her go!"

"What's happening to her?"

The crowd yelled out various comments on Brooke's situation. Brooke felt very embarrassed as her bloated figure was exposed to everyone at the water park.

Another gurgling sound emitted through her belly as back began to round out too. She then felt her breasts bloat up with juice as well. The liquid fluid ran itself into her jiggly endowments, pumping them up to the size of basketballs. Brooke squeezed them both, her eyes wide with surprise. Her problem was unpredictable. She could feel the juice swelling her up in all spots, and she had no clue what was going to happen!

Some of the people in the line began to run down the steps, evacuating the area. Probably trying to view the situation from a….safe distance. Brooke was panicking, her belly jiggling as the juice collected inside it. Her boobs were taut and firm, well bloated with juices. They started to obscure her view as they tried to lay on top of her massive belly, which now looked as if she swallowed an elephant.

Brooke tried to waddle closer to her friends, but her massive abdomen, belly, and…well…everything…made walking very hard. She screamed loudly as she tripped and fell. Her landing was padded by her massive blueberry belly, which shook fiercely as it hit the ground. Brooke wiggled her arms and legs as she tried to get up, but her attempts failed.

"Someone get help!" Alex yelled, started to freak out.

"I most certainly did NOT steal your smoothie last Saturday!" Samantha yelled at Cole (still deep in the argument).

"You did!" Cole replied. "And I got proof! I ordered strawberry! You had banana! So when I looked at yer glass, why was it PINK!? Ya know what's pink? STRAWBERRIES!"

"Cole! Samantha!" Alex yelled. "Shut up and look at what's happening to Brooke!"

Samantha and Cole turned and looked at Brooke. They saw her sad expression, mounted atop a spherical body, massive endowments (being tightly held back by a very strong bikini top), and her little hands and feet, now engulfed by her berry figure.


The two were speechless.

"Sombody hewp meee!" Brooke moaned, her bloated boobs and body muffling her speech. "Pwease!"

The juices were still swelling Brooke rapidly. She felt her skin grow very tight. She didn't know how much more she could take! Her belly gurgled again, bubbly sounds emitting loudly. Her bikini became very painful as it stretched to the max, trying to hold in her new figure. Her breasts were enormous, and looked like two bloated balloons on her hot air balloon body.

"How'd she get dat' big?" Cole said, a bit confused.

"Juss hewpp meee!" Brooke moaned. "I feell so fuull!"

Samantha get an evil idea. She started to even laugh at the idea. Sneaking up behind Brooke's massive blueberry body, she pressed her hands up against Brooke's bloated back. Her skin was squishy and soft, yet felt so tight. With a big shove, she pushed Brooke forward.

Brooke screamed as her swollen body rolled forward. Loud sloshing sounds were made as the juice inside her swished around. Brooke rolled slowly forward, Samantha pushing her from behind. Brooke's head rolled to the ground, her body now upside down, only to be rolled upward again. Her breasts made a thud sound every time they sloshed against the ground.

"What are you doing with Brooke?" Alex asked.

"Watch this!" Samantha laughed.

She pushed hard on Brooke, letting her roll freely, right onto the giant water slide.


Brooke let out a loud scream as her spherical body slipped and slid in all directions. Her juicy belly squeaked as it slid across the water slide. Rapids of water splashed against her spherical figure. Her speed increased as water slide went downhill. She began to roll in all directions, and felt dizzy. The juice inside her went crazy as they lapped all over the inside of her belly.

Thankfully, it wasn't a tube slide. The top was open, so Brooke could freely roll down the rapid waters. But, the enclosed tube part of the water slide was approaching.

With a loud thud, her body smacked against the tube. She was so huge, she couldn't fit inside. The water on the slide couldn't get into the tube either, as Brooke's whole body formed as a plug. Water ran off the edge of the water slide. Brooke could still feel her body swelling and bloating up, and with this tube enclosing her, she felt she was about to pop.

Out of nowhere, a workman jumped onto the slide and gave Brooke a big push. And with a loud popping sound, she fit through the tube. Darkness enclosed her as her spherical body barley rolled through the water slide's twisty tubes. She rolled in all directions, getting dizzy again. She felt pain in her boobs as they started to bloat more, now dragging against the small tunnel's sides.

Just when she thought it'd never end, she came out of the tube slide, and landed in a big pool at the bottom. She made an enormous splash, sending water all over the crowd that had gathered to watch her. Her bloated and swollen body amazingly floated on top of the pool water. The crowd stared at her, completely awestruck.

Little splashes were heard as Alex, Samantha, and Cole joined their berry friend in the pool. Brooke felt very tight all over, her body might not handle much more swelling. It'd be quite a scene if she popped here!

The crowd then turned their attention to a helicopter, gently hovering over the water park. A net dropped down, along with four workmen. They landed in the water and began wrapping the net around Brooke. Brooke's eyes widened with fear as the men climbed all over her body, wrapping the net all over her.

One of the workmen gave a thumbs up, and the helicopter lifted into the air. The net was attached to the helicopter so it could lift Brooke out of the water. She let out another scream as her entire juice filled body lifted off the ground. Now in the air, her helpless screams of worry, fright, and confusion were heard as her blue sphere body disappeared on the horizon.

Alex caught the name on the helicopter.


The three remaining friends exchanged shocked glances. One workman was left behind, and explained what may become of Brooke to the friends.

John ran out of the bathroom.

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