N. Jones and the Body of Water

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It's been three months since I popped Nebraska Jones in the Wakellium tomb and tonight is my big night. My agent has arranged a showing for one of the greatest Wakellium finds in the past thirty years. The headdress of Marmaren the last great chieftain of the Wakellium people. The stage is set and the crowd is ready, I take a last nervous breath before stepping out of the curtain and greeting the audience. I stand at the podium read from my notes.

"Good evening everyone, tonight we gather to see the latest artifact from Marmaren's personal tomb. It was three months ago when I -"

"We! Found this great artifact!" Yells a voice off to my left from across the stage.

I blink widely as a familiar woman approaches me. Her dark brown hair flowing from below her signature brown hat that she removes in honor of the crowd.

"What the…" I nearly cuss into the microphone as Nebraska Jones in the flesh comes up to me and hugs me.

The crowd applauds at her entrance for she is more renowned than I… for now. I don't know how she survived or got all that water out but she smiles at me widely before talking.

"Georgia and I ventured through a treacherous jungle in search for this tomb…" Nebraska continued on as I ground my teeth in anger.

How did she get here and why is she ruining it by splitting the credit? She tattles on for a bit longer till she's ready to show off the headdress. She takes the microphone and gestures for me to follow her. The curtain behind us rises and the artifact rest in a clear box container. The crowd 'wows' and the flash of camera's blind us for a moment. Nebraska rambles on more about the Wakellium people as I think of things to do to her backstage after the presentation.

"My good friend, Georgia. Would you like to try on the headdress for the crowd?" She asks me.

At first I think it's going to make me look like an ass but then I realize I can't do anything to her now. I need to just play along until the time is right. I open the case and turn the headdress around to fit right. I brush the bronze tassels to one side as I slip the pre-dusted artifact onto my head. Again the flash of cameras fire up and I squint my eyes.

"One peculiar thing you might not know is that the headdress is in fact cursed," she states. The crowd gasps for the moment, I know that there are no such thing as curses from all my expeditions. "Yes, it is said that Wakelless will embody the wearer and you can tell from the water that pours from their mouth," she turns and looks at me with such an evil look.

Just then my mouth opens and a steady flow of water pours out. It spills onto the stage and I close my mouth and seal my lips with my hands. The cameras flash again.

"And the body of the wearer swells with the water of Wakelless," Nebraska pokes my belly.

Suddenly I feel the water pour down my throat. I try to scream by all that comes out is more water. My only other opinion is to take off the headdress. I yank on it but it's attached to my skull.

"Once the wearer puts it on, it can't come out until Wakelless allows it, isn't that right Georgia?" she asks me.

I hear laughter in the audience as my belly rounds out under my red dress. With each heavy gulp I'm reminded of how I left Nebraska behind to burst. I grab her arm and try to pled to her to help me. More water splashes out of my mouth.

"This curse is real people, this woman is going to keep filling with Wakelless's endless flood of water if you know what's what, you'd get running now before we all drown in this building!" Nebraska yells out.

The crowd roars in terror, I hear, "She's gonna blow!" "I don't want to die!" Nebraska puts her hat back on and dashes out behind the curtain. The entire audience runs in fear as they believe the city is about to flood. As the last people runs out I feel my chest start to distend with water. My belly looks like I'm nine months pregnant when I feel hands on my hips. I turn to see Nebraska has returned.

"I think they bought it," she chuckles at me.

I swing at her to grab her and punch her. With this new weight in my midsection sloshing around, it makes it very difficult. She easily steps away from my growing body.

"Easy there, tubby," she pokes my belly again, this time much larger than the last.

I stomp my feet as I follow her around the stage, trying to grab her.

"I bet you wonder how I survived? Well it was quite simple. Marmaren appeared to me and told me I've held the most water anyone he had ever seen had. He emptied me and told me he'd do anything for me. Of course, I asked for revenge, knowing that Marmaren himself was betrayed by a friend which cost him is life. He wouldn't refuse, so he told me if I could get you to wear the headdress he wore that he'd take care of the rest," Nebraska explains.

I slow and hold my back as my breasts have grown heavy, looking more like basketballs now. As I arch my back I feel my butt fill up with water now. My chest and belly wobble freely as they have burst from my red dress, my ass tries to join them.

"It feels so good to expand doesn't it? Tell me how it feels, Georgia?" she laughs as when I open my mouth water flows out. "Come on, tell me Georgia," she says playfully as she grabs my belly and shakes it. There is a sickening slosh inside from all the water already in me.

"Aww, has Georgia weorgia had to much?" she tilts her head as she talks to me like an infant. I try to push her away but the current size of my bust makes it very difficult.

"Well, you still got gallons more to go you know," she smiles devilishly at me. I feel the color in my face fade, I know I can't take too much more of this. I now feel my arms and thighs filling up with water. Waving my swelling arms at Nebraska for help doesn't do a thing but make her grin broader.

"Take a seat and relax!" she yells, putting her foot on my belly and kicking me backwards. With a loud, wet thud I hit the wooden floor of the stage and wobble wildly. Now on my back I look up at the lighting that hangs above us and watch her look down at me.

"To be honest with you, I didn't want to make you fill till you exploded. That was Marmaren's idea, to finally get revenge on a backstabbing friend is reward enough for him," she sincerely pats my left breast as if to console me.

"Be glad that you will be helping Marmaren's spirit finally move on," she makes a crooked smile at me, "but how about I help you out since I can control what that headdress does to you?" I start to hope that she'll come to her senses and make the water go away.

"How about I make you pump twice as fast?" she tries to contain a smile.

My eyes widen and I try to protest but all I do is gush water all over myself. Then it started, my body started to grow even faster. The pressure in be was building so much. My belly had to be standing at, at least four foot with my chest just behind it. I felt like a whale to her when she laid her hands on me and they feel like a little child's. The water now pushes into my forearms and calves, even into my hands and feet. The cheeks on my face balloon out like a chipmunk. My belly surges up to five and half foot tall as I grow to the size of a pickup truck, so stuffed with water. My skin creaks loudly like a balloon that has just about had it. Bigger and bigger I get, getting ever-closer to exploding.

Nebraska leans against my taut skin and looks down into my eyes, "Georgia I wanted to thank you for helping me find the Wakellium tomb, we could have found so many things together but you had to get greedy. Look what all the greed has gotten you. I will miss you," she gives me a sweet kiss on my belly then I hear her walk away.

Tighter and tighter I get and I think to myself, "I can't take anymore, I'm going to -" POP!

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