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She was a BBW porn/web girl

She was a BBW porn/web girl back in the early 2000s or so.  These images are screen caps from a video she did where she mimiced inflation.  There wasn't any kind of video editing done that I recall.  I bought both the video and the original pictures from her site back then.  The images in the above comic strip I found online later on and had been morphed by someone, but there was no water mark indicating who.  I put this comic strip together with captioning help from a friend.  And before anyone asks, I do not have a copy of the video anymore as it was lost in a HDD crash about 4 years ago.  Sorry.



(PS) I do know that her name was Tausha, but that is about it.

Actress or movie?

It has to be from a movie, she doesn't look like any other fetish actress I can think of.

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What's This From?

What's This From?

Where are these images from?

Where are these images from?

If you're turned on by the idea of a girl turning herself into a balloon by taking a really deep breath, this is the guy to talk to.

Take a deep breath in. You'll need it.