Maya's Day Off

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Maya sat on the couch, watching TV and sipping Pepsi. She was home alone this Saturday, and she was feeling especially lazy.

Maya was an 18-year-old girl, with blonde hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back. Usually she kept it braided, but today it flowed both behind and in front of her shoulders. Her blue eyes were half-lidded and practically glazed over as she listened to the How It's Made narrator explaining the process of making ice cream. As short as she was, around 5', she was able to comfortably lay across the width of the couch without putting her feet on the armrest. A plaid blanket covered her body from shoulder to toe, providing warmth in an otherwise slightly uncomfortably cool room.

As the TV droned, Maya took the last sip of her Pepsi, and stared down the cup with mild irritation. But then she shrugged, figuring that she had had enough for that day, and contented herself with lazing there and waiting for the bubbling feeling in her stomach to go away.

A few minutes later, Maya was puzzled to realize that the bubbling had not stopped- on the contrary, the sensation intensified. But she chalked it up to the sheer volume of soda she had consumed and didn't budge an inch.

Unbeknownst to the young woman laying on the couch, her belly slowly began to grow. It expanded outwards, creating a bubble in the blanket and pushing her shirt upwards. Maya, half-asleep, noticed none of this. Her stomach grew to the size of a full-term pregnancy, and kept going.

Then her butt and thighs began to follow suit, filling up Maya's loose shorts. She wasn't wearing underwear, so there was nothing to indicate to her anything was wrong, yet. Her butt grew to the size of half-volleyballs, and at that point her boobs also began to grow. Maya was not wearing a bra, either, so again her expanding assets went unnoticed as they slowly blew up to fill her loose t-shirt.

Soon, Maya's belly looked like she had swallowed two basketballs. Her buttcheeks had added half a foot to their diameter, and her boobs had reached D-cups. It was at this point that she noticed the change. As Maya shifted her arm to a more comfortable position, it brushed up against her big belly.

"What the hell?" She looked down and saw the bulges in the sheet covering her. She watched dumbfounded as the expansion continued.

Her lower back and sides begun expanding to catch up with her butt and belly. In a few minutes, her torso looked like a small beach ball with volleyballs perched on top. The inflation continued. Maya, laying on her side, soon found her head being lifted off the armrest. The blanket was barely covering her body, draping over it as though it were a mad scientist's invention about to be unveiled. Her feet poked out from under it. Maya's shirt and shorts began to feel snug, where before they had practically dwarfed her.

Suddenly, Maya felt a new sensation. Her crotch began to expand, slowly spreading her legs apart. Gradually, her body began to take on a spherical shape, as her boobs were spread into domes poking out of her beach ball of a torso. Her arms and legs were being swallowed up by her gigantic body.

Maya felt her t-shirt ripping, unable to take the pressure. As her body's width steadily caught up with her height, the waistband of her shorts gave as well. Her arms were absorbed up to their wrists, her legs up to the ankles. Her breasts no longer had a definite shape, having been flattened over her enormous torso.

The frightened girl finally thought to squeak out a feeble "Help," before her head began to be swallowed as well. Tears came out of her eyes. The pressure was too much. She felt she would pop, if she did not suffocate by having her nose and mouth covered up.

But as her flesh reached just below her nose, the inflation mercifully ceased. The blanket that had formerly covered up her body so well now reached only halfway down the five foot orb that was her torso, revealing the tattered remains of her shirt, which still managed to preserve her modesty. Maya breathed heavily through her nose, relieved that it was over.

Oh, but it wasn't quite over. Maya felt another gurgling sensation. The pressure on her skin intensified, but her skin did not expand outward. She knew now that she had reached her limit, and was going to-

But as soon as the feeling came, it stopped. Then her body slowly floated off the couch. Maya's eyes widened, her hands and feet flailing as she lifted into the air. She slowly rotated like some kind of moon, and soon the blanket fell off to reveal the fabric of her clothes just barely covering her up. She was now face-down, looking at the couch. Then, her body tilted again, and her head was soon aligned nearly on the "bottom" of the big balloon she had become. At that point, she felt her butt tap the ceiling, bounce off, then hit it again.

There Maya remained for an hour, unable to call for help and unable to move except to helplessly flap her hands, as How It's Made continued to drone on. Eventually, her size began to decrease. She slowly drifted back down, landing squarely on her stretched crotch. After a while, she deflated enough for her to bend her elbows and knees, and her mouth was freed. Her breasts also began to show as 1-foot domes.

Maya was shaken from the experience, but she also realized she was starving. Using her regained mobility, she waddled to the kitchen to put a Hot Pocket in the microwave. It was hard to keep her balance, and she got stuck in the narrow pass between counters for a second before she deflated enough to continue.

After five hours, during which she drummed on her balloon body with her hands to make balloon sounds while she watched Mythbusters, she deflated to the point where she only looked pregnant. Soon, she had come back to her original size. Well, almost- her boobs were a size larger than before, and her butt was just a bit rounder.

As Maya disposed of her useless shredded clothing and put on a new lazy day outfit, she silently hoped that that wouldn't happen again, at least not while anyone else was around.

Author's Note: 

This was something I vaguely had in my head for a while before hastily typing it up and putting it on deviantart with the title "Maya's Inflation" around my birthday. Apparently, people think this is good, including some inflation writers I hold in high esteem. I'm not sure I agree entirely with them, but here it is regardless.

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