Airtankgirl: The Flatterer

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"Manda, look at those women there!"  Lynn hissed at me.

I looked over my fashion magazine at the two women walking into the coffee shop.  They were about the same   age, late twenties, older than us.  They were both attractive and both dressed well in designer clothes, one in tight jeans and a loose top, the other in a casual jacket and skirt set in a lovely salmon colour silk blend.

Their clothes weren't exactly why Lynn had alerted me. Rather it was what was filling them.  The figures of both women were noticeably and obviously inflated. Their bodies bulged in exaggerated hourglass shapes from the gas filling them.  

The blonde in jeans was filling her jeans in a very well-padded way, the tight denim bulging around her inflated hips and bottom, while her top, meant to be loose was now tight across her swollen chest, the extra volume of her inflated breasts drawing the bottom edge of her top up, exposing her midriff.

Her companion, a brunette, whose wide hips and round bottom filled her skirt almost to bursting across her figure, was even bigger up top.  Her bust was so exaggerated that her overfull breasts pushed her jacket wide open, making her overstuffed bra quite visible through her stretched out sweater top.

The bloated pair made quite an impression on everyone else, for naturally when a 50-inch F cup bustline bounces into view, no one cannot look.  Just as many women we watching them as were men. They two ladies made polite apologies for any collisions their expanded curves had with other customers, until they reached their table, and with some difficulty due to the tightness of their clothes, managed to sit their wide, inflated bottoms, in the small coffee shop seats.

"We so have to find out what their story is," I said, rising from my seat.

"I'm right behind you."

We moved made better time getting to their table, give our, relatively, uninflated bodies, "Excuse me,” I asked, my professional curiosity overcoming my natural shyness.

Both women looked up at me, "Yes?" asked the woman in the bulging skirt suit.  There was something about the casual candidness of her answer in that one word that made me suspect something strange was going on.  This close to her I was positive that she and her friend were inflated, but the whole vibe I got from their expressions, their voices and their body language was that they weren't aware that they were inflated!

 I was a little shaken, I was ready to interrogate, I was ready to defeat evasions, I wasn't planning on dealing with people that didn't even know they had been blown up.

"Uh, I just had to say I really like your outfit.  Where did you get it?"

"Why thank you, I got it at Lord & Taylor’s," she smiled up at me.

"But if you get one make sure you're careful with the fit, Ronnie's practically bursting out of hers,” Her friend chimed in with a smile and a little laugh.

Ronnie looked down at her large, full breasts bulging out of her jacket, "Well, it may have shrunk a bit at the cleaners, but its funny how much bigger it makes me feel,” she pressed a hand into the front of her plush bustline, "I mean," she blushed and giggled a little, "I feel so...big!"  Both women laughed, their overinflated breasts bouncing on the tops of their table.

Lynn and I glanced at each other, she decided to try the other one, "Well you both look a little, uh, big," she said, uncharacteristically diplomatic. "How are you women feeling today?"

"Well," the blonde began, "I was feeling a little, well, you know," she puffed out her cheeks and held her hands out in front of her to indicate a greater girth, "Sort of bloated, I was actually afraid that I wouldn't be able to fit into these jeans, but I think it was my imagination because I was able to squeeze into them after all."

"Sooo, you tow don't find anything unusual about you clothes, or your bodies today?"  I prompted.

They looked at each other, eying each other up and down, bulging clothing, straining seams and all.


"Uh uh."

"Manda, what's going on, they're stuffed like turkeys, are they stoned?"  Lynn whispered out the side of her mouth.

"Hypnotized?"  I guessed, in a whisper.

"What do we do with them?"

"Well, they aren't getting any bigger since they came in, and they don't seem to be in danger, or even upset...I don't know what we can do.  It's not a crime to be bloated."

We thanked Ronnie and her friend, Betty, for their time, and walked back to our table, where we both sat in silence, mentally chewing over the interview.  We sulked and pondered for the whole next twenty minutes, while the two inflated women finished their drinks and shared a cookie.  As they extricated their swollen bodies from their chairs and gathered up their shopping bags, and made their clumsy way out, again apologizing almost continuously every time one of their overstuffed curves bumped into someone, I had an epiphany.  

I snapped my fingers, bolted from my chair and ran out the door to catch them in the street.  Lynn gaped at my explosion into action, but recovered quickly and was only a few steps behind me.

"Excuse me! Ronnie!"

The bloated brunette waddled around to face me, "Yes?"

"Were you ladies shopping today?" I asked nodding at the bags they each carried.

"Sure, Lord & Taylor’s, the same place I got this outfit."

"Both of you?"

Betty held her bag out, displaying the department store's logo on it.

"Let's roll."

I was familiar with the upscale clothiers, so I led the way up to the second floor, where swimwear was to be found.

"Can I help you?" The shop girl asked.

"Hi..." I looked at her nametag, "...Tina, we were wanting to get some new bathing suits, what do you have that might look good on us?"

The shop girl squinted at us thoughtfully, sizing us up and noting our colours, then nodded and trotted off to a rack where she picked out two swimsuits without hesitation.  She was obviously a master of her craft and lady of her domain, knowing exactly what she had for exactly what need.

Returning, she handed us the swimsuits on their hangers and waved us into the fitting rooms where we stripped down and slid into the new swimsuits.  In just a few moments we were able to step out, barefoot, into the fitting parlour.  

My bathing suit was a one piece in a dull green colour while Lynn came out with a one-piece in a dark blue.  The fit and styling was really spot on though.  We looked each other over, and looked ourselves over in the three-way mirror.

"Well?" the shop girl asked, looking smug.

"The colours both seem a little darker than current fashion," I mused critically.

"Really?" the shop girl asked.  "I think you'll find that the dark green really makes your tan look even richer," she turned to Lynn, "And always use a darker colour to bring out the colour of your eyes."

"Oh," that made sense, she certainly knew her field.

The shop girl smiled at us seeing us fall under her spell, "Oh you ladies look wonderful, those suits really flatter your figure. You get such great cleavage from them."

"Oh," I looked down at my chest, watching my cleavage deepen as my breasts swelled up inside my bathing suit.  I smiled and looked over at Lynn whose chest was similarly inflating, the soft hiss of the spandex tightening and shifting over our expanding bustlines.

"These suits really flatter our figures," I said, my breasts bulging out the sides of my suit.  I was already a little inflated so I was affected even more.

"We get such great cleavage from them," Lynn added smiling at her now substantially inflated breasts.

The shop girl goggled at my top-heavy shape while I smiled complacently, smoothing the swimsuit over my figure, and turning at the waist to better see myself since I couldn't see much over my massive chest.

"Wow, I may not know my own strength", Tina muttered, "She's blown up like a balloon!"  Addressing us again, she said in a more normal volume of voice, "the cut in the seat of these is the latest thing, it really draws attention to your best assets."

Lynn was turned with her back to the mirror, watching her own bottom fill up full and round, straining in the tightening spandex of her bathing suit, "This bathing suit makes my butt look so good!" she exclaimed, running her hands across her newly-widened rear.

I put my hands on my rear, smiling as I felt my bottom spread out, tightening the seat of my bathing suit, then plumping out the sides as my bottom swelled up round and full, "I know, I don't think I've ever had a swimsuit that suited my figure so well!"

Tina stared at the overinflated hourglass shape I had developed, my bloated curves bulging and straining in my too-small bathing suit, "Jeez, I hope she doesn't burst!" she muttered, "Um, I think you ladies have made your decision." I don't want to suggest them any more, Tina thought, the tall one is getting so fat I don't know if she'll be able to fit in the clothes she came in with.

I had decided to buy the new bathing suit and easily talked Lynn into purchasing hers.  We retreated into the changing rooms.  I skimmed off my tight, sexy bathing suit, feeling the bulging curves of my figure bobbling and bouncing as I tried to stuff myself back into my street clothes.

I could still feel my tummy bulging out of my pants as I tried to get dressed again, and I continued to try to stuff my belly into my strangely smaller pants.  This wasn't helped by not really being able to see anything of myself below my bust, I wound up trying to hold down my large breasts while holding my tummy flat and zipping up my pants, I was about two hands short.  Even using the dressing room mirror, I was able to let my big boobs bounce free but I was still at least one hand short of being able to close my pants.

There was a knock at my stall door, and I heard my friend's voice, "Everything working out in there?"

"Lynn...ughh...get in here,” I grunted, struggling with my waistband.

Lynn opened the door and stepped in, her full figure squishing up against me, "I'm not sure there's room enough in this stall for both of us.  What's going on?"

"I can't get my pants to close, look how small they are on me!"

"Wow, there's no way you can fit into those, are you sure they're your pants?  Maybe someone put your pants away and left you with these?"

"That must be it, got out there and find me something that fits, ask Tina the shop girl."

Lynn stepped out of the stall, and I heard her conversing with Tina, explaining my dilemma.  A moment or two later, a pair of Lycra blend trousers dropped over the door of the stall.  I reflexively checked the tag, "I don't wear a 14!"  I shrieked.

"It's...European sizing.  It'll fit!"  Tina assured me.

I was able to finally stuff my figure into them, though it was still very snug, but I wasn't really averse to wearing tight clothing anyway.

Newly dressed I stepped out, smoothing the new slacks over my big curves, though I had to leave my shirt unbuttoned from the bust up, my large breasts filled my shirt and bra to bulging.

Lynn was standing at the sales counter, her wide hips and full round bottom bulging in her tight jeans while her full bust bounced against the counter as she signed for her purchases.  I walked up next to her to complete the business portion of the transaction.  My bill was a little higher due to my purchasing two garments.  I paused over the gratuity, in upscale clothiers referred to as 'consideration'.   I considered how helpful Tina was, and wrote down a nice round thousand dollar consideration.

Having satisfied our tribute to consumerism, we left the store, mostly ignoring the stares of passers-by.  Just as we passed the pet store I practically collided with a tall shapely blonde woman in a dark pants suit and sweater.  I say practically because she didn't actually make it to colliding with me, rather she ran into and bounced off of my extra big bust.

We paused to make sure the woman was all right, and Lynn picked up the bag of rabbit chow she's dropped in the collision.  She sputtered a bit, catching her breath, the looked at me in the eye, swore, hauled back as if to hit me of all things, then recovered her composure, but still looking a bit shaky.

"Are you ok?"  I asked.

She looked at me, mouth open and eyes wide.

"Maybe she's deaf,” Lynn suggested, leaning right in front of her field of vision, "ARE YOU-"

"I'm fine, I'm not deaf," she interrupted Lynn, absently reclaiming her bag, " are you guys doing?"

"What, us? We're swell!  Thanks for asking."

She nodded, "Uh huh, you look...swell."  She looked for a moment as if she was going to say something, then thought better of it and smiled at us, "My apologies, I must have not been looking where I was going."  As Lynn and I left her behind, continuing on our way home, I faintly heard her say, "Villain," as if that was supposed to explain why she walked into us.

We were only another block down when a city bus splashed through a large puddle of cold rainwater directly in front of where we stood on the curb.  The icy, and rather dirty, water hit us with a shock that made us both squeal in outrage at being drenched.  I shook the water from my face and hair, frozen in a stance of shock from our impromptu bath.


"Yeah?" came the gasping reply from my roomie.

"Did we just squeal?"


"Oh,” We relaxed our rigid, shocked stance, shaking water from our hands and looking at ourselves and each other eyes and mouths open wide.

"What the heck happened to us?" I breathed, trying to stare at Lynn and checking out my own figure at the same time, "We're so...big."

Lynn pressed her hands into her ballooned breasts, then tested the pressure in her overinflated bottom, "We're...stacked!"  She looked around, "People are staring."  

"Of course they are.  I'm bigger than you and even I'm staring at you.  Can you run?"

Lynn hugged her inflated figure, "I...I don't know.  I'm so stuffed into my clothes, I feel like I'm going to burst out of them if I move too quick."

"Alley then,” I grabbed her hand and we both swayed our exaggerated figures into a nearby alleyway, moving down it away from the street where a few curious bystanders still peered into the alley from its mouth.

"Masks," Lynn said, donning hers.

"M-oh hell,” I searched my pockets, "I lost mine!"

"We can track it, just get us out of here!"

I grabbed my inflated roommate, holding her awkwardly due to the extra inches we were both sporting.  I flexed my legs and sprang for the sky in escape.  A few fast, high altitude jumps later, we landed atop the Fatcave, then dropped through the skylight into our living room.

"Ooof!"  We both exclaimed, dropping onto the sofas of choice.  We both immediately undid the buttons and flies of our pants letting our expanded tummies bulge out.  

"Geez, I’m huge, I can't see anything past my chest,” Lynn groaned, cupping her inflated breasts in her hands.

"I know, and I'm even bigger.  Whew, we should get into costume."

Lynn bounced off her inflated bottom to stand up, swaying off to her room; "If you think they'll fit..." she called over her shoulder.

I walked into my room, conscious of the extreme sway my inflated hips were giving my walk.  I pulled out my costume and once again thanked whoever it was that invented spandex, the only material that stretched enough to slide over all of my overinflated figure.  Pulling my arms through the sleeves I looked at my body in the mirror, big, ballooned breasts swelling inside the top of my tights, a plump round tummy and plush wide hips and bottom.  I

I started at this revelation, clapping my hand over my mouth, then threw open the door and stalked, ok, jiggled really, into the living room, glaring around suspiciously.

"Faelina," I growled.

"Yes?" came the deep, yet indistinct reply from somewhere in the room.

"Get thee behind me demon,” I grumbled at our invisible houseguest.

I managed not to shriek when the demoness' soft lips touched my ear, "I am behind you,” she said in her very deep yet feminine voice.  Her tone was perpetually and sardonically twisted with her infernal amusement at foolish mortals.

I turned to face the voluptuous, green haired, demoness, and giggled, my sense of humor overcoming my irritation at our houseguest.

In an attempt to get Faelina to blend in around campus (as if you could have a tall, gorgeous, stacked, girl with green hair, big curling horns, a barbed tail, batwings, slit pupil eyes, a voice that sounded like a thunderstorm and a mouth full of huge shark like teeth blend in) Lynn, in her own slightly twisted sense of humor, had been picking out clothes for Faelina to replace her usual shiny purple skintight outfit.

So what made me giggle was our demoness dressed in knee socks, a short plaid miniskirt and a white blouse with a short school blazer over it.  So she looked like, well, like an adolescent's fantasy schoolgirl.  Naturally, Lynn being Lynn she had convinced Faelina to  stuff herself into a skirt that was way too short and tight and a blouse that wouldn't actually button closed.  It was pretty comical, and also again annoying, because Faelina carried off the trampy, sexy look with so little effort.

Freshly re-grouchy, something about Faelina really got on my nerves, I scowled at the demoness, "First, back off."

She obediently stepped back one-step.

"Second, whatever you are doing to me, stop it."

"Whatever do you mean?" She purred.  She always purred.

It really annoyed me that I reflexively believed her, but knew better.  Demons are experts at appearing sincere, "I mean, my body is all revved up, I'm turned on, and even you're attractive to me you creature of the pit.  So that tells me you're mucking up my hormones or something."

"Well, just a little.  But you come in here all pumped up, so round, so firm, so fully packed, what's a girl supposed to think?"

"You aren't a girl Faelina, you're a demon.  And you're the most oversexed creature I've ever met, so please stop whatever it is you are doing to me before I have to embarrass myself by trying and failing to hurt you."

Bubbles came bouncing out of her room, her over-inflated chest and hips straining in her two piece black spandex costume, her inflated belly bulging over the waistband of her briefs, "Hey is Faelina over there?"  She called to me.

The demoness stepped into view, waving.

"Thought so, I'm so horny I can't see straight."

"Bubbles!"  I cried, shocked.

"Geez 'Manda, its not like you aren't either, its just what Faelina does."

"You look very good Bubbles,” Faelina rumbled, nodding at her over-inflated figure.

"Thanks, I'm not sure about the two piece though, I feel a little fat."  She patted the soft swell of her belly.

 "Is that your idea of a joke?"  I asked Bubbles, nodding at the demoness' wardrobe.

 Bubbles looked Faelina up and down, "Yes."

"She's barely in it," I muttered.

Bubbles tapped the bulge my ballooned breasts were making as I overfilled the top of my costume.

Faelina took an uncharacteristic cue and walked into the living room and sat down on a couch.  We both watched the demoness' ample bottom sway to the couch.

I shook my head, "That girl, I don't know why she gets on my nerves so much.  I guess I'm still riled that that...that shop girl was able to put one over on us so easily."

Bubbles shrugged, her large chest bouncing, "It's not so bad.  I mean, it's not like anyone got killed or anything,” She looked down at herself and ran her hands down her super curvy body, "Y'know, this is actually quite a body I've got now," she mused.

"Do you want to keep it?"

"No, she sighed, "Though I'd love to have this body when Sven was around," she grinned.

"You're as bad as Faelina."

"I wish," she snorted, "Nah, we still have to take that chick down."

"Did you track my mask?"

Bubbles favoured me with a patient look, "Manda, our masks are a marvel of fashion and microelectronic engineering.  They are comfy, they stay in place they fold, they act as a cell phone and radio, they hold a gas tube ready for use from the belt canisters, and they are GPS locatable.  I know all this because I built them."

"So that's a yes?"


"Not bad for a theatre major."

She grinned, "Not bad at all."

"So, we know where she is, we need a plan."

"Can I help?"  Faelina asked, the creepy infernal acoustics of her voice made it sound as if she was standing right next to us when in fact she was still sitting on the couch, twenty feet away.

"No!" I snapped, "Sorry," I apologised to Bubbles.

"It's not me you have to apologise to."

"I just don't know why Faelina gets on my nerves so much."

"Is it because she doesn't pay any rent?"


"Is it because she's a demon?"


Bubbles shook her head, grinning her 'I'm so much bloody smarter than you' grin, "No its not.  It's partly what she represents.  All the things that you aren't.  Power without consequences.  And there's the unfortunate resemblance."

I leaned my elbows on the countertop, knowing how much she liked to lecture.  Then I moved my arms apart as my over-pumped breasts rested on the counter top as well.  Geez, I was big!

"Faelina, come her for a-"

The demon stepped casually over to us as if she weren't sitting in another room an instant ago.

"-good.  Get rid of the horns like we talked about."

The demon reached up and broke the horns off flush from her forehead, then opened her mouth and stuffed one than the other in the wood chipper of her mouth chewing, and swallowing.

"Suffering cats!" I yelped, never having seen this demonstrated.

"Pull in those teeth, do your eyes," I watched her teeth reshape themselves into a more human fashion and her eyes turned large, round and dark green, "and your hair dear, brown with a hint of red, auburn.  Just right!"

"God's holy trousers," I breathed, "She looks...normal."  It was true; there wasn't a hint of demonic influence in her features.  She could have easily passed for any normal attractive college girl...I looked at her again, and screamed.

"Pod people! Pod people!"  I shrieked, falling backwards, bouncing on my inflated bottom, scooting away from the demoness.

She looked like me.

Bubbles bent over, a little awkwardly, given her inflated figure, to give me an arm up.  Once standing again, I couldn't not stare at my doppelganger.

"Oh my god,” I whispered, "I look like a demon."

"Sorry," Faelina said with my face and her deep voice, and let her eyes elongate, her hair shimmered back to green and her teeth blossomed.

"That's why you really don't like her,” Bubbles said softly.  She looked me in the eye, concerned, "Hey, you ok? You're white as a sheet and your eyes look glazed."

"I think I'm in shock,” I muttered dully, then slowly brightening with each word, "But I think you've given me an idea.  I'll deal with my demonic resemblance later, first we have a villainess to catch!"  

In her apartment, Tina stared at her kitchen table where the little folded pair of connected diamonds that was my mask rested.  She jumped as the device chirped, then chirped again, and again until the shop girl finally picked it up, the mask flipping open ready to wear or be used like a cell phone.  She put the sleek little device to her ear, "Hello?"

The front door to her apartment crashed inwards, dropping to the floor, knocked totally free of its hinges.  I strode in, making my heroic entrance, only slightly marred by my supersized proportions bouncing a little in my tight costume, "Hiya Tina,” I looked down at my greatly inflated chest then back to her, "We need to talk."

"Airtankgirl?" she exclaimed, "But you're so...big!"

"I know, thanks very much, you did this to me this afternoon.  Two girls buying swimsuits, remember?  My phone was in the pair of slacks I was too big to fit back into.  Thanks for hanging onto it for me."  I held out my hand and she closed the phone and dropped it my hand, which I then tucked into my utility belt.

Tina closed her eyes in exasperation, "Oh, that was you, I had no idea-"

"Of course not, but how many people have you blown up like that?  I ran into two of your other victims this morning.  What's your game? And answer carefully, if I even so much as strain a seam I'll punch your lights out!"

The slim young shop girl sagged, collapsing into a chair, "Working there I discovered I had the ability to inflate, not only one's ego, but one's figure.  I don't understand it, but I've figured out that it only works apparently on young, fit women.  Usually the attractive and shapely types such as yourself.  The start of the scam was just to get you pumped up and agreeable enough to sign for big considerations.  Then I figured out that if people with nice hourglass figures like yours suddenly found themselves a little fattened up then they'd pay to keep themselves as slim and trim as you are.  It was like, blackmailing people for their figures, pay and you stay nice and shapely, like you are in that costume, don't pay up and watch your figure expand like bread dough.

"You were a surprise though Airtankgirl, I had no idea why you were so responsive to my powers, you're delightful figure just seemed to blow up, I guess the inflatable nature of your fantastic body made you more susceptible to my powers.  Before you knew it, you had blown up much fatter than I expected."  Tina stopped talking then looked up at me.

I was standing over the dejected villainess, but I wasn't actually interested in her story anymore. I was staring at the shiny white spandex swell that my body had become.  Somehow she had managed to sneak her powers in on me and I'd ballooned up!  I pressed my hands into my fattened body, swelling up in my tights, my torso and waist rounding out.  My figure had gone from an overstuffed hourglass to egg-shaped!

"Ugh," I grunted, waddling as my expanding belly pushed my legs apart, my spandex tights creaking as my girth increased, "What have you done to me?  I...I'm getting so fat!"

Tina stood up with a wicked little grin, "Too fat to catch me now!"  She ducked nimbly under my flailing arm and dashed for the open doorway.

She got one step out the door, but never saw the punch that took her down.

Tina sprawled across the lawn, then sat up, looking woozily at Bubbles and myself, then she looked at the ruined open doorway of her apartment where another Airtankgirl was waddling through the doorframe, her round bloated sides squishing as she squeezed herself through the door with a 'POP'.  The dazed shop girl looked back up at bubbles and myself, shaking her head as if to clear it.

Bubbles and I had gone through substantial figure enhancement as well, we'd also gone from the overstuffed hourglass to growing fat and round. My white and her black spandex tights creaked and bulged as out bodies inflated, making our costumes full and tight around us.

Faelina waddled over to us, shaking her head, changing her hair back to its original green and her horns and teeth growing back, her body assuming its normal design, the straining white tights on her overfilled body changed to her preferred purple.  Her arms rested on her bloated sides as she patted her newly fattened belly, "Hi, I guess there were a few unexpected effects?"  She said in her deep voice, nodding toward our fattened bodies.

"It mostly worked out fine,” I replied, "We laid out here monitoring your action inside the apartment through the mask comlink.  We got the whole conversation but when she turned on her power we were pretty surprised when we started to swell up as well."

"Though we didn't get hit with the suggestion whammy, we were still in control of our minds even as we inflated even bigger." Bubbles added, patting the soft spandex dome of her ballooned belly, "Did you suffer any from her powers of suggestion?"

Faelina chuckled, "Please, I'm a demon remember?  The only thing she did was fatten me up a bit,” she smiled horribly, "And I happen to like it."

Bubbles and I shifted our bloated bodies, feeling our costumes grow even tighter as our bodies swelled in response to the arousal radiating from the distended demoness.  Sitting on the lawn Tina yelped as her body raised up as her bottom plumped up inside her yoga pants and gasped as she looked down to see her chest expanding inside her hoodie.

"Wha...what's happening to me?  I feel so hot...and so...full?"

We three bloated superheroines, our inflated bodies stretching out our costumes smiled down at the growing villainess who was responsible for our fuller, fatter figures.

"Oh that's Faelina, it’s the effect she has on people.  Would you like to show the nice villainess what else you can do Faelina?"

The demon wiggled her plumply inflated bottom, shaking loose her barbed tail, which she held up in front of her, then shot into Tina's bellybutton.  We all watched as Tina's body began to bulge and swell from Faelina inflating her.  Her yoga pants filled up in the front with a large full belly, then stretched out behind her as her bottom fattened up to match new, wide hips.  Her legs plumped up along their length while her hoodie strained as her breasts inflated like balloons.  Bubbles and I shared a look as Faelina smiled, pumping Tina up even more.  Her plump legs spread out as her belly ballooned between them; her torso filled up and rounded out even more that we were.  Tina's swelling torso was starting to take up her arms and legs, her body had grown fat and rounded out all the way to her elbows and knees.

"Ugh, what have you done to me?  I...I've gotten so fat!"  She gasped, parroting Faelina's words inside the apartment.

The demoness chuckled again, patting Tina's blimped body, pulling her tail free, and tipping her over on her side, "There, she should be pretty easy to roll over to the police."

I nodded, "Yeah I think detective Frey will be very glad to see you.  She has a special soft spot for inflating villainesses-"

"Yeah, her waistline," Bubbles joked, "you want some help getting her over there?"

"Nah, I may be fat, but I’m still super strong.  I think the fewer inflated superheroines there are out here, the better.  I'll roll her over," I patted Tina's bloated body, "You two head back to base,” I easily rolled the blimped villainess to the parking lot and out into the street.

Epilogue: (third person)

Bubbles and Faelina watched Airtankgirl roll Tina out of sight, and then Bubbles sighed and leaned her fattened bulk against Faelina's equally inflated body.  

The demoness looked down at the short, inflated blonde superheroine, "Are you injured?"

Bubbles laughed and straightened up, "No Fae, I'm not hurt, it's just the erotic radiation coming off you has me so turned on I'm weak in the knees."

Faelina smiled horribly, "Is it anything I can help you with?" she asked, deflating her waistline leaving her hips wide and full, a round plush bottom and big full breasts.

Bubbles bit her lip, looking down the street in the direction of the police station, "No," she said hesitantly.

Faelina shook her head, her hair, eyes and teeth changing to normal human.  She still had her horns and tail, "If you're certain," she said in Amanda's voice. stepping closer, her body pressing into Bubbles' big, inflated belly, her taloned hands resting on Bubbles' bloated sides.

Bubbles smiled up at the demoness, "Okay, but if you tell anyone, you have to move out."


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