Pop Rally, The

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As Katie walked across the gym floor, her breasts bounced ever so slightly with each step. “Everyone knows her tits are fake,” Sarah thought to herself, “nobody can grow a set of double D cups like that in one summer.”

Sarah hated Katie, and she had good reason to. Katie was a bitch, she took any chance she could to humiliate Sarah for her obesity, and she truly made her life miserable. She was also everything Sarah was not, skinny, busty, tan, beautiful, popular, and of course, a cheerleader. She was the girl all the guys lusted after.

Today however, was a new day, it was the high school’s final pep rally before summer, and for Sarah and Katie, their last of senior year, and high school in general. Sarah wanted to ensure it would go out with a bang, as a day nobody could forget.

As the gym filled with students, taking their seats in the stands, the cheerleaders prepared for their cheers, stretching on the floor. Katie bent over, stretching out her lower back, and providing the audience with a great view of her moderately sized posterior, poking out in tight green panties, from underneath her white skirt. Guy’s already seated simply gazed, slack jawed and drooling. Sarah was disgusted, “Let’s see how much she likes showing off her ass after tonight” she said under her breath.

The rally began the usual way, with speeches, and useless games performed by the school’s meat head jocks. Then of course came the chants for each class. The cheerleaders would separate into four groups and do a cheer for a different grade. Katie was part of the senior’s cheer group, and as the head cheerleader, was also at the top of the hand stand.

The cheer’s progressed down the line, and soon enough it was time for the senior cheer. Katie was launched into the air, standing atop the other cheerleaders hands she began to shout, “Give me an R!” the seniors roared back, “R!” Sarah decided she didn’t want to wait, it was time for her to take revenge. She began to whisper something inaudible under her breath.

Katie started again, “Give me an.. an A” she began to look worried. She felt something in her chest, a strong growing pressure. “A!” the crowd responded. “Give.. me.. a.. V” Katie was starting to panic. Her tits slowly started pushing out her white cotton sweater. After growing a few inches, reaching E cups the audience began to take notice (as that’s where most of the guy’s attention was anyway).

“Look at Katie’s Tits!”

“Her boobs are blowing up!”

“Holy shit, the silicon must be leaking!” (which of course made no sense)

They were approaching the size of regulation size soccer balls, and fast. Katie started again, “Give me a, a… uh.” She was horrified as she stared down at her chest, “the saline must have had some sort of reaction!” she thought to herself. Her breasts continued to swell, quickly reaching basketball size. Rips and pops could be heard throughout the gym as the stitching in her sweater started to give under the pressure.

“She going to burst right out of that top!”

“Not if she pops first!”

“Show us your tits!”

Echoed the student body.

The pain was terrible, she could literally feel her skin stretching to accommodate the new amount of mass, which apparently was a lot of weight as well. The girls holding up Katie collapsed under the growing pressure, and dropped her to the floor.

Lying on her back, she was momentarily pinned by her ever expanding orbs, which now looked to be the size of the overblown beach balls.

“It’s the twin peaks!” someone yelled.

“Those volcanoes look ready to blow!” screamed another.

Everyone thought it was some kind of joke. The high school students, didn’t realize the danger Katie was facing. Sarah giggled watching Katie struggle to her feet as everyone gawked in awe, or yelled some type of derogatory joke.

Katie didn’t know what to do, her added bulk made it difficult if not impossible to move. She looked down at herself and screamed, “somebody help! My tits are killing me! They feel like they’re about to explode!”


The top button of her sweater burst, flying into the audience.

POP!!POP!!POP!! The rest of the buttons followed in succession.

Her breasts, which had now expanded to the diameter of spare tire, exploded forth, stretching her sports bra to the limit. The swelling slowed, coming to a stop. Her breasts shined, looking extremely tight, almost as if they were ready to burst at any second, or that the slightest poke or prod might pop them. She tried to cover them as best she could with her arms, but her effort was vain, as they were far to large to hide from anyone at this point.


“They’re so big”

“Those tits look ready to rupture!”

“Stick her with a pin!”

“I can see my reflection in those things!”

The crowd was relentless.

There she stood, with what appeared to be two nigh bursting breasts each the size of mini hot air balloons strapped to her chest and surrounded by students who were of no help, and only felt the need to watch and make jokes. The faculty was also of no help, all outside smoking, waiting for the damn pep rally to finish, they didn’t want to be any part of the “school spirit.”

As if her situation wasn’t bad enough, Sarah wasn’t near finished, Katie had tormented her for ages, and she was getting what was coming to her.

Katie gasped. Her hands shot to her rear, which slowly began to push outwards as her ass began to fill with whatever was inflating her. She tried to push back into the burgeoning flesh, as if to stop it from pumping up, but it was no use.

“Look! Look! Her butt’s blowing up now too!” Someone shouted.

Each buttock looked to be the size of a volley ball, and were both growing fast, and filling with immense pressure, quickly pushing up the back of skirt, and drawing it skin tight in the front. “Help please, my butt is filling with something! Please, someone! Its so tight!” Katie was near tears, she was so humiliated and at the same time terrified for her life. What if she didn’t stop inflating, would she explode?


Katie’s panties floated to the floor, not able to cover her exponentially inflating ass cheeks. A tear started to roll down her face as the boys in the stands began to howl! As her butt slightly jiggled from the loss of undergarments.

“Show us that fat ass!”

“Baby’s got back!”

“Those things would make a great set of bongos!”

Her buttocks were each the size of basketballs now, distended about a foot and half behind her and like her breasts also looked as if they might burst, taking on a sheen of their own. Her rotund rump looked like a shelf big enough to rest a six pack of beer. The only thing covering it was her now skin tight skirt. Her butt’s growth also slowed to a stop.

There was a silence. For the first time since the inflation started. Everybody was waiting for something to happen next.


Jennifer, one of the other cheerleaders cautiously approached Katie. She didn’t know how to help her or what to do. But she felt that she should do something now that the swelling had ended. “God Katie, you’re all tit’s and ass, you look ready to pop…” she said. “I know, I think it’s the implants, I think it was a chemical reaction to something I ate I guess, please get help! I feel like I’m literally about to explode! My tits and ass feel so tight, I can feel the skin actually stretching” Katie explained, out of breath.

Jen didn’t respond, she still seemed to be in shock... She stuck out her hand, approaching Katie’s left orb. She slapped it, a resounding thump echoed throughout the gymnasium. Katie yelped, her left breast was sent into a jiggling frenzy, shaking her entire body and even rippling through her ass. Jen burst into laughter, “ahhahaah, that’s what you get you silicone slut!” Jen had walked in on her boyfriend cheating on her with Katie the month before, and probably hated her almost as much as Sarah now. Heck, nobody in the entire school liked her, she had essentially burned every bridge she had ever made, and most of the guys were enjoying this too much to stop it. As the jiggling came to a stop Jen reached out both her arms this time. “Stop! Stop” Katie screamed, terrified of what Jen might do next… She placed each hand on either side of Katie’s right breast, who let out a soft gasp, she looked Katie in the eye and squeezed as hard as she could.

Katie’s scream of pain filled the gym has her breast dangerously bulged under the added pressure, looking as though it was seconds away for exploding.

Jen let go and turned to her classmates letting the breast return to natural form and bounce relentlessly, Katie let out a sigh of relief, “Yup! Her big plastic tits have made her what she always wanted, a real life blow up doll!!” The gym filled with laughter of the students.

Next she put her hands around Katie’s still slim waist and in one swift motion turned her so that her now ample rump was now facing the crowd. “Her butt is just as fake as her tits!” Jen yelled reaching out to give them a hard pinch. Katie began to full on cry now.

Then something happened. Sarah grinned.

Katie’s eyes grew wide, she could feel a new pressure building, it felt as if it was consuming her entire body. “Oh my god!” she yelled, her tears stopping, as everything began to inflate at the most rapid pace yet. Her tits ballooned out even farther, her ass swelled out to the size of inflated exercise balls and her stomach began to swell, and fast. In moments she looked 6 months pregnant, than 9 months, then 3 months overdue. Her stomach began to round out her entire body. She was turning into a giant ball! “Help me! Help me! I’m blowing up everywhere!” Jen slowly backed away, no longer sure what to do.

“Shes blowing up like a ballon!”

“She going to pop!”

“She’s turning into a giant zeppelin!”

The students wouldn’t let up.

SNAP! Her sports bra exploded off her enormous breasts letting them bounce freely. Her Skirt split down the side and flew off her ass. She swelled and swelled, before long Katie sat in the middle of the gym, a giant ball with two enormous breasts. Only divits remained where her hands and feet were (they had sunk into the blimp she had become). Her beautiful face remained perfectly unaffected, resting atop her newly inflated form, almost being smother by her dangerously large orbs which were her tits.

“Holy shit, shes so fat!”

“Hit the deck before she blows!”

“Shes filling with silicone!!”

“This is just like that willy wonka movie, can we can juice silicon though?”

Katie looked around panicked. “WHY ARE YOU ALL JUST SITTING THERE, HELP ME BEFORE I BURST!” All seemed hopeless when out of nowhere, Sarah stood up and came out of the stands, holding something in her hand which appeared to be a giant belt.

Katie glared at her, “Don’t come near me!” fearing she would try to pop her. “I’m here to help you..” Sarah said softly. “Someone in the audience said something about juicing you, I figure maybe we can squeeze you?”


“I guess that’s just a chance I’m willing to take” Sarah said as she began to wrap the belt around Katie’s waist.

“No! No! No! Someone get her off of me!”

The crowd simply watched in awe, as if it were some type of bad horror/comedy. Sarah buckled the belt and snapped her fingers.

Katie’s eyes went wide, “What the!?”

The belt began to constrict. Growing tighter and tighter around Katie’s waist. Flesh began to bulge around either side of the belt, giving Katie a very cartoonish hourglass figure.

“OOOOOOOOOH MY GODDDDDDDDDD!” Katie screamed. Trying to flail her little hands.

The tightening picked up, squeezing Katie, and displacing whatever she had filled with, into her already mammoth breasts.


The belt constricted even more. Sending a final rush of whatever was filling straight to her tits.


Katie’s breasts exploded, followed by the rest of her.

Sarah smiled and began slowly walking to the exit, trying not to step on any silicone on the way out.

“What the fuck..” was the only whisper heard from the audience.

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