Dark Manipulation

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Part 1

Morrigan would be found in her study, gazing through her wall of old magister's spell books, trying to find a specific one. She was a fairly built woman for a human/bat hybrid, and 113 years had been good to her. Her long green hair flowed over her shoulders, and the bat wings on each side of her head. The rest over body was just as seductive, her trimmed form and shaped legs were easily contained with a purple spandex-esque body garment covered in small bat shaped prints, which went from her high-heel boots to around her torso. Her torso, though, was what brandished her most distinctive and alluring attribute: Her perfectly shaped EE cup breasts that seems to almost flow over the top of their restraints.

Soon gave a quick sigh of excitement when she found the spell book.

"There you are. Finally! I've been looking for you all day." she said as she pulled the book from its slot and hauled it over the table.

When the book was thoroughly dusted off, Morrigan opened it, and began to search through its contents. The name of the book was "Darkside Manipulator." A rather ancient text that teaches its reader how to manipulate and use the darkness. Though Morrigan herself was a DarkStalker: One who used the darkness as an aid in battle. But right now, she was searching for other purposes she could use the darkness. More personal reasons. After flipping through a couple pages, there was a knock at the door, and a petite voice came from outside.

"Hey Morgi! Can I come in?"

Morrigan smiled, and shouted back:

"Yes, come in sister."

The door creaked open, and a young, teenager looking girl with similar bat features walked in. Her name was Lilith, and she was Morrigan's younger sister, and starting apprentice. Lilith, being the younger was 87, but looked as if she was a normal 18 year old high school girl. She did have her commonalities with Morrigan except that her attributes were different. Her hair was a moonish purple, and she wore red and blue compared to Morrigans green and black. And most obviously, she was shorter, and had much smaller breasts, C cups in fact. Of course, since they were sisters, and Morrigan was her teacher, Lilith didn't care all that much that her sister was pretty much better in everything, but she did hold her grudges when Morrigan threw it in her face.

But through all of that, Lilith kept her smile up, and simply followed her sister's example.

"So sis, what am I going to learn today? Or are we going to review how to call bats to our aid during fights?" she asked.

"Not today, Lilith. We are teaching you something much better. Due to your progress, I decided to skip ahead to some deeper, more ancient teaching. Today, I'm going to introduce you to darkness manipulation" responded Morrigan with a deviant grin.

Part 2

"Oooooo! Whats that teach?" Lilith said with a giggle in her voice.

"As a DarkStalker, we are all taught at a relatively young age how to use darkness as a way to assist us in battle. Darkness Manipulation, on the other hand, teaches the art of using non-battle darkness. You remember the first rule right? "Right! 'Darkness knows no loyalty, thus it only lends its power to the worthy. We are the Darkstalkers, we are the worthy.'"

Morrigan smiled, and flipped through a couple more pages, then slid it around toward where it faced Lilith. "Yes, we are. So that is what I'm going to teach you today. To manipulate the darkness, and make it yours. With it, you can be a mere shroud in the shadows. With it, you can douse lights anywhere within sight. With it, you can give yourself the foresight to see within the pitch black. Once you learn how to use it, the possibilities are endless."

Lilith's usual face turned into one of confusion. When the book was slid over to her, she scanned it thoroughly. On the pages were several ancient, almost heiroglyphical drawings. There was a pharaoh, and a bat-esque being holding black flames. That must be the darkness, thought Lilith. She turned to the other page, and looked over some of the text...and soon she became entranced, and started to speak lowly, chanting.

Morrigan rose her head from her studies, and stared over at her student. Her eyes darkened a shade of color, and her voice began to echo within the room.

"Ramo hiea nov sai nal hel heo...plazma!" Instantly, after those words, darkness burst from her palms and began to swarm around each of her fists. It was then that her trance was broken, and she staggered, as if her knees suddenly buckled. Lilith then realized that her hands were glowing with manevolent violet black energy. She then looked at her sister in disbelief.

"Impressive sister. For some DarkStalkers, its takes at least a week to reach the level you just attained. But now you own the darkness you now hold within your hands. It is yours, and you can do anything with it. You must remember though, that you must recite the same incantation every time to produce the same darkness amount. Though it can be changed. If you recite it faster, you will recieve the energy faster, but the duration of the darkness will be short in week. And if you recite slower, and deeper, the darkness will get stronger, and the spell you use will last longer." Morrigan finally said, enthusiasticly. "Now, go ahead, the darkness you have now is not all that powerful, so it will subside in a few minutes. Stay here until it does subside. Then go into your room, and experiment. This is your homework, show me something spectacular tomorrow."

As Lilith left the room, she couldn't help but giggle unstoppably. She looked down and cupped her breasts, and grinned happily.

"Oh yes, I will...big sister." Part 3

Lilith quickly rushed into her room after talking with Morrigan and learning the Dark Manipulation technique. She couldn't help but giggle, for she had so much she wanted to do.

"Eeee heee heee heee, where should I begin, where should I begin???" she wondered once she shut the door and locked it behind her.

After settling down on her large, queen size bed, she looked over herself, in a speculating way. Running her hands over the parts of her body she wished to darkly manipulate. Her breasts, her thighs, her rear, her height: all of them can now be changed. And the best thing was, she didn't even need the book to recite the spell. It was as if the text was right there in her mind all her life.

"Hmm, I bet I can get started anywhere, I got all night and all day to impress Morrigan...." she paused temporarily to think, before starting again, "I might just make my body much bigger and better than her's...or I might just distort her's, make her smaller...or massively bigger than she already is!" Her laugh was maintained inside her room, being it was at the end of a long corridor, which people almost never took the time to explore. Though, she quieted down, and began to concentrate. The words, almost automatically, came from her mouth, and soon echoed within the room. When she finished reciting the incantation, she repeated it. Then, when she was done with that, she repeated it again, and ended finally with a fourth time. By now she was breathing heavy, the power it took to summon the darkness was staggering, and for her, an apprentice, even more so. Nonetheless, after she ended the fourth incantation, the darkness condensed into her palms: and a bright ball of light surrounded in a violet aura formed.

She took a few seconds to catch her breath, then she looked at her palms, and then at her breasts.

"Time to make this work. Get bigger!"

The aura of darkness made way, and made a stream of shadow, transferring into her breasts. The reaction was instanteous, as her breasts began to bubble and swell forth. Immediately she had grown beyond her C cup, then D, then E, then DD. In just about every way they expanded, forwards and in volume. Soon they seem to out proportion the rest over her body. And within 5 minutes, she had grown at least 3 cups larger than her sister. She reeled her neck back, apparently feeling something deeper than her breasts simply growing. A gasp escaped her mouth, and she looked down, her JJ cleavage was ready to burst from her top, which was beginning to creak do to the stress.

Within a couple more seconds, thats what it did. Her top ripped from the side, and her breasts poured forward. She struggled to keep balance as she went wobbling ahead. Quickly she regained control, and ceased the flow of darkness.

"Oh my god! They are huge!!!" Lilith said, trying to wrap her arms under her volleyball sized breasts.

Full of darkness, and uber sensitive to the touch. Is this how darkness is supposed to feel, she thought. She made her way over to her bed, and felt them; They were firm, round, all the while lighter than expected.

"Wow, the darkness is awesome!!!! But now to fill out everything else. Hee hee." she snickered as she began to chant again.

Soon she had recited the spell five times, and the darkness was flaring within her fists.

"Well, where to start...hip...butt...height...AH hell, lets do it all at once!" she exclaimed as she hovered her hands over her lower half.

All together her body began to change. Her rear was the first target, as it fill out the contours of her spandex leggings, and following that, came her hips flaring out spectacularly. With every passing second, her figure became more and more hourglass shaped. Soon, she waved her hand over her legs, and they began to extend further ever so slowly. She bounced off her bed, simply watching the ground get further away as she got taller. Finally, she stopped herself at 5'10'', and walked over to the large mirror in the corner of her room. She was taken aback at the sight she saw.

"Tee hee heee hee! Yeah!!! Thats more like it! Morrigan eat your flat chested heart out!" Lilith shouted when she saw her gigantic breasted, wide hipped, 5'10'' hourglass body.

"This is just perfect!! Now its her turn to be the smaller one." she giggled, "Morgi wanted to see something interesting, now she will, heh heh heh."

Finale! The next night, Lilith made her way down to Morrigan's chambers, skipping and bouncing lightly.

"Oh I can't wait to see her face, hee hee hee." she said giddily.

She came up to Morrigan's door and knocked twice. Morrigan's granted her permission, and Lilith opened the door quickly and yelled out:

"Suprise!!! HAHHA!"

But instead of a intense reaction, what Lilith received was silence. Her sister didn't even take her eyes off of the book case she was searching through. The silence didn't last all to long, and she proceeded to check book titles, she spoke:

"Have you come up with something to show me, dear little sister?

Lilith fumed a bit at this, but kept her cool.

"Duh! If you would simply turn around and look at me, instead of your stupid books." she snapped back.

Morrigan sighed solemnly, and turned around, but this time, gave Lilith the response she was looking for. She took in a slight gasp, and her jaw dropped in astonishment at seeing her sister who was now taller, curvier, and above all, bustier than herself. After shaking her head and walking out from her desk, Morrigan confronted her sister, with a face of pure awe.

"Sister?! What did you do?" she questioned.

"I simply decided that I no longer wanted to be the 'smaller' sister. You were always better in everything Morrigan. And personally, I got tired of it. So I took advantage of the Darkness, and used it to make myself look like this." Lilith retorted with a smirk. "I bet you regret teaching me how to manipulate the darkness now, don't you, big sister. Lets see how you look when you aren't so beautiful!"

Lilith clapped her hands together, and when she parted them, two flaming energies were in her palms.

"Lets get rid of everything you have!"

She thrust her hand forward, aiming towards Morrigan's belly. A link between the darkness and Morrigan's abdomen formed, and Lilith began to pour into her.

Morrigan barely had anytime to react, and could only grip her stomach as it swelled beneath her hands. Her once slender belly now began to dome, getting bigger and bigger every second. She passed all human signs of pregnancy, from 6 months, to 8 months, to 9 months with triplets. Nothing slowed her growth, and all Lilith did was stand back, moving her hands, in a way that seemed like she was shaping Morrigan. Her legs gave out from the weight, and she collapsed to the floor, watching as the mass grew forward out onto the floor. Beyond beachball sizes and weather balloons did she swell.

Then, it was then she realized that her body was beginning to shift into the mass. She was becoming a gigantic balloon being filled with dark energy. Her hands and legs straightened out, and began to fatten with the darkness that was swirling around within her. And her face quickly plumpened, her voice becoming nothing but muffles. As she tried to scream, Morrigan suddenly silenced herself when she heard ripping noises. Her clothes! All of her attire was being stretched to its limits, and was now starting to give way.



Finally, after a minute more of the dark inflation, Morrigan's clothes almost literally exploded of her now exposed, spherical body.

A satisfied Lilith let her hands down by her sides limply.

"That was worth it, I was up all night working on how to cast the incantation without having to say it all. I made it as short as possible, but I gave it the strength of a 10 minute long chant. I know it would have left me how I am now, but seeing you like that is priceless. You're now just a big balloon Morgi! Can't move, can't speak, can't do anything! Hahahah. You're completely helpless. All I can say is that you had it coming. I'm going to leave you here and I'm going to go find some guys who want me, instead of you!" Lilith said arrogantly as she made her way for the door.

As she exited, a demonically feminine voice said:

"It is you who will regret ever learning that spell and deciding to cast it on your teacher, little sister."

"What the hell?" replied Lilith, instantly turning around. It was now her time to gasp, as she saw that Morrigan's head and face had returned to its previous state.

"This was, in fact, the next lesson, that I would have taught you today. Its the second spell of Dark Manipulation: Absorption. And as the name implies, the user can absorb the dark energies around them to supply and assist their own darkness. As for example, let me show you!" Morrigan shouted before pillars of darkness burst from her hands.

Lilith took a step back as she noticed Morrigan's body shrinking back down to normal. And as she shrunk back, the flames grew bigger and darker. Within moments, Morrigan had become her former self, and the darkness was surrounding her body. A laugh resided when she finished returned to normal, then she glanced at her sister.

"Oh and don't think I forgot your darkness."

Morrigan waved her hand, and Lilith twinged and backed up against the door. She looked around to find out what Morrigan was doing, then she looked down to see that her breasts were shrinking. Her eyes opened wide as she ran her hands over them and the rest of her body as all of herself reverted down to her prior size.

Lilith wildly shook her head from side to side.

"No no no!!! My body, my beautiful busty body! Stop it Morrigan! I want my body back! Don't steal it from me like you do everything else." she cried.

"Oh you'll get it back sister. Here, have it all back!" Morrigan yelled as she condensed all of the darkness around her, forming it into a ball. "Take this!"

Morrigan hurled the ball at Lilith, as stream of darkness trailing behind. Lilith covered her face with her arms and was about to scream, but didn't when she realized that nothing hit her. She lowered her arms, and saw Morrigan standing with a smirk on her face. A painful twinge was then felt in her torso, her abdomen, and her rear. "No Morrigan! Don't do this to me!" Lilith screamed, knowing what was coming next.

Her sister though, simply smiled on as the darkness began to manifest inside of her. Immediately, all parts of Liliths body started to furiously expand. Her breasts burst over her top, descending down upon her stomach that was already the size of a large beachball. And her rear and hips flared out unbelievably, swelling as large as her breasts. Then her legs and arms joined in, expanding more and more to where they looked like long round balloons.

Every part of her was expanding in sync with each other, and soon her clothes began to rip and tear all over, before eventually being destroyed as the stress of her swelling caused it to stretch beyond its limits. But even then, she didn't stop, each of her breasts and butt cheek were the sizes of basketballs. And just like Morrigan before her, Lilith's body began to spherize, blowing up like huge balloon. First her arms, then her legs were absorbed, and finally, nothing but her head and her breasts were the only noticeable features and her gigantic round body. Her screams soon became nothing but muffled noises, and all of her protest did nothing and started to touching the ceiling. She had been filled with so much darkness, that her body was now beginning to squished between the floor and the ceiling.

When Morrigan noticed the room beginning to creak, she smiled, and stopped the flow of darkness. She walked around the massive round object that took up half the room, until she found the head of her sister. A deep grin stretched across her face.

"I gave you a power that few ever get the learn. And you let jealousy of a family member get in the way of your education." she started, solemnly, "You're my only sister, you even said once I was like the mother you didn't have. Well so much for that, you will reap what you have sown, big sister."

Morrigan walked around Lilith and collected a couple things, and came back around.

"I'm going to leave you here for a while, to let you think about what you've done to me, and what you brought upon yourself." Morrigan poked her with a large nail, and Lilith's eyes winced. "By the way, it will take you about a week to get back to normal. But while you do that, I'm going to go look for guys that actually like this body of mine, not some big balloon bat bat girl."

After walking outside and locking her the door to her room, Morrigan said: "Revenge is a bitch."

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