Morning Procedure

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I woke up at ten in the morning- the perfect time, really. Since the spherification procedure I always slept so well- it had made my life so much more comfortable. I wiggled in the bowl-shaped bed where I slept, my huge round body rubbing against the soft padded rim of the bed. 

"Good morning." I heard a soothing female voice- the house's computer had detected that I was awake. I decided I might as well get up- I had a party later that day to get ready for. 

"Morning procedure, please."

"Yes, dear." The house responded. Robot arms ending in large padded hands reached towards me, gripping me firmly and lifting my helpless round body out of bed. They passed me to a large, mobile robot shaped like a stylized maid, who cradled me in her arms and carried me to the bathroom. There, the arms helped me use the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and carried me into the shower. I giggled as the jets of water hit me and sponge-tipped arms came down to wash me. I swear the process is designed to be as tickly as possible, and I'm certain the arms linger and rub certain places longer than they need to, but I'm not complaining. After washing me, the house toweled me off, brushed my hair, and gave me a light touch of makeup before carrying me to my wardrobe. 

"You decide." I told it, and it chose a massive bra and panties with frilly trim, under a huge, comfortable billowing sundress. As it dressed me, I took stock of my wardrobe- I had enormous dresses of every style, housewife-style 50s vintage outfits, flapper costumes, tight bodysuits, and even a few fetishy things like a maid outfit. 

After the house dressed me, it carried me to a bowl-like seat at the kitchen table- if had started breakfast when I woke up. I had it set for a big breakfast- why watch my figure when I was already a blimp?

The robot maid set plates of eggs, pancakes, and greasy sausages down in front of me, and the arms picked up a fork and began to gently feed me. I obediently opened my mouth so the house to fork delicious mouthfuls of sausage into it, with another arm periodically attending me with a napkin. 

With that done, the arms carried me to the couch and turned on the TV. I used the mental control interface to flip through channels and check my email while thinking about the party later. Before I left, the house would get me ready- it would give me a heavy dusting of makeup and sculpt my hair into a high, enormous glamorous beehive, and it would take off my clothes and replace them with one of my fanciest dresses, complete with high heels and opera gloves. And it would complete this outfit with a huge hat and an absolutely massive fluffy fur coat. But this would be later.

For now, though...

"Pleasure routine, please." I asked. 

"Right away." The computer answered, and several arms began to reach towards me. Some ended in long vibrating protrusions and some ended in clusters of feathers. I blushed and prepared myself. 

Author's Note: 

A pretty short story about life as a sphere. 

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