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Laura sighed, picking at a loose thread in her threadbare sweatpants as she glanced around her spartan apartment. She felt guilty for sighing, because her coach had always told her that feeling sorry for yourself was something losers did to avoid working out. She stifled another sigh and picked up her weights, preparing to sacrifice what remained of her free time to the idol of fitness. Pursuing a college degree while desperately trying to hang on to a scholarship and simultaneously working a retail job to support herself did not leave her much time for anything, but an onslaught of messages from parents and coaches drove her to spend that time working out and maintaining a thin body- she never even indulged with food, eating sad salads in the college cafeteria every day. She felt a little pride in her body, just for the effort it took, but not much- like everything else she owned, it was drab and unassuming. 

Well, like everything else she owned except the lamp. She had found the lamp on the doorstep outside her apartment complex one day, and on a wild whim had brought it in. Now it sat on one of her gray tables, its gold surface shining amidst the desolation that surrounded it. She knew she should probably pawn it for some extra money, but she liked having one nice thing. Every time she saw it gleam, she was reminded of just how dull her life had become. She stopped, her weightlifting energy gone. She cast her glance around the room and declared:

"I hate this." She took a deep breath and decided to let it all out. "I hate not having anything nice and working all the time and exercising and diets and I hate my body."

That felt good, she thought. Now back to working out. Wait, where were her weights? Laura realized that she wasn't holding her weights. She figured she must have put them down, but they weren't at her feet either. She looked around her apartment, but couldn't see any trace of them. The lamp caught her eye again- was it shining a little brighter? And was there smoke coming out of it? A plume of smoke was coming from its tip, and growing in volume with every second. Fearing fire, Laura stepped towards the lamp, but the lamp somehow turned towards her, the smoke multiplying into a large cloud and engulfing her. 

Laura was in the midst of a thick, opaque cloud of smoke, but her lungs felt clear. In fact, her mind felt clear, as if the smoke were effecting it some how. She realized that she should probably douse the lamp, but she realized that she couldn't move- the smoke seemed to be holding her. Before she could panic, she felt a wave of pleasure run through her- her hard-lean body seemed to be relaxing, her muscles unclenching and possibly even fading. Suddenly, she felt sharp bursts of sensation in her hips, butt, and breasts, and a lighter tingle all over her body. 

The smoke began to reshape her, inflating parts of her like balloons and moulding her like clay. Her flat ass began to balloon outwards, becoming fat, round, and immense. Her hips slid outwards and bulged out, becoming incredibly wide. She felt an electric buzz as even her sex started to puff up slightly. Her stomach expanded slightly, a coating of soft pounds padding her. Her breasts grew several sizes and kept going, inflating until they were almost like round, jiggly beachballs. Her clothes did not tear, but disappeared, vanishing into wisps of nothing. Finally she was left naked in the cloud of smoke, her body now a well-padded extreme hourglass, a paragon of feminine sultriness. She couldn't quite see herself, but she was aware that her breasts now concealed her feet. 

"What the he-MMMPH!" She tried to yell, but the smoke stifled her and continued to work. Her short mousy brown hair changed, first becoming silky smooth and shiny, then turning platinum blonde. It then lengthened, falling in a curtain over her face before pulling itself up and beginning to arrange itself in a high updo on her head. The hairdo then began to expand like a blonde balloon, becoming ever larger and more voluminous. Her face began to change, too- her lips swelled slightly, and wear covered by red lipstick. Thick makeup arranged itself over her features and her eyelashes extended. 

Her fingernails and toenails soon became polished red, and her fingernails extended into long glamorous talons. Then the smoke rolled around her body, cradling her pleasurably and thickening. First it formed underwear- a set of frilly white panties and an enormous frilly white bra that held her mammoth breasts. Then a white corset and girdle formed around her waist and tightened itself, making her gasp. The smoke then formed a long white sundress over her body, tight against her wide figure. She felt herself rising as eight inch red heels appeared on her feet. She felt a silken touch on her arms as they were wrapped in white opera gloves, and heard a jingle as jewelry settled on her neck, wrists, and fingers, with two pinpricks as earrings appeared in her ears. She felt as rush of wonderful softness as a fluffy white fox fur wrap appeared on her shoulders and wrapped itself around her, and the smoke guided her gloved hands to stroke it. A white purse tucked itself under her arm, bulging with money and credit cards. Finally, a very wide white sun hat with a fluffy feather in it and a pair of sunglasses appeared on her head, and the smoke began to clear. 

The reality of her situation began to set in, and Laura was too shocked to shout. She settled for a quiet "what the hell", but found that the words didn't come. She felt a calming presence in her mind, and she felt the surprise and fear she should have felt start to dissipate. Suddenly, her mouth moved without conscious thought. 

"Well, I'm off to shop now. I say, I really must pick up some things for my new apartment. I just can't wait to get out of this dreadful little place." Laura was shocked, but not as shocked as when her body started to move on its own. With an exaggerated, sashaying waddling strut, she began to head for the door, her ample curves bouncing and jiggling. Laura briefly tried to fight it, but had to admit that this was, after all, what she had always wanted. 

Author's Note: 

I hadn't seen any diva TF inflation anywhere, so I wrote some. 

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