One Way to Gain Mass

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It was a cold winter day as Alys jogged to the gym, she was like most girls at 19 getting ready to go to university next year and joined the fad of getting a gym membership and getting in shape. Not that she wasn’t in shape her thin body was the envy of most girls but she always wanted just a little more muscle mass. She was a beautiful girl with full lips and blue eyes, her body as mentioned was thin but she had a modest C cup and a decent butt. Her outfit was workout gear with a pair of trainers, leggings, tank top with a sports bra but no panties.

“Made it!” Exclaimed Alys as she jogging to a stop outside the gym “in good time too” wandering in she made a beeline for the vending machine forgetting to bring a drink with her after making her selection and bending over to get her drink, Alys felt a sharp pain in her butt causing her to jump straight back up.

“Woah!! What the hell was that” groaned Alys rubbing her butt cheek but finding nothing wrong. As she walked left away from the vending machines she found herself feeling slightly bloated and a sloshing noise emitting from somewhere. Shaking it off Alys went to the bathroom to feeling maybe that was the cause of her bloating.

Opening the door Alys found the sloshing noise to be following her and worse still her bloated feeling was apparent by her now swollen stomach. Investigating her thighs she also found they had swollen up too.

“What the hell is going on with me!?” Exclaimed Alys as the sloshing grew louder as her boobs started straining her top. “Not you too!” groaned Alys as she found herself somehow swelling up like a water balloon!

As Alys explored and tried her best to prevent any further growth she heard footsteps coming towards the bathroom. “Can’t let anyone see me like this!” cried Alys trying to dash to the nearest cubicle but found her enhanced frame was making it a lot harder to move as she waddled with a slosh inside the cubicle just as the bathroom door swung open.

It was to gym bimbos that just go to the gym to marvel at the weight lifting jocks and by the way they were talking they’d seen some sights today. Alys prayed for them to hurry up and leave as she didn’t know how long she could stay growing inside such a small space. As the bimbos applied their final layer of makeup. Alys stomach had started pushing against the wall of the cubicle and her butt with had joined her inflation was pressing against the other wall causing a loud sloshing noise.

“I don’t know if I can take much more” Alys quietly whispered to herself as her breasts started to push up into her face. Mercifully the bimbos left making complaints that the loud sloshing was due to a leaky pipe. As the bathroom door shut behind them Alys ballooned framed burst out of the cubicle with a pop.

Looking down at her swollen frame Alys was slightly impressed at how big she’d gotten and her outfit was straining to the least. Her leggings were creaking as her now thunder thighs and basketball sized butt fought for freedom and her tank top strained containing her melon sized breasts.

The question in Alys mind remained how was she swelling this big anyway? It was as she stood back and connected with a hose she found her answer.

“A hose!?” Screamed Alys “I’ve got a hose in me” shocked and scarred she tripped over this revelation and landed in sloshing mass. But something felt different…. She wasn’t growing anymore the hose was across the room still spewing its load forth and much to Alys surprise was she wanted it!

She wanted to swell fuller and larger. Maybe to the size of this room, with some difficulty and no less amount of sloshing Alys got to her feet and waddled to the hose swiping it up and inserting it inside her snatch.

“Urgh…. God mmmmm” moaned Alys as she realised just how aroused her size made her. Her frame now reconnected to its source swelled on bloating larger ripping her clothes. “Yes bigger I need more” moaned Alys as her eyes darted about for another source of growth. She didn’t know what came over her but she was obsessed with furthering her growth.

Her gaze fell on a water pipe with a valve for connecting a fire hose to, grinning she approached sloshing as she did and throw herself onto her front pressing the hose deeper in her pussy “God…yes mmmmm” she moaned this was better than sex to her.

She gripped the valve on the pipe and locked her lips around the spout opening it slowly and groaning loudly as water spewed forth into her waiting body. She swelled larger and faster, tearing her clothes, making her mind race with pleasure.

Her limps with slowly sucked into her frame, her nipples sloshed filling with water. With a soft pop out sprang her belly button. More was all she wanted as she felt her soaked nethers starting to swell thicker and plumper. Every part of her was full and getting fuller, lost in her lust orgasm after orgasm caused her mass to shake and slosh.

Now that was one way to gain mass.

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