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"Rebecca!" Karen waved as she walked down the beach. "Wow, I didn't expect you to be here."

Rebecca turned, smiling as she saw her friend. "Karen, hi!  Nice swimsuit."

"Thanks, you too."

"Oh, this old thing?" She plucked at it. "I only wear this when I feel like a balloon."

"I... can't say that's ever happened to me."

"Oh, well I could show you, then." She waved her away. "Just be sure to stand clear, okay?" With that, she cracked her knuckles, took a deep breath, put her thumb in her mouth and blew.

Karen watched as her friend slowly turned red in the face and... well, and little else, it seemed. "Come on, 'Becca, you made your point.  You can stop now."  Rebecca shook her head, and Karen rolled her eyes, about to chide her friend again until she noticed that cheeks were getting larger.  Not just large for a person, but unnaturally so; by now they were the size of oranges, flush with color as her friend continued to strain.

Suddenly there was a "whoosh," and Rebecca's body seemed to push out in all directions, gaining a few inches before almost - but not quite - returning to its normal size.  She let out a gasp as she let her arm drop, panting for breath before patting a newfound paunch that seemed too buoyant to be fat. "Whoo!  First one's always the hardest."

Karen gaped, taking a step back. "Did... did you just...?"

She winked. "I said I felt like a balloon, didn't I?"  With that she took another deep breath, stuck her thumb in her mouth and blew again.  Instantly her hips and bust widened, her stomach pushed out further, and her limbs gained thickness.  Another blow, and her shoulders and back rounded out.  As she sucked in another breath, Karen noticed that she was getting taller as well as fuller: before Karen had half a foot on Rebecca, but now they were nearly eye to eye.

With each breath Rebecca grew rounder, as she grew rounder she grew higher, as she grew higher the sound of air rushing inside of her grew louder.  Karen could only watch as her friend pumped herself larger and larger, breasts and belly swelling inches at a time, creeping skyward as they loomed over her.

Eventually enough was enough. "Rebecca!" Karen shouted up at her. "You made your point!  You... you really look like a balloon now, okay?" She glanced at Rebecca's knees, now level with her head; her swollen legs and puffy feet making her look like a parade float from her angle. "Can you... can you stop?  Please?"

There was a loud, sharp intake of breath, followed by a "fwoosh" as she swelled one last time.  Karen drew her thumb from her mouth as she sighed.  She caressed the domes of her breasts before running her hands down to her enormous, taut stomach, skin squeaking as she ran her fattened hands across its surface, smiling at the drum-like sound as she tapped her fingers on it. "What's the matter?  Worried about me popping?"

"No, you just..." She backpedaled, circling around for a line of sight to her friend's face that wasn't eclipsed by her own body. "You didn't have to get this -big-."

"I wasn't doing it for you, I was doing it for me."  Turning her head, she spotted Karen to her right.  She awkwardly lowered herself down, belly resting on the sand, and held one hand out for her friend.  "Hop on."

Karen climbed on, sitting comfortably in Rebecca's palm, and held on to her friend's thumb as she was lifted up, climbing off once she was at her breasts.  She clambered across, clinging to the edge of Rebecca's swimsuit. "So do you do this often?"

"Twice a week.  Sometimes more.  I'm trying to push my limits."

"You mean you want to be even bigger than this?"

"Oh, I can be even bigger than this.  I want to be even bigger than -that-."

"Wow.  So... how did you learn how to do this?"

Rebecca blinked, and an impish smile spread across her plump lips. "You really want to know?"


She reached up, firmly but gently grasping her friend.  As she struggled in surprise, Rebecca brought her closer to her lips. "I had someone pick me up..." She took a deep breath. "...and blow."

As their lips met a gust of warm air rushed into Karen, filling not just her lungs but her entire being.  She was aware of a sudden pressure pushing her out in all directions and felt her entire body -stretch-, like a muscle she hadn't used before, to contain the torrent entering her.  She could feel herself getting bigger, skin pulling against itself as she swelled larger and larger.  A second blow came, as fierce as the first, and she flailed her bloated limbs as best she could as she was forced bigger, inch by pneumatic inch.

Suddenly she heard her entire body creak, and she squeezed her eyes shut as the pressure inside of her rose.  Rebecca's blowing quickly stopped, however, and Karen opened her eyes again to see her looking at her, concerned, before she knelt down and set her down by her side feet-first.

"How do you feel?" Rebecca asked.

Karen waddled around in a small circle on the sand.  Her limbs were stiff and tight, but as she moved she could feel her strength returning to her.  She looked down at herself, tapping her stomach experimentally and feeling the drum-tight surface vibrate and ripple.  All throughout her body she was snug, warm, and full, and as she looked around she estimated that she was nearly ten feet tall; a far cry from Rebecca's current height, but far taller than anyone she'd ever met. "I feel... pretty good."

She smiled. "Great!"

"Just warn me before you do something like that next time, okay?"

"Next time I'm going to teach you how to do that yourself."

"Is it hard?"

"Nah, it's pretty easy." Rebecca raised her thumb to her mouth. "Now stopping?  That's the hard part."

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