Incubus 2

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Shannon strutted down the sidewalk, whistling a jaunty tune as she carried her bags of groceries.  Twirling her keys on one finger she skipped up the steps, entering the dormitory and heading down the hall.  Opening the door to her rooms, she went to step inside only to stop suddenly when she noticed something strange.  Or rather, someone: While the residents of the dorm were no strangers to having men visit, most of them weren't shirtless, and none of them were purple or had horns.  He turned to look at her with golden eyes, and she forced a smile at him before quickly closing the door.

It was about this time that Nicole came down the other side of the hall. "Who is that?" Shannon asked her, pointing towards the door.

"Who?" She glanced at the door.  "Oh, that's Lilu."

"Why does he have horns?"

"He's an incubus."

Shannon opened her mouth to speak before shutting it again and starting over. "You summoned an -incubus?-"

"Well, yeah.  You knew I was into demonology when you moved in."

"You.  -Summoned.-  An -incubus.-"

"I'm not really sure what the problem is."

"The problem is that you're calling up DEMONS FROM HELL."

"I know what I'm doing," Nicole replied, visibly hurt.

"What if you tell him to do something and he intentionally misinterprets it so he can hurt someone?"

"You're thinking of genies."

"I'm thinking of demons, of which he is one!"

"Look, I don't think there's a problem.  He hasn't done anything suspicious when I've been around, nobody else has said anything, and besides, do you think I'd summon something if I knew it would be dangerous?"

Shannon folded her arms across her chest, giving Nicole a dubious look.  Nicole glanced at the door again and, lowering her voice, added, "I don't think he has it in him.  He's really not that clever."


"I told you, I know what I'm doing."

She drummed her fingers on her arm, thinking it over. "...fine," she finally said. "But just look into the whole 'twisting your words' thing for me, would you?  I don't want any surprises around here."

"I'll see what I can do."


Lilu calmly regarded Nicole as she shut the door to her room. "It's a bit early, but far be it for me to deny-"

"You haven't been doing your job," Nicole said, putting her hands on her hips.

He rolled his eyes. "I was about to say that I was -willing- to do my job."

"Not that.  I mean corrupting people's orders.  Following the letter instead of the intent so you can harm them, that sort of thing.  You haven't done it at all when I've been around." She narrowed her eyes. "You -can- do that, right?"

"It's not that I'm not capable."

"Did you know you were supposed to do that?"


"Because it's part of the whole 'bound demon' package." She reached out, tapping the incubus' collar for emphasis as she spoke.

Lilu quickly brushed her hand away. "Of- of course I knew!  I'm excellent at it; that goes without saying.  I was simply biding my time until an appropriate order came about."  He smoothed his hair. "You underestimate me."

"So you're saying that you can twist any order I give you, huh?"

He stared up at her defiantly. "Any order."

Nicole nodded to herself. "Okay."  Turning, she went to the closet and pulled it open, revealing a large air tank.  Pulling several loops of hose off of a hook on its side, she returned to her place in front of Lilu.

"...why do you have an air tank in your closet?"

"You're not here to ask questions," she said, shoving the end of the hose in his mouth.  "You're here to prove you can twist orders." Returning to the tank, she placed one hand on the handle. "So here's an easy one." She cranked the handle. "Don't pop."

Lilu's eyes went wide as a surge of air hit him, his cheeks puffing up briefly as he struggled in vain to resist the pressure.  Within seconds his stomach and pecs had gained gentle curves, pushing out to and beyond normal human limits.  He stared down at himself, poking the side of his belly when a creaking noise drew his attention.  Craning his neck over his shoulder, he looked behind him to see his backside swelling within the confines of his pants.

"It's a lot different when you're not the one in control, isn't it?" she asked, approaching him.  She rested her hands on either side of his gut, now two feet wide and gaining fast. "It lets you... -savor- the things you don't pay attention to when you do it on your own."  Giving his stomach a gentle squeeze, she moved her hands up, running them across his chest before coming to rest on his shoulders, feeling them as they gained a roundness and fullness that spread down his arms. "Don't you think?"

He stared up at her in disbelief before shaking his head violently.

"No?" She took a step back, giving him a shrug. "If you say so."

Lilu made an effort to communicate to her via gestures how incredibly strange it all was and how he wasn't at all enjoying it, but since his arms were triple their normal width and still getting larger the best he could manage was slow, uncoordinated waving.  The creases in Lilu's pants were pulled flat as he grew inside of them and his thighs pressed together, pushing his legs apart.  His back and sides grew round and full, gradually merging with the swell of his stomach and transforming him into a purple ball with a swollen chest, bloated, conical limbs and a puffy-cheeked head on top.

His limbs were forced out to his sides as his volume increased, slowly being pulled flat by his swelling body.  He teetered on spread feet before falling onto his backside, rocking back and forth before coming to rest.  His chest and shoulders swelled up around his neck as he grew higher and rounder, and as his as his legs were gradually absorbed he rolled upright again, finding himself eye-to-eye with Nicole.

"You know, I can't figure you out.  But you -did- say I underestimated you, after all."

The gas continued to flow, and Lilu continued to inflate ever larger.  His hands and feet puffed up as they were pulled into dimples atop curves that used to be his limbs.  From somewhere inside of him, a deep, hollow hissing slowly rose in volume, and Lilu squeezed his eyes shut as his lips swelled.  Moaning loudly, he flapped his hands as his growth slowed, his gut letting out a quiet series of pneumatic creaks before the hose slipped from his mouth with an audible "pop."

Nicole caught the hose as it fell, coiling it up and setting it back on its hook.  Shutting off the tank, she looked over at Lilu - all eight feet of him.  His pants were doing a remarkable job of covering his lower hemisphere, stretched though they were.  She made a mental note to see if she couldn't relieve him of them if this opportunity presented itself again.

Returning, she stood in front of him, poking his gigantic gut. "So this is your idea of twisting someone's words, hm?"  She reached out with both arms, caressing the taut, full curve of his body. "Well, it -is- awfully inconvenient, having you taking up so much space."

Against Lilu's muffled protests she rolled him onto his back before pulling over a chair, climbing up it and onto him.  She crawled across the expanse of his stomach and chest towards his head; Lilu winced as she moved, his body letting out an ominous series of groans. "I'd have to use you as a bed," she said, lying down in front of him, her breasts less than a foot from his face. "You're very comfortable, but can you imagine?  Lying there, pumped to the brim with air and completely helpless, my naked body pressed against yours for hours." With a sly smile she pressed into him, eliciting another groan from his overtaxed body. "But maybe that was a part of your plan."

She carefully slid backwards, dismounting him before shoving the chair aside.  Grabbing the edge of his pants she rolled him forward onto his stomach, looking down into his eyes. "I guess this'll teach me, huh?  Well, I'm not a sore loser.  Enjoy your victory."  With that she turned and headed out the door, leaving Lilu with only the overwhelming sense of pressure to keep him company.

"Oh!" Nicole poked her head back in. "...but if you -really- wanted to follow the letter of my order, you could have taken the hose out at any time." She waved. "Bye!"

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