Twink and the Bodybuilder, The

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The gym was peaceful, as peaceful as a gym could be with the clanging of weights, grunts of exertion from the gym members and the blaring music. Tyrone considered himself the king of the gym, as he was the biggest guy in the gym and as a result the other members gave him a wide birth to let him do his thing. Sitting at his bench curling dumbbells that were bigger than some people’s heads, Tyrone was in his element. The music of his large headphones making himself oblivious to everything other than himself.

As for everyone else, they heard Austin and his friends before they walked in the door. They were a bunch of slim obnoxious twinks. Austin being the cockiest of the lot thought of himself as a big man even though most of his workouts with his friends involved talking on the treadmill. It was only when he felt like showing off and saw a guy he wanted to show off for would Austin hit the weights, to pump his taut, trim muscles. Tyrone barely paid the trio any attention as the group made their way to the treadmills. 

“Did you see that? He totally just ignored us.” hissed Billy to Austin
“What?” groaned Austin, scrunching up his face in annoyance, his hazel eyes glaring down at Billy quizzically 
“Tyrone just totally ignored us.” moaned Billy, who had a crush on the enormous ebony man. Austin turning his pretty blonde head to look at Tyrone, took in his shaved head, tattooed neck shoulders, how well he filled out his grey tank top and even his black sweat pants. “Well he is the biggest guy here.” whispered Sam, worrying unnecessarily that Tyrone would hear them talking about him. This just elicited a sharp bark of laughter from Austin, which made his shorter friends look up to him.

Noticing the confusion on his friends’ faces, “I’m the biggest guy here,” scoffed Austin, which made his friends exchange looks. They knew Austin had an ego but to think he was as big as Tyrone who not only was far more hulkish but easily towered over Austin, even though Austin was the tallest of the trio.

“Is he as big as me?” gloated Austin, striking a front double bicep pose not breaking his leisurely stride on the treadmill. Though Austin’s toned muscles popped with the flex, his friends just looked at each other in disbelief. “Dude, he’s way bigger..” muttered Sam, while Billy tried not to laugh seeing the annoyance on Austin’s face. 
“I’d be bigger than him now!” gritted Austin as he flexed even harder as he took a deep breath. To his shock and his friends', Austin not only grew slightly but his muscles bulged even. His once slim looking legs in his long compression pants looked more athletic, his arms thicker. “Tyrone’s still bigger...” gasped Billy, which made Austin crinkle his nose in annoyance and determination. Striking a lat spread pose Austin took another deep breath, not caring how it was happening but just caring to prove his friends wrong, as he felt himself swell and grow more. Billy and Sam once more exchanged looks as they watched their friend shoot up and thicken, his neon yellow tank top rising up exposing his light treasure trail while more of his expanding chest was exposed by the shrinking coverage, his shorts now skin tight around his quads like his compression pants. 

“Now?!” grunted Austin
“No-o-o...” stammered Sam
“Dude stop!” warned Billy looking at the vein throbbing on Austin’s neck and forehead, not to mention his friend’s once creamy complexion was turning crimson with strain. Austin could only muster a grunt at his little friend and switched back to a double bicep pose and another deep breath. Austin’s clothes creaked as they struggled to stretch more, a series of pops sounded the end of his fancy designer sneakers. Austin’s face contorted with exertion and beaded with sweat as he swelled and grew. He just knew he had to be as big as Tyrone now.

Other people in the gym, noticed the spectacle and begun to clear away, even more so than usual, from the growing twink. “N-o-o-ww-w?!” Austin croaked, barely able to speak through his clenched teeth, his whole body throbbing with strain. Adjusting his stance Austin stepped out from the shredded remains of his sneakers onto the sides of the treadmill, giving his ballooning legs space to grow. Sam and Billy, stepped off their treadmills, stepping away from the quaking former twink. Austin couldn’t move his head or couldn’t muster the strength to talk, all his concentration was on keeping the flex going. Grunting once more in annoyance Austin reposed and took another deep breath. With a tear Austin lost his shorts allowing every bulging muscle of his legs to be seen. His defined bubble butt bulging along with his crotch, making the band of the compression pants sag against the new weight. Every inch of Austin felt tight and pulsed with pressure, he could feel sweat trickling from every pore from the strain.

“Seriously dude stop!” cried Sam, backing further away with Billy from Austin who had now easily eclipsed Tyrone’s size. Austin's meaty, expanding arms nearly reached the ceiling, but they were worried as Austin’s body shook even more violently under the strain of stretching and swelling. “NOW!” cried Austin, switching his pose once more to bring his fists together, bunching up his pecs as he took in another loooooonnnnnggg deeeeeeepppp breath. Austin shuddered and spasmed as he stretched and swelled, his tank top peeling away as Austin’s back broadened further and further, his once beautiful face scrunched up tight with exertion, the color of a tomato. He could feel the treadmill sides bowing under his weight, but he wanted to hear the words from Tyrone that he Austin was bigger. Flexing and puffing Austin kept going, his veins slithering to the surface of his bulging muscles like ropes in a last ditch effort to withstand the pressure he was putting his body under as the ends of his compression pants rode up towards his calves and his bubble butt bulged over the top, his socks slipping down his feet, his toes curling into the now flimsy treadmill also feeling the strain. 

Billy and Sam, were the only ones left in the gym other than Tyrone and Austin, everyone else having fled from the growing ballooning twink. Plugging their ears they knew what was coming as the treadmill wasn’t the only thing groaning from Austin’s growing and inflating. They thought to themselves well he’s definitely bigger than Tyrone, when Austin’s blonde quiff hit the ceiling, which caused his concentration to lapse as he allowed a bark of gloating laughter before BOOOOOOMMM he was gone. Tyrone lying down on his bench switched to dumbbell chest presses was completely unaware of the strange occurrence that had just happened in his gym. He'd hadn't even heard Austin pop over his music.

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