Blueberry Room, The

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“Now over here if you follow me I have something very special to show you!” Mr. Wonka proudly exclaimed, leading the tour group to a large room.  It was a busy day at the Wonka factory, as an entire high school class of about fifty was scheduled to tour the grounds.

The tour group filed into the room to discover a table, stacked high with freshly baked blueberry pies.

“Mmmm...smells delicious!” said Brittany, the senior class president.

“This, my dear friends, is the blueberry testing room, where we make the most delicious blueberry pies in the world! You see, these are no ordinary pies! These pies I have made so that after one slice, you feel as full as if you’ve eaten a feast! It will revolutionize the diet industry!”

“May we try some?” asked Emily, the varsity girls soccer captain.

“Goodness no!” said Mr. Wonka, “it’s still not quite ready yet- too powerful.”

“Let us try some, please!” cried Alyssa, “blueberry pie is my favorite!”

“Me too!” added Jessica.

“Absolutely not!” scolded Mr. Wonka, “There’d be children blowing up like balloons all over the place! Come along now, don’t hang about, you’re going to be wild about this next room!”

As the class exited the room, Alyssa eyed Jessica and Emily, subtly motioning to hang back.

“That nut has no idea what he’s talking about, let’s take a sample while nobody’s watching.” Jessica and Emily nodded their heads in agreement.

“What are you three up to?” asked Brittany, who was joined by her friend Alexis.

“Keep it down, we’re trying the pie” said Emily.

“But Mr. Wonka said-“

“Hey! What’s one bite gonna do?” reasoned Jessica.

The six girls gathered around a pie, each sticking a finger in to extract a sample.

“Here goes nothing!” said Alyssa.


“Oh my God! This is the most incredible blueberry pie I’ve ever tasted! ‘not ready yet’ my ass!” exclaimed Jessica.

Alexis joined in “You’re right! I can see what he meant by feeling full though, I hope I didn’t spoil my appetite!”

Without a word, the girls went in for a second bite, and a third, and a fourth, until they were stuffing handfuls of blueberry pie into their mouths.

“Guys! We shouldn’t be doing this!” cried Brittany, who was helping herself to a second pie.

“Didn’t he say it was low calorie or something? Oh well!” said Emily, grabbing a pie for herself.

The girls continued to eat until there was nothing left. One by one they stood up, wiping their blueberry-stained hands on their blue school uniforms.

Brittany broke the silence. “Guys, we’re gonna be in so much trouble!”

“Hey Britt, what’s happening to your face?” asked Jessica, “It’s...your face is turning blue!”

“What do you mean? So is yours!” cried Brittany. Brittany looked down at her hand to discover that they were deep blueish-purple.

“What’s happening?” asked Emily. Alyssa’s stomach began to rumble. “I don’t feel so good.”

Alexis placed her hand over my stomach. “Me neither!”

Brittany began to feel a strange pressure build up in her stomach, making her red belt feel unusually tight.

“Brittany! What’s happening to you!?” cried Emily, “you’re blowing up!”

Alexis chimed in, “You’re blowing up like a balloon!”

Brittany stood still helplessly as her stomach, hips, and butt expanded. “I feel funny!”

Jessica started to comment on Brittany when she felt her own ass began to inflate. She attempted to clench her buttocks together before anyone noticed, but it was too late.

“Jess! Not you too!” exclaimed Alexis. The three girls stood around their two expanding classmates, realizing their own impending fate. Jessica’s panties tightened around her ass before her stomach and hips joined in.

Alexis felt a tickle in her stomach as she realized she was next. “Oh no! Somebody do a doctor!”  

“Mr. Wonka! Mr. Wonka!” cried Brittany as she flapped her hands and waddled back and forth.

“Shut up! Do you want the class to see us?” warned Alyssa, releasing she must be moments away from her own inflation. Just as she felt her spandex shorts begin to tighten, a loud noise momentarily distracted her.

*POP* Brittany’s red belt burst off her mid-section, allowing her stomach to extend forward.

*POP* *POP* A chain reaction ensued as Jessica and Alexis’ belts broke.

“What’s happening to us? We got to get this air out of us!” cried Jessica.

“This doesn’t feel like air!” added Alexis.

Alyssa widened her stance as her ass grew larger and larger, followed by her crotch and hips.

Emily was the last to start. Emily felt the urge to pass gas, but, being proper girl, repressed it. The feeling grew and grew until she couldn’t hold it any more. Emily’s bottom grew larger and larger. Emily flapped her hands, unsure of what to do.

*POP* Alyssa’s belt flew off, hitting Alexis.

“I told you not to, silly girls.” Mr. Wonka entered the room. “It happens every time, they all become blueberries. Alright boys, you know the drill. Roll these ladies down to the juicing room as once.”

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