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Adam finished putting on his collared shirt, and grabbed his keys. Tonight was date night with his girlfriend Deanna, but tonight was not like any of the others. Adam had gotten paid in advance, and was finally going to fulfill his fantasy of stuffing her to her bursting point, and perhaps even further. He walked outside of the room to see his girlfriend waiting for him. She was wearing a tight black dress and matching open-toed heels. The curve of her already well-fed stomach wobbled slightly as she turned to face him. "Oh wow, you look good. Ready to go?" Adam simply nodded, being a bit nervous.

When they got to the restaurant, it was fairly crowded, and Adam was getting more nervous. But he had to see this through! They sat down at the table, and Deanna opened the menu. "I'm starving, and it all looks so good!" She said, smiling. Adam tugged at his collar. "Well...let's order it all then." He said. Deanna looked at him confused, then chuckled. "Nice try, but we couldn't afford that." When the waiter arrived, Adam very seriously ordered everything on the menu. Deanna and the waiter both seemed shocked, but the waiter took the order. Adam just smiled at Deanna and held her hand. "This is our night, let's enjoy it." He said, and she seemed to calm down a bit.

When the appetizers arrived, Deanna began digging in immediately. Adam moved some food around to make it look like he was eating, but he was really letting her all eat it. Other people began to look as Deanna's stomach began to slowly round out, getting more taught than squishy. Adam made sure the waiter kept a steady flow of drinks, so Deanna could wash all the food down. By the time the appetizers were finished, Deanna leaned back slightly and breathed out loudly. Her stomach was greatly protruding, squishing into the table slightly. She rubbed it softly, oblivious to the staring from Adam and the other people in the restaurant. Adam began to reach out to touch it, but then the entrees arrived and he panicked. Deanna seemed to hesitate at first, but looked into Adam's eyes and began eating again, albeit slower than before. Adam seemed to be in a trance as her dress slowly slid up her growing belly, exposing her pink striped panties and slightly plumper butt cheeks. At this point people had stopped eating their own food and were gawking at the balloon that Deanna was becoming. She was still oblivious as she ate, and her breasts slowly began to peek over the top of her dress. Adam felt the table press into him as Deanna's belly began pushing it away from her. Finally she finished the entrees, just as her dress ripped in the middle of her belly. The tearing sound brought her and Adam out of their trance, and they both noticed the amount of people staring. Deanna turned bright red and began trying to hide her face, but Adam was enjoying himself even more. He stood up and began rubbing Deanna's belly, it was so taut, like a drum. The waiter came and asked if they'd like dessert, but Adam was out of money.

Just then a nicely dressed man arrived and offered to pay for it. Adam graciously accepted, and the man also began rubbing Deanna's belly. She was thouroughly embarrassed by this, but her stomach was far too round for her to reach around to stop him. When the desserts arrived, Deanna seemed considerably less enthused than she was before. So Adam and the man began feeding Deanna by force. She struggled as spoonful after spoonful of ice cream and brownie was shoved in her mouth, but she was too large to stop them or escape. Everyone else in the restaurant had either left or continued watching as her dress finally ripped completely off of her, and her heels snapped off of her fattening calves and feet. At this point her body was pushing several tables away, and her chair had broken out from under her. But they didn't stop. In fact, the man's date joined in on feeding her. She struggled further as her boobs jiggles violently and finally broke out of her bra, and her panties dissolved onto the floor. Finally there was one spoonful of ice cream left, and Deanna was massive. Her tits were the size of weather balloons, and her ass looked like two overinflated beach balls. But her belly dwarfed them both, sticking out roughly ten feet in front of her. Adam climbed on top of her belly with the spoonful and heard it gurgle and wobble slightly in protest as it became clear that she could hold no more. He arrived her face, her swollen cheeks pushing her lips into a pout, tears streaming down her face. She shook her head violently and the people cheered as he gently pushed the spoon to her lips. Her stomach groaned and creaked like a ballon teetering on the edge, and she definitely would not withstand that bite. Adam smiled, and put his mouth to her ear, whispering "" As he forced the ice cream in between her whimpering lips.

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A story made for me (SlayerSeventeen/Ur2fullxd) by OtonashiAkihisa on deviantart. Posted with permission. 

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