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"Ugh... My head... W-Where am I?" I look around the area to see myself strapped to a chair. In an empty room.


A door was closed. Did someone leave? Did someone enter?

"You're awake." This made me jump. I turned my head to see who said that. A skinny looking teenager in a winter coat.

Wait... Isn't it summer? Yeah. It's summer... Right? Weird... Wait... Who am i captured by? I should take a look at his face. Oh... He looks around... 30.

"Eat it," He gave me a piece of gum.

Should I eat it?

"EAT IT!!!" He screamed in my ear.

I timidly stuff the gum in my mouth to avoid getting him angry. After all, I can't defend myself while I'm trapped in a chair. I started chewing. He smiled and left. It actually tasted pretty good. It tasted like... Um... Oh yeah! "Tomato soup! It feels like actual tomato soup runs down my throat when I swallow my saliva! Wait... Now it tastes different... Oh! It's roast beef and potatoes! This is amazing! It's so savory!... Oh!... What's this? Blueberry pie and ice cream!? Yum! This is amazing! I have never had anything like it! It's as if I'm eating actual meals! I can't stop eating it! It's so delicious."

Then I see myself in the reflection of the chair.

"Whoa, that's what I look like? How could I forget this kind of stuff?... Huh?... What's this blue stuff on my nose?"

I start touching my nose, as the blue traveled throughout my whole body.

"What the hell!? I'm turning blue!! It must be the gum! I have to take it out! ...But it's just top delicious to spit out... I still taste the juicy blueberry pie..."

The blue stuff was already all over my body. I didn't feel anything strange, but I knew something was up. Unfortunately, after seconds of turning blue, my stomach started swelling up. It was slowly expanding each time I swallowed my flavored saliva.

"M-my belly! It's growing!"

But I didn't stop chewing. I just kept on munching on the addiction the gum. Suddenly, I feel like I'm being pushed forward from the seat, yet nobody was behind me...

"How is this seat movi- MY BUTT! MY BUTT IS GROWING TOO!!!" 

I was in shock I didn't know what to do. But the more stressed I was, the more I chew. My boobs started expanding from my chest. My boobs were rubbing against the straps tying me up. It was uncomfortable. It kept on rubbing on the straps the more I grew.

"Ooonh... Take these straps of me... Theyre getting tight.... OOOooonhh..."

All my body parts wouldn't stop growing. The only thing not fattening is my arms and legs. The straps were getting super tight the more I grew. I felt like I was being crushed by a great force of gravity.

"Ooonnh... Wh-Whaaaa!" *Oof* 

The straps broke apart from my fat body. My boobs were sagging on my dangling potbelly. My shirt couldn't fit all my big body parts, so my big blue belly was showing. My buttoned jacket wasn't handling the situation well, either. Once my boobs shot out in an instant, several buttons popped out.


My ass grew bigger than two beach balls and my belly was the size of a yoga ball. I started to grow taller as well. My beer belly was touching the floor, and my feet were sucked inside it. My arms felt stubby and sucked inside my fat, upper chest. My eyes got more squintier as my cheeks were filling with juice. My mouth was fully covered by my cheeks- I had no chance to spit out the gum.

"MMMmmmmrrrff!!!! MMmm MMMmmrf!!" 

I couldn't speak with my fat cheeks in the way. My ja let started to rip apart. Soon after, my undershirt was ripped. My bra was the only thing keeping my breasts from flying all over the place. My pants ripped as well. My panties were showing. Though, I couldn't see what it looked like because I could only see my blue belly when I looked down.

"Mrffff!!! MMMRRRRFFF!!!"

I felt embarrassed. I blushed. But i didnt have red, rosy cheeks. My cheeks turned bright violet. Then I heard two more rips: my bra and panties. I was naked in front of that man. He is watching me, probably.

"Mmrf mrf mmrrff!!!"

I took up the whole room. I couldnt move. And my whole body was almost perfectly spherical if not for my head. I tried to move, but I couldn't. I could only mumble and groan. I was about 9 feet and I felt like I was about to blow up. My ass was rubbing against the cold, concrete wall. My face was stuffed in my breasts. My stomach was filling up the whole room. And I heard the man laugh.

"This is hilarious!! Hahahaha!!"


Then, I suddenly stopped growing fatter. But my head was stuck to the ceiling along with my fat boobs. And there was also no way to squeeze the juice out of me. My ass cheeks were too big for my anus, I couldn't open my mouth, my vagina is covered from my theighs, and I'm stuck in this building forever as a fat, naked blueberry.

Author's Note: 

The woman was never found and remains a fat blueberry forever. (I wish that was me... Don't you?)

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