My Summer Job

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My summer job at the store was pretty boring until today.  I was fumbling again with the mannequins and becoming more and more frustrating.

“These stupid inflatable mannequins.” I mumbled as I struggled to put the latest fashion craze, space suits, on one.

To make things even more “fun” the manager had me wear one of the space suits too.  The suit was really just a sauna suit.

“Need some help?” A melodic voice from behind me asked.  I turned to see her smiling.  Like me, she was in one of the suits too.

“I’m Katherine.” She said and we shook hands.  She grabbed the mannequin and began helping me put the suit on it.  The mannequin was limp.

“It just needs a little more air.” She said and I watched as she added more air to the mannequin with the air tank.  I felt myself getting excited.

“Thank you.  You’re really good at this.” I told her and she smiled.  We started on the other mannequins.  She was very pretty and it was becoming harder and harder not to show my excitement.

“You’re welcome.  It’s kind of fun doing this.” She said and posed like one of the mannequins.  

“You just need a little air.” I told her and she slipped the air hose up her sleeve and a puff of air filled her suit.  The effect on me was immediate.  A bulge formed in my pants.  I hid behind a mannequin so she wouldn’t see it.

Watching us was our manager.  She was a real jerk and wasn’t too happy about the good time I was having working with Katherine.  “Those two are having too much fun.” She mumbled to herself.  She walked up to us and cleared her throat.

“Katherine, your pose just now gives me an idea.  You two can be human mannequins in the window.” She said and pointed to the display.  Katherine and I stepped next to the mannequins.  The lights were very hot.  

“It’s kind of hot.” I said and the manager reached for the air hoses.

“This should help.” She said attaching a hose to my suit then to Katherine’s.  Cool air flowed into our suits, just enough to keep up cool.

“Thank you.” We both said and began our modelling careers.  When people walked by we stayed still then moved when they weren’t looking.   A little girl came by and watched us for a while.  She worked behind us and was curious by the noise from the air hoses.

Both our eyes watched the little girl as we held our poses.  The little girl started to play with the valves and gave both a turn.  Air began flowing in faster noticeably filling out our suits.

“Katie, leave that alone.” The little girl’s mother said and picked her up.  The mother walked away with the little girl watching our suit puff out.
“Let me fix it.” I said and tried to bend down.  My suit held me back and I couldn’t reach the valves.  Air continued to flow into our suits and Katherine began to look a little comical.  Her top made her breasts look huge and her bottom ballooned out behind her.

“Goodness.” Katherine said and when I looked at her her suit was now over inflating.

She looked like she had beach balls stuffed in her top and playfully patted her sides.  She smiled and we laughed at our predicament. My suit filled out more and began to lift up my arms.  I felt my legs spread apart and was now glad my suit was so big.  It hid my rock hard boner.

Katherine’s suit inched closer and closer to me.  Slowly her figure was disappearing as her suit began to round out.  Her arms lifted up followed by her legs spreading apart.
“I can barely move.” She told me and looked at me.  She closed her eyes and licked her lips.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Y.. yes.  I’m so.. so.. horny.” She whispered and noticed my look.  “You too?”  I nodded.

Our suits inflated more and our buns moved closer and closer to the floor. We were rounding out and I felt my suit touch the wall behind me.  Katherine’s suit did the same.  We moved closer to each other.  The anticipation of our suits touching was overwhelming.  Our suits pressed against the floor lifting us up with our feet and hands now dimples in our suits.   We tipped forward and our lips met.  Kissing her was incredible and as our heads sank into our suits we both climaxed.  I pumped over and over into my suit and she moaned wriggling as she couldn’t stop herself.

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