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That morning, when Sonia’s phone dinged, she had half a mind not to respond at all. She’d been at work until late, and the obnoxious alert screwed with her beauty sleep. It was a YouTube invite, something she’d never seen before. Sighing and putting her glasses on, Sonia opened the invite. It was a video shared with her by her work friend, Cheri. Cheri was a slim, black woman she had worked with for years and had developed a close friendship.

“This better be good,” Sonia grumped. Her face was reflected in the screen of her phone- slim, like the rest of her body. Her black hair was pixie cut, rumpled and mussed by sleep. Then the video came up, and she scoffed at the title. “‘Every time a balloon pops?’” She read, confused. How dumb! The thumbnail showed a woman in a bikini, holding a large, red balloon. Clicking her tongue, she pressed play and lay there, watching.

The video contained just what the title promised- popping balloons. For almost twenty minutes. “Cheri, baby, I am notwatching this whole thing,” she muttered. Everything happened so slowly, too. In the five minutes she wasted watching it, maybe ten balloons met their fate. It was dumb, and Sonia paused the video to give Cheri a piece of her mind.

“Holy shit!” She exclaimed, sitting upright as best she could. Normally, she slept in an oversized tank top and basketball shorts, but now her tank top was snug. Setting her phone aside, Sonia’s hands traveled her body. Her A-cup, non-existent boobs now resembled softballs. Below them, her toned stomach had become a full-on gut- bulging and round. Rounding out her appearance, her thighs had swelled, thick down to her knees. “This can’t be…” She clambered out of bed and took to the middle of her room, peering at her inflated self in the mirror. Even her little butt gave up on being little. Her cheeks looked like a pair of basketballs, stretching the seat of her shorts.

“Oh my God, what do I do?” She gasped. She couldn’t go out in public like this! She doubted her clothes even fit anymore. “Cheri. What have you done??” Angrily, she grabbed her phone from her bed and swiped it open.

Pow! Pow! Pow!” said three more balloons before she could pause it. With each sound, her body visibly pumped up. Now, her volleyball-sized breasts sat atop her mountainous stomach as her hip flared out. Swearing under her breath, Sonia started a video call to Cheri, and noticed to her dismay that her upper arms had swollen too, her elbows stiffer and harder to bend.

The video call picked up, and all Sonia could see was the ceiling of Cheri’s living room and the top of her wildly curly hair.

“Hello?” Cheri called from off-camera.

“It’s me, Cherry,” Sonia grumped, hating how huge she looked on her phone. In a touch of vanity, she raised her arm so her cleavage looked good. As long as she ignored the huge, pale belly that filled most of the screen.

“Aw damn,” Cheri said, moving her camera with a grunt, and Sonia gasped in horror. Cheri’s cheeks puffed out to comic proportions, like she was in a mouthwash ad. Her head seemed to sit on top a big, pillowy surface that matched her skin tone. “You got the video.”

“What happened?” Sonia said.

“I watched the whole thing,” Cheri said with some difficulty.

“But why?”

“I thought the end might undo everything,” Cheri admitted, heaving a sigh that momentarily puffed her huge body up. “And it kinda did. I had to send it to other people, or I’d stay like this forever. Now, I’m slowly deflating. Trust me, babe, I was bigger.”

“And I’ll have to do that?” Sonia hissed angrily, running a hand through her hair.

“Unless you wanna look hella thicc forever,” Cheri said unhelpfully.

“Thanks a lot,” Sonia groused. Unable to look at her possible future and the face of her betrayer, she hung up. So her choice sucked. Watch the video all the way through and blow up, or stay like this forever. Neither seemed appealing. She waddled around her room, thinking through her options. Every time she passed by her mirror, her inflated reflection met her eye. God, I’m like an inflatable doll,she thought, touching each of her enormous curves in turn. They all made small squeaking sounds, as though they were actually balloons. As she absently stroked her belly like a pregnant woman would, she glanced at her phone. If it means deflating eventually, there really is no choice.

Her phone buzzed, shaking every curve on her body. Wincing, Sonia held her phone up. A text came in from Cheri.

“Dinyvskipbforqarf,” the text read. It took several moments for her to decrypt the message. When she did, Sonia cursed under her breath. No cheating. At that moment, she envisioned her shredded tank top and shorts laying discarded among a pile of flesh-colored rubber. Shit, that’s dark.She heaved a sigh, and watched unhappily as her own form pumped up a bit.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Sonia said aloud to no one. Instead of crushing everything in her bedroom, though, she made her way into the living room of her apartment. Boobs and belly making the job incredibly difficult, she cleared a spot for herself in front of the TV. Then, with several clicks of her Roku remote, she opened YouTube, found the video in her history, and opened it. “Here goes…”

Pop! Pop!” Two balloons popped in quick succession, and Sonia’s body pulsed outward. Her thighs seemed to take the brunt of that, and she had to widen her stance a bit to accommodate them. Already, her skin seemed tight everywhere. Three more popped, and Sonia’s arms hopped a bit, much stiffer now. Her upper arms seemed as big and round as her basketball-sized boobs, her lower arms puffy. No matter how much she tried, she could not put her arms down to her sides, even though her sides were trying to meet them halfway. Between her wrist and elbow had grown quite round too. Four more, and her butt jumped out, like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj had a butt baby. Her calves were huge. They would have rubbed together, were she able to walk normally. Biting her lip, Sonia paused, but not before the video snuck one last “Pop!” Her vast belly grew again, then the room grew silent.

“Oh my God,” Sonia muttered, trying to see what she’d become. Her belly had to be five or six feet around. It was pushing her beach-ball-sized breasts up in her face, filling her field of vision. At least her tank top held together, covering her nipples. Filled with morbid curiosity, she tried to waddle to her room to see herself. However, her body was far too wide to fit through her door. That would be a guaranteed pop, squeezed like a mountainous pimple. Sighing, she rotated back to her TV. Taking a couple shuffling steps, one of her tiny feet caught the rug she’d neglected to move. With a scream, she tipped forward, waving her little hands uselessly. Like the stone in Indiana Jones, she rolled on her vast belly until her boobs hit the floor. They bounced, sending her rolling back until her feet tapped the floor. Then again she rolled forward, and back, each time with less and less force, until she balanced on her belly button, her little head pointed at the TV.

“How fortunate,” she muttered. Cheri was upright, because she probably wasn’t stupid enough to try and walk around. Kicking her stiff legs with difficulty, and waving her fat arms, she tried to return herself to an upright position to no avail. “Fine,” she huffed. Luckily, she still had her remote clutched in her hand. Sparked with an idea, she scrolled away from the video, down to the comments. Maybe there’s another way…She thought desperately.

“First,” read the inevitable first comment.

“Stupid video,” read multiple other comments, and variations on that theme.

“Kinda hot,” several others said. Did anyone actually watch the video?Then something caught her attention.

“I got this from a friend. I started watching it and blew up like a balloon. At the end, it asked me to send it to other friends so I could deflate. I didn’t. Stuck in my apartment for a week. Help?”

“My friend tried to skip forward. He exploded.”

“Same with my roommate. I came home to the end of this video and a pile of shredded rubber on the floor.”

Damn it,Sonia thought. Only one way to go, then. Time to start thinking about friends she could send this to. But first things first. She clicked the button, and the video started back into life. She was over halfway there, she noticed with a rush of relief. Eleven minutes passed, nine to go.

Pop! Pop! Poppoppoppoppop!” Seven in quick succession, and Sonia groaned. Is this how the last nine minutes is going to be??She thought desperately as her head rose several feet from the floor and several feet closer to the screen. Glancing down, she saw the Grand Canyon of cleavage. To either side, she saw her arms, straight and immobile. Her upper arms had begun to merge with the sphere of her body, her lower arm now soccer ball sized. Four more pops, and her titanic butt touched the ceiling, her naked feet touching the far wall of her living room. Three more, then one, then two, then five. Every pop pulsed her huge body, making her bigger and bigger. Her back now touched the ceiling, and she squeaked lightly and blushed furiously as her crotch touched the wall. Her head got closer and closer to the wall, and fear struck her as the hand clutching the remote slowly loosened its grip. Panicked, she turned her head with difficulty. Her left arm had been swallowed completely, leaving a grapefruit-shaped palm and a series of Vienna sausage fingers. Her right hand valiantly held the remote, even though her bloated hand almost covered the whole thing.

Pop! Pop!” The video said, and Sonia’s cheeks bloated, her head now immobile. She could barely see the TV, since what used to be her boob now pressed against it. “Pop!” Then silence reigned. Opening her eyes, she looked down, only her eyes able to move. The end of the video had grayed out, a replay option in the middle.

“Fuck that,” she muttered. I made it! I watched the whole thing! Now came the hard part. Furrowing her brow in concentration, she willed her fat fingers to work. The screen changed, replaced by the options below the video. Sticking her tongue out with effort, she slowly worked the cursor over until it got to the “Share” option. Eagerly, she clicked it, summoning up a list of people she knew.

The next sound she heard broke her heart. Unable to choose one person, she tried to share it to her Facebook page. As she prepared to hit the button the final time, her palm gave up, launching the remote across the apartment, into the kitchen and well beyond her reach. “Oh no!” She gasped, tears rolling down her fat cheeks. She’d gotten so close! This wasn’t fair! What happened now? Would she pop? Deflate? Stay the way she was? Sonia cried as the TV went to sleep. Deep down within her, something grumbled angrily. Her heart raced as the grumbling continued, turning slowly into a roar.

No! She thought wildly. I finished it! I was sharing it! This isn’t fair! Clenching her fists as best as she could, Sonia squeezed her eyes shut. The roaring shook her vast body, and Sonia braced herself for the end.

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Open-ended, because I never want to pop a good girl.

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