Extreme Skittles

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The investigation began when the two college girls got blown up by the Oreo XL cookies. Consequently, those cookies were banned and removed from every store. The next year, another girl got blown up by a Cadbury Crème Egg  XL. Her girlfriend too, but nowhere near as bad. Both claimed a mutual acquaintance had literally exploded. So, three there. Cadbury Crème Eggs XL were also banned. The FDA then cracked down on any sort of food with “XL” in the title. For a while, everything seemed alright. But those behind the previous two foods returned…


            Erin brushed the auburn hair from her face as she perused the snack options at QuikTrip. Nothing impressed her at all, yet her sweet tooth screamed for sugar. Erin was more willing to indulge it, because the rest of her body refused to let the sugar turn to fat. Thin as a slip, Erin leafed though the familiar candies when one bag caught her eye.

“‘Extreme Skittles?’” She read. Even with the original lime, the bag proclaimed. “What’s so extreme about them?” Flipping the bag, she examined the ingredients. Nothing seemed different, except a note at the bottom.

Five times the flavor!

“Five times, huh?” Erin muttered, smirking. “Let’s just see about that.” She took the bag up to the counter, paid, and walked out of the store. Sighing heavily, she got into her car, opened the bag, and drove back to her apartment. As she drove, she grabbed a handful of Skittles and clutched them in her hand, making them warmer. Lost in thought, she popped them into her mouth. She’d grabbed at least one of each, the flavors mixing pleasantly. They do seem more potent, she thought. Lots of juice action going on here.She swallowed and grabbed another handful.

A weird sloshing met her ears as she rounded the corner onto her street. What was that?Erin examined the dashboard for the indicator light, but nothing met her eye. She swallowed her third mouthful of Skittles as she pulled into the driveway. Unbuckling her seat belt finally answered the question.

“Oh my God,” she gasped. Touching the steering wheel was her Technicolor belly. The thin girl sat back in the seat, at least a foot and a half from the steering wheel, but somewhere along the line, her stomach filled that gap. Mouth agape, she put a hand on either side of her belly, gingerly, as though afraid she’d burst it all over the car. It sloshed when she jiggled it, and the five Skittle colors swirled. It looked like she had tye-dyed herself. It poked out from under her small t-shirt, obvious as a pregnancy. Her thighs had swollen, too, the colors dancing all the way down to her knees.

Horrorstruck, she squeezed herself from her car, her hand unconsciously grabbing the bag as she went. Absently, her little feet took her back to her apartment. Mercifully, no one saw her, even when her huge butt stuck for a moment in her doorway. As soon as it popped free from its prison, and Erin shut the door, she broke down, multicolored tears falling from her face and splashing on her fat, jiggling belly. This isn’t fair! Why me? All I did was get a bag of Skittles.Angrily, her tears dried up and she marched over to the trash can, wrenched the door open, and prepared to throw the bag in.

Her phone buzzed. It was tucked in the bra strap under her arm, so it sent an insulting vibration through her distended stomach, the colors dancing. Gritting her teeth, she reached under her arm and withdrew the phone.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a blocked number said.

At once, Erin looked around her apartment, eyes wide. Placing the Skittles on her kitchen table, she snuck through her own home, the floor creaking loudly under her fat body. No one was there. Heart racing, she scurried back to the kitchen as quickly as her basketball-sized ass cheeks would allow. Again, her phone buzzed.

“Don’t do it,” the number instructed.

“You aren’t here,” she texted back, feeling like a moron. “What are you going to do about it?”

“You don’t want to find out.”

The text was ominous. Erin shivered a bit, wrapping her arms around herself. Heart beating like a jackhammer, Erin shuffled out of the kitchen, butt wiggling and belly shaking.

“Better. Now keep eating.”

“Excuse me?” Erin typed back. She was incredulous. Who was this guy?

“You don’t have a chance at being normal again,” the person responded. “So join the little club I’ve founded.”

The pictures of the girls suddenly came to her phone. One was a brunette in flannel and yoga pants, twice the size of a sofa. The next was a blonde in a turtleneck, looking like a vast egg. The next was a raven-haired girl, the size of a hot-air balloon, wearing the remains of a shredded t-shirt and yoga pants. Finally, the last girl was the smallest of the lot, but that wasn’t saying much- the buxom brunette had an ass like two beanbag chairs.

“Who are you?” She asked out loud, her voice tiny.

“These young women are living like no one before,” the person texted. “They want for nothing. They are celebrities.”

“But they’re so big!” Erin protested. “So fat and round and helpless!”

“You’re well on your way,” the mystery person retorted. “I already told you, there’s no going back from this. Like when that great big butt of yours got stuck in the door? That’s the alternative? Like this forever?”

Erin felt helpless. God, those poor women. and she was next.Five stupid flavors. Next time I want to try it, just shoot me. Or pop me,She added, looking at her bulging gut. “So, what, I just eat the rest of this bag? What then?”

“I will come around with help,” the text read.

“That’s it? Then I’m big, fat, and multicolored forever?”


She held the bag nervously, looking into it as though she was about to jump from a bridge. Putting a hand in, she grabbed a small handful of Skittles. Swallowing hard, she put them in her mouth and chewed. Again, her mouth was filled with juice and they truly tasted so good. Trying not to enjoy it, she swallowed. This time, she noticed it- her newly acquired bosom crawled out, the colors of her cleavage swirling excitedly. The sleeves of her shirt grew tight, and she glanced at each one. They had swollen too, the colors dancing down to her elbow.

Her butt and belly grew in opposite directions. Her once-slim belly was now several feet in diameter. Looking down, she couldn’t see her feet. Setting the bag on the table, her hands explored behind her. Her buttocks now stood out like a pair of beach balls, her shorts barely managing to cover them. Gritting her teeth, she reached toward the crevice between her cheeks and the backs of her legs. At least her vast butt had the nerve to be taut and round, even though it too sloshed. What thigh gap she once had vanished.

Feeling her eyes welling with colorful tears again, Erin pulled her t-shirt off. Her thick upper arms made it a bit of a struggle, but she managed to toss it aside. Now she stood in her exercise shorts, which were little more than a glorified thong, and her athletic bra. Turning was a chore, her swollen body rotating like a planet. Not to mention, it sloshed at her every movement.

“I’ll get you for this,” Erin growled to no one. Please. What am I going to do? Explode at them? That won’t teach anyone but me. At least I’ll have nothing to do but think of a plan.

She reached out to the table, nearly losing her balance. Luckily, it was crafted well and merely buckled at her sudden weight. Reaching fingers finally grabbed her phone and the traitorous bag of candy. Breathing heavily now, she took several waddling steps to the middle of the living room.

“Sure hope there’s enough room,” she muttered. Her phone buzzed, and her entire body shook.

“Don’t worry about that,” the mystery person replied. “Now finish the bag.”

Heart sinking, Erin looked into the red, plastic pouch. She’d only had a couple handfuls. Most of the bag stared back at her. Now exploding seemed like a very real possibility. Her rainbow blood ran cold. Yet she reached her hand into the bag. The colors stretched down her lower arm. It was a bit puffier than usual. Closing her eyes, Erin grabbed a handful and shoved them in her mouth. Then another. Then another. After who knows how many minutes passed, the girl opened her eyes cautiously. Maybe one or two handfuls remained, and she hadn’t changed size.

One moment of hope passed before she was proven wrong. Her belly surged out in every direction. Her thick legs gave out, suddenly unable to support her vast amount of weight. Her body shuddered like a dropped water balloon, but she remained in one piece. Her couch, however, did not survive her titanic ass dropping on it. Briefly, she caught a glimpse at her leg before the orb of her belly obscured it from sight- a tiny little foot wiggled at the end of a bloated, multicolored calf. Her belly pushed her bosom and swollen shoulders into her face. Her sides billowed out, pushing her outstretched arms up. Even relaxed, they were almost straight out to either side. One hand clutched her phone, the other clutched the bag of Skittles. As suddenly as it began, it stopped.

Gasping, Erin looked around and found that task difficult. It felt like her tiny little head was being devoured by her bulbous body. The once-skinny girl now filled most of her 15x15 living room. Her phone buzzed once again, shaking her.

“Please stop that,” she muttered, hefting her arm up to where she could read the text.

“Are you going to need help?” The person asked. Frowning, she laid her phone on her yoga ball-sized breast and tried to hold the bag of Skittles in both hands. Between her vast belly, titanic boobs, and stiff arms, the task was impossible. Her hand resembled a baseball and a series of marshmallows in a pale, fleshy glove, and whatever miracle had allowed her to hold the phone seemed to have passed. She grunted and groaned, trying to bend even one part of her hand enough grab it. After several long moments where she succeeded only in knocking the phone into her cleavage and out of sight, she sighed.

“Yes,” she said out-loud.

At once, a knock came at her door.

“Come in?” She said, her mouth muffled by her chest. The door opened, and several people entered. Four were the suited men in sunglasses she had honestly expected. The fifth was a total shock. It was a short woman with shoulder-length blonde hair. She honestly didn’t look much older than Erin herself. The shocking part, though, was the girl’s size. The girl looked to be almost five hundred pounds, having trouble getting through the door frame herself. Yet her lower legs and lower arms were slim and normal, her head tiny and face slender. She looked like a sphere stuffed into a red blouse and black skinny jeans.

“You look surprised,” the girl said. “My name is Bri.”

“Should I know that name?” Erin replied, a little snottier than she meant.

“Two of those people were ones I knew,” Bri said. “The last two? From the Cadbury Crème disaster.”

“Wait,” Erin said with a gasp, remembering that news story. “There was the girl who exploded. Was that you?”

“Boom,” Bri said with a nod. “I was taunted by Kelli, the bigger of the two.”

“Didn’t you try to blow herup and steal her girlfriend?”

“That isn’t the point, and a dangerous thing to mention to the person trying to help you.” Bri waddled forward, plucking the bag from Erin’s limp hand. “You were so close, too, babe.” She placed a tiny hand on Erin’s stomach. “Now, you’ve noticed a problem. You live on the fourth floor, not an easy climb in my condition, I’ll have you know. And you saw me squeeze through that door. You ain’t getting out of her like that.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Erin said, filled with fear.

“Gotta do to you what Kelli did to me,” Bri said, her voice surprisingly gentle. “You are going to have to pop.”

Erin’s head was a swirl of emotion, much like the colors that dominated her vast form. “Will it hurt?”

“It’s different for everyone,” Bri said, gesturing to the men. They grabbed Bri where her legs met the sphere of her body, and lifted her with much more ease than Erin expected. “It wasn’t comfortable. This form is preferable.” She laid down on Erin’s bosom, their faces close as lovers. “You have to trust me. They remade me, they’ll remake you.”

Erin didn’t, since Bri was evidently the person who did this to her, but she had no choice. Not waiting for a response, Bri pulled the remaining Skittles from the bag and fed them one-by-one to Erin. Then when she was done, she scooted back, sliding down Erin’s belly like a water slide. With a rumble, Erin grew once more. It was slower than the others, as though her body was at the end of its limit. Her head brushed the ceiling, her belly chasing Bri into the empty corner. Her mouth filled with juice as her cheeks swelled. Then, inexplicably, she stopped growing.

“Holy cow,” she muttered, completely immobile. Even huge Bri looked miniscule compared to her. “Wasn’t I supposed to-?”

The pin was briefly in her gut, and before Erin could protest, she exploded into millions of Skittles. They rattled around the apartment, raining down on the men. They looked alarmed, but Bri was satisfied.

“She was cute,” one remarked. “She gonna be ok?”

“Yeah, she’s fine,” Bri said dismissively. “Make sure you get as many of these things as you can.”

Author's Note: 

The third in a series of who knows. Bri returns.

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