Male inflation on tonight's American Dad!

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Male inflation on tonight's American Dad!

On tonight's episode (Season 17, Episode 12: "American Data?"), Stan takes the leafblower of a deceased groundskeeper from the CIA grounds. As he keeps walking around with it in a somber state, Francine gets him to a therapist to help him recover.

The therapist gets Stan to remember that the groundskeeper wanted to take care of the leaves in a central area of the CIA but didn't have the clearance, but Stan does, so he gets Stan to do what the groundskeeper always wanted.

When Stan does this, the ghost of the groundskeeper pops up in a whirlwind and asks Stan to blow him to heaven. Stan does so, but the therapist gets blown into the wind and up into the air. When it disperses, the therapist falls and lands on the leafblower mouth first. Stan has been keeping it blowing, so it inflates the therapist and before too long, he bursts into a gory mess.



bigboy86 Watch it before it gets taken down.

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Oof. It’s like that one from family guy where Trisha gets inflated/popped in the kill bill spoof. 

>Messy pops<