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Honestly, Ari didn’t have a problem with her girlfriend’s weight. Hannah was a bombshell. Tall, curvaceous, with long, dyed hair, and gorgeous green eyes. She wasn’t quite as svelte as she was when they started dating, but Ari explained over and over that it meant she was happy. She didn’t feel the need to look trim because she had what she wanted. And the young woman was not vain. She loved herself, yet Ari couldn’t help but notice the tiniest bit of dissatisfaction when she squeezed into her sliders and buttoned her jersey over a small bit of pudge. Ari only wanted to help. When she got roped into the dare, she knew exactly what to do. Now, she waited near the softball field after practice, waiting for Hannah to finish. Gripped tightly in her hand was a bottle of the mixture she’d made.

Hannah’s green-dyed hair appeared over the horizon first. Her soft face was smiling as she chatted with a couple of her teammates. Nervously, Ari twisted the lid of the bottle, on and off, on and off, the plastic making her hands sore. Hannah glanced over at her, and a smile grew on her face as she wrapped up her conversation.

“Bye, Hannah!”

“See you tomorrow!”

“Have a great night!”

“You, too, ladies!” Hannah replied, flouncing over to Ari. Ari brushed her brown hair from her face and opened her mouth to speak, only to have her words consumed by nerves. Hannah swooped in instead, giving her a kiss that more closely resembled mouth-to-mouth.  Both girls giggled, and Ari felt a weird rush. It was far more on her sleeve than she had intended, because Hannah’s face fell a bit. “What’s wrong? What is that?” She had noticed the bottle and scooped it from her girlfriend’s hand.

“Well, it’s a long story…” Ari began.

“If it’s your story, I got time,” Hannah replied, smiling sweetly. Ari’s mouth opened and closed, unsure of where to start.

“It’s a combination of things,” Ari began. “First, um, the other day, you mentioned possibly going on a diet…” Hannah’s good-natured smile slipped a little bit.

“Ari, I didn’t mean that,” she said sadly.

“I want to help, though!” Ari replied, sounding a little more eager now. Indicating the bottle Hannah held, she went on. “I made this as part of a dare in my science class. Honestly, I don’t know what it’ll do. I don’t want it to hurt you. So if you don’t want to take it…”

Hannah held it up dubiously.

“What’s the dare?” she asked.

“It was pretty much just to make something,” Ari muttered. “And see what it does.”

“What do you get it you win?”

Ari shrugged. “I don’t know, hon. The satisfaction of- hey, wait!” Hannah nonchalantly unscrewed the lid and took a big drink from the bottle. She chugged down about half of it before lowering it from her mouth.

“Interesting flavor and texture,” Hannah said, setting the bottle down on the top of Ari’s car. She took a couple steps as she smacked her lips loudly, analyzing the aftertaste of the mixture. “You made it nice and smooth, dear. Not too sweet. In fact, it’s closer to flavored water.” A dozen steps from the car, in the middle of the parking lot, Hannah turned to Ari. “And we’re hoping this shaves a little fat off?”

“I honestly hope not,” Ari said shyly. “I love you the way you are. But if this is what it takes to make you happy, then that is what we’re aiming for.” Smiling, Hannah pranced forward and hugged Ari.

“You’re honestly the best,” Hannah whispered into Ari’s ear, giving it a bit of a nibble. It was at that point Hannah’s stomach gave a huge growl. “Oh boy, here we go!” Taking a couple steps back, Hannah found herself beneath a glowing lamp, just illuminated by the darkening skies. Arms held out, she looked expectantly at Ari. The roaring of the softball player’s stomach was audible even from multiple yards away. “I hope it does more than this.”

“It looks like it does,” Ari said, her stomach dropping. Hannah looked down and squeaked. Her adorably thick thighs were much thicker, her torso a bit wider. Around her navel, her jersey came untucked, revealing a belly bulging more than before.

“Oh my god,” Hannah gasped.

“This isn’t what I wanted at all!” Ari said tearfully, dashing forward. Hannah’s strong arms had dropped down to cradle her belly, which in its tautness and size resembled that of a full-term pregnancy, though with another loud growl, it threatened to grow bigger. At least the padded white softball sliders cooperated with her lower half, Ari thought. The last thing she’d want was for her girlfriend to be embarrassed even more by nakedness. Her jersey, on the other hand, did not seem to be cooperating as much. Several buttons had already popped, making her bulging gut look huge. Quickly, Hannah unbuttoned it and slipped it off, tossing it aside.

“When did you get that bra?” Ari asked.

“That’s what we’re talking about?” Hannah asked, her defiantly slim face looking amused. “I am a strong, independent woman who can get bras whenever she needs.”

“No!” Ari almost shouted, her fear blocking out Hannah’s attempts to lighten the situation. In response, as though demanding attention, the neon blue sports bra groaned as Hannah’s relatively small bosom decided to make itself more obvious. They swelled from about tennis ball sized to basketball sized in the span of seconds.

“Oh great, back problems,” Hannah muttered, then immediately put a comforting hand on Ari’s shoulder to indicate she was still joking. “It isn’t terrible, babe…”

“Of course it is!” Ari actually shouted now. Hannah was an inflated parody of a female- her bosom was a pair of beach balls, contained by the bright blue bra. They rested on the yoga ball of her bare stomach. Finally, her legs stuck out, her thighs vast. Even her calves looked fuller, like a volleyball was nestled in each tall sock.

“It’s stopped,” Hannah said gently. Ari paused. The groaning hadstopped. Lips pursed, Ari strode up to her, examining her. Hannah tried to strike a sexy pose, but her legs only squeaked like a pair of balloons rubbing together, so she just put her hands on her swollen hips. Almost every part of her was huge. The sliders continued their side effect of enhancing how female butts looked. Hannah’s was a pair of yoga balls, and in spite of herself, Ari gave one of them a pinch. “Ooh! There you go, hon!”

“How do you feel?” Ari asked.

“Huge,” Hannah said. “I can’t really move.”

“Heavy?” Ari asked nervously.

“No,” she replied. “Just kinda stiff, and awkward.” Ari walked up to her girlfriend, wrapped her arms around her thick thigh as she could, and tried to lift.

“Whoa!” Hannah said, startled, waving her hands to keep balance.  “I could feel that!”

“You aren’t really heavy at all,” Ari pondered. “I could almost…” She glanced at the bottle again.  “I have a theory, but I need to know if you’re ok with drinking the rest of the bottle.”

“You’re the scientist,” Hannah said.  Ari ran over to the roof of the car where Hannah had set the bottle down.  “Hey, how light am I supposed to get?”

“No idea,” Ari said, frowning.  Her girlfriend didn’t need to go on- Ari could already see the danger of too light.  Casting her eyes around for something to tie her down, Ari glanced at Hannah’s ponderous waist.  “I have an idea.  Don’t read too much into it.”  Before Hannah could make a quip, Ari unbuckled the thick, black belt and pulled it out with difficulty.

“That works,” Hannah said simply.  Ari took the stretched out belt and tied it around Hannah’s wrist, then approached with the bottle.

“Drink up, babe.”

“Hold on tight, tiny,” Hannah replied with a wink, then drank the rest.  Her first drink had been less than half of the bottle, a fact Ari was all too aware of. It made her nervous, but there was nothing they could do now.  Hannah’s huge stomach growled loudly, as it had the first time.  With a sound like stretching rubber, she resumed growing. Her chest swelled out, a yoga ball in each cup of her bra.  Her gut, previously the size of a yoga ball, expanded into a small hot air balloon. Underneath her vast belly, her thighs blew out, swallowing up her tiny calves.  At the moment, she looked like a bunch of balloons, clustered over a cart. The tug on the belt signaled to Ari that her theory was indeed correct.

“I’m floating!” Hannah cried gleefully.  Her happy cry was drowned out by another roar, the loudest yet.  “Was that still me?  I can’t see past my boobs.”  Ari stepped forward and pulled on her girlfriend’s shoulders, navigating her tiny head down to Ari’s eye level.  “Thanks, sweetheart.”  They kissed for a second before Hannah recommenced swelling.  This time, though, it was only in her gigantic middle. Everything between her shoulders and her huge butt assumed a spherical shape, groaning as it grew.  Hannah’s fat legs stuck straight out, shrinking as the belly swallowed them.  The cavernous cleavage Ari couldn’t help staring at began to lose definition as Hannah’s body began to smooth out.  Even her arms began to grow plumper.  She looked like a grounded hot air balloon, trying to make its escape.  Ari made sure the belt was tight on her girlfriend’s wrist. “This would be much cooler if I wasn’t so huge,” Hannah said.

“You’re kinda cute this way,” Ari replied, brushing a stand of turquoise hair from Hannah’s face.

“Thanks,” she replied, for both the compliment and the hair.  The growl in Hannah’s vast body subsided as she bobbed several feet above the ground. “I think I’m done.  So, Bill Nye, now what do we do?”

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