New to this community and wondering where the sex is at?

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New to this community and wondering where the sex is at?



So i've started reading a few stories, but none seem to be "erotic". 

I want inflation stories which feature a good fucking. Ideally the female is inflated and the male has his way. 

Maybe there are rules against this in this community or maybe ive been looking at the wrong stories?


Can anone recommend anything? Thanks


Im not sure why it posted like 5 times! lol

Sorry about that

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Sex in stories is allowed, it’s just not that common. Strangely, body inflation is a fetish that tends to not have a lot of explicit sex in it.

The Search page isn’t the friendliest, but it can be a powerful tool in the quest for smut. If you search for a term, you can then filter based on various categories. So if you’re looking for female inflation stories with explicit male/female sex scenes, then your search would wind up looking something like this. It's perfect, but it can significantly narrow down your options.

And if you do find stories that you like, you should give them a high rating. Once it has enough information, the site’s content recommendation engine will suggest other stories that were rated highly by people who like the same stories you do.


Thanks or the info, ill defo start rating some stories :)

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It's interesting to bring this up, because for me personally the inflation has sometimes been the sex act itself given the allure of it.

I've liked a few stories that come around which combine inflation and intercourse afterward, though for my writing I think a barrier is portraying one body that's several times larger, unwieldy and practically immobile and having to note the physical challenges and workarounds it takes to describe it, or else that'd be just skimping on the details. It's got to have the right setup to make it realistically possible. I know one thing that's always made me tilt my head is when writers say their two spherical characters still manage to get it on but be vague about it.

Another consideration is that I cross-upload my stories to Deviantart and they have a strict rule on no penetrative sex.


Inflation is a turn on, but when I fantasise about it, there's always been some sex act involved. It's part of the dom/sub play. The idea of the guy doing what he wants to me sexually while i'm too inflated to move is just !!!!!!!!!! ..... xD

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Sex and inflation?

2 peeps to go watch on deviant art:



>Messy pops<


Also Heliumgirl.
Exquisite inflations and some of the best fucking anyone ever put into words.


I have gotten some compliments for the sex in my story The Balloon Lady. If you read it I would like to hear your thoughts about it.

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Here ya go:

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If you're a fan of hyper sex a number of my stories may interest you. I prefer to make things more smutty than non smutty.

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